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Girl Surprises Roommate with Classic Princess Diana Sweatshirt

A wholesome clip has emerged from Brooklyn NYC which shows a girl making her 27 year old roommate Marissa feel emotional by giving her an incredible Christmas giftIn this video Mary Ryan presents her roommate with a wrapped-up gift Upon opening the package and finding folded clothes in it the roommate expresses her fondness for clothing giftsHowever once she realizes that the sweatshirt in question is the Virgin Atlantic one worn by Princess Diana to avoid the Paparazzi the roommate gets deeply emotionalAnd why wouldnt she It turns out that the girl receiving the gift loves Princess Diana and was just done watching season 4 of The Crown when this clip was recorded on December 25 2020Mary told us Fresh off the crown season 4 and learning about my roommates love of Princess Diana I thought of the perfect gift to give herThis outfit set the tone cried the roommate to explain the significance of the said shirtName Mary RyanLocation Brooklyn NYC USA