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'Epic Wedding Proposal | Man Asks Best Friend to Marry him '

'This is the heartwarming moment Christian Huergo finally proposed to the love of his life. In this clip, Christian's girlfriend (now wife), Alexandra Bean, is distracted by a delicious-looking pizza on the kitchen counter. This distraction allows her partner to get on his knee behind her back and surprise her in a beautiful way. Upon seeing Christian popping the question, Alexandra gets emotional and accepts the proposal. The two then kiss and hug to end the video. Christian said: "We met in December 2020 when both of us had COVID. We had our first date shortly after recovering. From that first day, we both knew we never wanted to be apart from each other. We’ve been inseparable ever since. This is the moment we got engaged." He added: "We proceeded to get married by the court on 3/15. I promise to love her always." This wholesome clip was filmed on March 10, 2021. Name: Richard Alvarez Location: Pembroke Pines, US'