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Russian Couple Attempts the Famous Challenge that Men Cant Do

Interesting footage has emerged from Tula Russia which shows a couple attempting a challenge that apparently only women can perform due to having a different center of gravity from their male counterparts This video starts with Marta Belozerova and her boyfriend Denis sitting on their knees Then they proceed to all-fours before shifting their body weights on their respective elbows Finally they place their hands behind their backs While Marta succeeds in completing the aforementioned challenge Denis lands shoulder-first on the floor incurring a gashed shoulder and damaged ribs as a result Marta has a piece of advice for couples who will be attempting this challenge in the future She said Just dont repeat our mistakes Lay something soft on the floor The result of our experiments an abrasion on the shoulder and a hematoma on Deniss ribsThis clip was filmed on February 14 2021Name MARTA BELOZEROVALocation Tula Russia