New Navicular Bursa Injection Technique Validated

Nottrott said the new technique requires less needle repositioning and would, theoretically, take less time than an X ray-guided technique, meaning …


X-Ray Records Are Changing The Business Of Vinyl

Bone music is back.<p>Los Angeles-based label Blank City Records is investing in X-ray audio and vinyl records pressed on medical X-rays. The last time people were listening to records on X-rays was 1950s Russia, during the cultural blackout of government censorship.<p>The founders of Black City Records, …

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Tuberculosis case identified in Galway, HSE confirms

TB screening will be offered to patients and staff who have com into close contact with the person affected.<p>A HSE spokeswoman said in a statement: …

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Larry King, 83, vouches for annual x-rays after having cancer surgery

“I was lucky,” said King on his brush with cancer. Image: INQUIRER.net stock photo<p>Larry King is sharing his brush with cancer after being diagnosed …


Report: Cardinals' Johnson's X-rays negative, to undergo MRI Monday

Joe Robbins / Getty Images Sport / Getty<p>Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson's X-rays on his wrist came back negative and the All-Pro will …

Arizona Cardinals

Pregnant Dog Has Giant Belly After Birth, Mom Realizes X-Rays Were Wrong

Ashlee Holland has always felt passionate about animals and animal rescue. A mom herself, she instantly felt a connection to Ava, a heavily pregnant …


X-Rays come back negative on 49ers' Foster

Kelley L Cox / USA Today Sports<p>The San Francisco 49ers appear to have avoided a major scare, as X-rays on Reuben Foster's injured ankle showed no …


X-rays Reveal Temperament of Possible Planet-Hosting Stars

A new X-ray study has revealed that stars like the Sun and their less massive cousins calm down surprisingly quickly after a turbulent youth. This …


London Photographer Claims Airport Security Ruined Her Vintage Film Rolls

A photographer has detailed how an experience with security staff at London’s Heathrow Airport led to her rare vintage film being damaged.<p>Ruth Iorio, …


Hale: Not taking chances with Stroman, x-rays negative

DeMarlo Hale talked about his decision to take Marcus Stroman out of the game and updated on the star pitcher’s status after getting x-rays back.

Marcus Stroman

Scientists Find Surprise In Supernova: X-Rays Coming From Star Explosion

Scientists have found X-rays bursting out of supernovas for the first time, an unexpected discovery that could change the way astronomers think about …


Scientists detect first X-rays from mystery supernovas

Exploding stars lit the way for our understanding of the universe, but researchers are still in the dark about many of their features.


A holiday nightmare that shows why insurance pays

It is one thing to write about a topic, it is another to live and gasp it far from home. We are not talking here about the dangers of Brussels’ …

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Synopsis: Two-Pulse X Rays Probe Skyrmions

A new x-ray spectroscopy technique can measure magnetic fluctuations in vortex-like structures called Skyrmions with nanosecond resolution.<br>[Physics] …


The Atomic Movie Machine

In the summer of 2010, Oxford University physicist Justin Wark flew to Northern California to study the interiors of stars. The instrument he sought …


A Brief History of Invisible Waves

In November, 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen made an unusual discovery: He’d taken a glass vacuum tube, through which he’d run a high voltage currency, and …

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How Many Oranges Could You Eat Before The Vitamin C Would Kill You?

Everything in moderation. You could say that about, well, everything. But sometimes you want hard numbers. How many socks can you stick up your nose …

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Astronomers catch X-rays from a stellar explosion

Type Ia supernovae serve as important “standard candles,” allowing astronomers to accurately measure vast distances. These events have been integral …


First X-rays detected from mystery supernovas: Exploding stars carry a cloak of dense material that puzzles astronomers

Exploding stars carry a cloak of dense material that puzzles astronomers<p>Scientists appear to have found the first X-rays coming from type Ia …


Update: Romine leaves with bruised hand, x-rays negative

(Jim McIsaac/Getty)<b>6:17pm ET:</b> Following the game Joe Girardi said Romine is unlikely to be placed on the disabled list, though he figures to miss a …

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This record label is releasing music on recycled medical x-rays again

July 28, 2017 In News<p><b>A technique created to smuggle audio into the U.S.S.R.</b><p>Music in the former Soviet Union was heavily censored, especially from the …

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Kris Bryant left Wednesday's game with a left pinkie sprain after sliding into third base in the first inning in Wednesday's game against the Braves. X-Rays were negative. He's considered day to day at the moment.

Kris Bryant left Wednesday's game with a left pinkie sprain after sliding into third base in the first inning in Wednesday's game against the Braves. …


X-Ray Imaging Services — What Are They? How Do They Work?

X-ray imaging provides doctors and surgeons with the critical information they require for their work. Skeptics have nothing to worry about. X-rays …


Keeping an invisible enemy at bay

Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 05:50<p>Medical Director and Senior Consultant Physician/Cardiologist at the Singapore Heart, Stroke and Cancer Centre<p>Tests …


Why Does My Dentist Give Me So Many X-Rays?

<b>Q. My new dentist gave me 22 X-rays yesterday (bitewing and full mouth) plus a panoramic. He says he does this to all patients. This seemed ridiculously unnecessary and dangerous. Could you give me info on this?</b><p><b>A.</b> It sounds as if your dentist’s plan was “overkill,” especially since ordering this …


World's Brightest Laser Could Pave Way for Lower-Radiation X-Rays

The world's brightest laser — which is so powerful that it can produce light pulses that are 1 billion times brighter than the surface of the sun — …


I didn't know I was adopted till my 40s because my parents feared stigma

"It was their way of protecting me from the stigma and shame surrounding adopted children back in those days."<p>It was after both my parents had passed …

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Pluto is emitting strong X-rays and no one knows how or why

Scientists are reportedly stumped by Pluto's X-ray emissions, raising more questions about its atmosphere.<p>Strong X-ray emissions from Pluto have been …

Solar System

Poll Recap: Radiographs for Horse Hoof Care

Of the 359 respondents, 101 (28%) said their hoof care professionals use radiographs to help inform how they trim and/or shoe their horses.


Scandal-hit Trust which 'missed young dad's cancer' had backlog of 11,000 Xrays

A scandal-hit Trust where 11,000 Xrays went unreported allegedly failed to spot signs of cancer on an MRI scan for a young dad, who later died.<p>Daniel …

Birmingham, UK