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'We Could Not Be More Proud': Brave Little Boy Surmounts Challenges to Enjoy Bumper Car

Minnesota resident Keith Rasmussen shared a video of his three-year-old special needs son enjoying a bumper car ride for the first time at their home in New Market on October 12.Rasmussen told Storyful his son Ethan was born at 26 weeks and weighed one pound and one ounce.“He was not given a good chance at full recovery based on all the prematurity factors,” said Rasmussen. “They told us he would never walk, talk, or communicate. He also would likely not have very much success in purposeful movement.”Some of Ethan’s health challenges include quad spastic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and chronic lung disease, his family said.Despite Ethan’s struggles, Rasmussen said his son is excelling in school, therapy, vocalizing, and now making purposeful movements. Credit: Keith Rasmussen via Storyful