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Heartwarming Gender Reveal of Triplets

Wholesome footage from Clifton Colorado has emerged that shows a couple revealing the gender of their triplets Recorded on August 4 2018 this video starts with Bobi 29 her husband Derek 34 daughter Talya 9 and son Eli 2 standing close to three black balloons Each of the balloons encloses gender reveal paint with the color signifying the gender of the new baby Popping the first two balloons revealed that two baby girls were on the way The last balloon filled with blue paint indicated that an adorable little boy was coming with his two sisters Bobi told us In the spring of 2018 we found out we were expecting spontaneous triplets This was our last pregnancy so we decided to do a gender reveal nearby at a local park On August 4 2018 we revealed we were expecting GirlGirl Boy triplets and that their names would be Emma Sophia and Wesley They were born in October of 2018 at 29 weeks 5 days gestation They spent 42 56 and 57 days in the NICU and were all home by Christmas 2018 They are now happy two-year-oldsThis awesome video has over 12 million likes on TikTok so far Name Debi ShermanLocation Clifton Colorado