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'Cute Dog Confused as Owner 'Can't Find him' Despite Sitting In Front of him'

''In this funny video, Elijah Smith takes inspiration from a top TikTok trend and pranks his dog, Blue by calling his name repeatedly but pretending like he can't see him. As for Blue, the adorable pup comes running to his owner upon hearing his name. However, when he sees that Elijah isn't acknowledging him, the doggo starts pondering if there's another Blue in the house. Blue even hops on the filmer's lap but to no avail. Elijah said: "He was so mad at me after this but let me tell y'all, it was the funniest prank I have ever pulled off. Sorry, Blue! I was just playing around." This hilarious footage was filmed on March 19, 2021. Name: Elijah Smith Location: Hampton, United States''