Workflow suggestion - XML & SQL

I am working on project that has the below workflow model:• There is stored procedure 1 and the output of that stored procedure will be in XML format …


Invalid XML element location. (SQL-XSD)

I just started learning XML today. I was trying to create a 'sample' XSD and populate it but.. I made up my data and it looks fine, but I can't make …


ListBucketResult xml trying to show home page of site in S3 thorugh CloudFront

I created a bucket where I´m hosting my static website.I set the properties to use it as static website hosting (which index document value …

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What is the best scenario for parsing retrieved xml data from web service and save to database in C#?

First of all, my english is not very good so I apologize to you.I want to retrieve the xml data and parse it and save to database. But I don't know …


Groovy XmlSlurper add " to all values

I want to use Groovy XmlSlurper to add " to both begin and end of all field values of a XML like below.<p>-><p>I think the code will be something like …


How to parse XML in Spark with java if columns tags are same name

I tried parsing XML in spark 2.2 with java 1.8,but this is not giving expected Dataset.sample xml -Code I have tried -xmlParse.showExpected …

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Reading txt file escapes all the quotes

I'm trying to read a txt file using:feeding something like this to it:returns all quotes beings escaped:how do I prevent that from happening?


Odoo Qweb New Line in t-value string

I try to achieve to have a new line (carriage return) in the string result, but so far, I don't get this working.This example just ignores the '\n'.


Duplicate fields in inference the schema when loading XML with Spark

I want to create a schema in this structure:This is my code:Result:Any ideia?


spark scala - XML parsing

I am stuck parsing xml using scala.We are trying to parse huge XML files which is in below format -It can also have further nesting and tags and a …


Scrape XML file with Python

I have been trying to scrape an XML file to copy content from 2 tags, Code and Source only. The xml file looks as follows:I'm only getting it right …

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android search view on grid view with images does not give correct search result.

I am trying to implement a search function for android's grid view. However, every time i search a image , i do not get the correct image with its …

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How to convert PPTX to XML using vba or applescript?

I need to export my active presentation as XMl file. Please help me to achive. Is it possible to do using VBA or Applescript from MACThere is an …


How to create an RSS feed using MongoDB, Express, EJS and Node.js?

I'm trying to create an RSS feed for my website with XML. I've built it using MongoDB, Express, EJS and Node.JS. I'd like to query the database to …


Dropping XML message

More than a week I'm trying to create communication between javascript(running on node.js) clientside script and WCF(SOAP) service.Communication is …


Get XML Value from SOAP Request Stored in SQL Server 2014

I have the below SOAP that is stored in an XML column in SQL and I am looking for a way to fetch a specific value. An example of the SOAP is as …


Extracting XML nodes based on conditions in SQL

I am working on a project where I have two little tables that store XML value. My requirement is to pull out columns based on conditions.• I have a …


Validating XML file against schema in Asp.Net Core

I'm running into an Exception error when trying to validate an XML file against a schema in MVC/ASP.Net Core.The error I'm getting is …

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A simple cheat to create multi-level value lists

I’ve done quite a few demos where ease of data entry was paramount and I’ve made extensive use of the cascading value lists. I have grown tired of …

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rollback to the previous offset when an error is throw while pulling data from Intacct

When my script is pulling the data from Intacct 100 xml object at a time everything is working fine using my resultid to remember the offset and pull …


How to design a versioning table inside SQL Server 2016

I will preface this right off the bat by saying that I am new to database design.I have been working to rewrite some legacy code that controls an …


Travel Channel extends 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' encores

Topics<p>xml:space="preserve"><p>xml:space="preserve"><p>live updates<p>Today in Entertainment: Most movie critics are white men, a new USC study confirms; Jackson Odell's family and others mourn actor's death<p>930 posts


How to pass path to Bulk in OPENROWSET command

I have a XML file. I would like to run a query on it. I am using OPENROWSET(BULK ... , SINGLE_BLOB) like below code.But I should use a variable for …


How to translate animation from top?

I try to animate move item from to to it current position in xmlI try thisBut faile. I do not understant fully how to coerce this Android to make …


scalaxb generate XML element with attributes

scalaxb has generated the following case class definition based on my XSD:I'm struggling with how to instance this case class (especially how to add …


Research Databases: Beginning this Month Formulas Will Be Displayed in PubMed Citation Titles and Abstracts

Starting this month, we will begin displaying formulas in citation titles, abstracts and keywords in PubMed.<p>Previously, formulas were replaced with …


How can i change in R the font Famliy of a Title with Office R?

How can I change the font Famliy of a title in R with R Office? I'm trying this with the function fp_text(font.family = "Arial"), but the problem is …


workflow of xml edit import to indesign breaks layout

I have a workflow where I would like to modify content and import the new content into the same Indesign layout. I thought the following would …

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cfdocument not display data:image/svg+xml;base64

I have an image in the format data:image/svg+xml;base64<p>In my coldfusion html page, it displays fine, but inside a cfdocument PDF format, the image …


Spark scala Explode multi nested xml columns into different columns

I am trying to use this on the following df but dont know howthe structure of tdf is:Example of data in df:output expected:Can someone help me with …