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Golden Retriever Soothes a Newborn Baby

An adorable moment of a golden retriever comforting a toddler was caught on camera on January 26 2021 This clip shows a cute six-week-old baby boy named James resting on his pet dog Moe When James dad attempts to take him away from Moe the toddler starts throwing a fit prompting the dad to place him on Moe once again in order to calm him down Carly Mount the owner of this video detailed this heartwarming instance in the following words James was having a fussy night so we thought maybe we could put him near Moe to calm him down My husband Conner tried to pick James back up and he immediately started crying again When he placed him back on Moe he was put back at ease by Moes heavy breathingCarly also remains optimistic that the baby and the dog would become best buddies as they grow up She said We cant wait to watch them grow to become best budsThis footage was filmed in Augusta GAName Carly MountLocation Augusta GA USA