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Adorable Twin Puppies Train for Sled Dog Race

Heres a look at two of the cutest and highly athletic twin dog sisters In this video filmed in Meath Ireland Dave Finney can be seen preparing his pet dog sisters Tazmin Spirit for a practice sled dog racing session As Dave begins the countdown the adorable pointer puppies start moving around to get in the perfect position to begin the race Once the counter reaches zero the two display an immense level of chemistry as they rush towards the finish line with their owner on the sled It turns out that the dynamic team of Tazmin and Spirit have won multiple All-Ireland Dryland Championships Dave told us Tazmin and Spirit Both sisters and both are 4 years old They are All Ireland Dryland Champions in Canicross Bikejoring Scooter and RigDave also revealed what makes the team of Taz and Spirit so special He stated Spirit has sight in only one eye and Taz has in the other Thats what makes the both of them such a dynamic duoThis adorable footage was filmed on February 7 2021 Name Dave FinneyLocation Meath Ireland