You've Got To Write Good

Word length, grammar, typeface, first person, who cares? It's like debating shades of white in a paint store.<p>For anyone to notice your words, you've gotta "write good".<p>Obviously, this means it doesn't have to be technically correct (otherwise I'd have said "write well", so please don't email me …


My Quote Challenge for National Photography Month May 2017

A week from today National Photography Month begins. Here’s a blurb from the official website The American Photography Association (sadly, not …

Why I Write

Dear friend,<p>I want to write you a letter about <i>why</i> I write:<p>1. Orwell x Huxley<p>Today morning while brushing my teeth at my apartment in Hanoi, I thought …

Eric Kim

Writing Better Won’t Cure Your Academic Woes

The problems result from issues that are structural, not stylistic.


Try to Discover Something

A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation<p>by Noah Lukeman<p>Adventures in the Screen Trade<p>by William Goldman<p>APE: Author, Publisher, …

University of Chicago

Winners of the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Announced, Nikki Giovanni’s Writing Advice, and More | Poets & Writers

Every day <i>Poets & Writers Magazine</i> scans the headlines—from publishing reports to academic announcements to literary dispatches—for all the news that …

Creative Writing

PAPER TRAIL: A Pro-Trump Intellectual Journal; the New School’s Don DeLillo Conference

A Sense of Direction author Gideon Lewis-Kraus has written a fascinating story about an intellectual journal inspired by Trump. It began in February …


Poets & Writers Theater | Poets & Writers

“It is strikingly like they have removed their eyes.” Matthew Rohrer, whose poetry collection <i>The Others</i> (Wave Books, 2017) is featured in Page One in …

Creative Writing

The real story of documentary queen Sheila Nevins

In the land of non-fiction film, one woman rules: the president of HBO Documentary Films, whose new collection of humorous essays, "You Don't Look …

Creative Writing

Check Out This Letter Hemingway Wrote To His Old Boss At Esquire

It's expected to sell for thousands at auction<p>Ernest Hemingway's preferred stomping grounds were Cuba, where he fished for marlin, and Africa, where …

Creative Writing

How to Make Money Blogging like a Celebrity, 10 Tips

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging<p>Wow.<p>The stars were aligned.<p>Talk about convergence.<p>I reached out to Janice to write a guest post for you rocking folks …

Digital Media

Debut novel a breakthrough, wins tops award

Katherena Vermette and her debut novel took home the province’s top literary prize Saturday night.<p>Her novel <i>The Break</i>, published by House of Anansi …

Fiction Writing

Alice Munro’s mastery speaks for itself in verbatim theatre piece

REVIEWAlice Munro StoriesWhere: Belfry TheatreWhen: To May 14Rating: four stars (out of five)It took a few minutes — maybe 10 — for Alice Munro …

Creative Writing

Ghost's Papa Emeritus: 'We Never Formed the Band Together'

The identities, or lack thereof, of Ghost‘s members have long been a focal point of the group over the years, but with some recent exits and a …

Creative Writing

What can we learn from JD Salinger?

Some 10 years ago, I watched a movie called Finding Forrester. Starring Sean Connery, Rob Brown and J Murray Abrahams, this was the fictional tale of …


Writing and the Creative Life: Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling (Part 2)

Freytag’s pyramid, Cortisol, Dopamine, and you!In Part 1, we considered a Harvard Business Review article about the influence of stories on the …


5 Tricks for Using Dialogue to Write Truly Captivating Characters

Dialogue is so much more than just conversation.<p>Dialogue can be about much more than just the words on the page. Good authors use it to build tension …

Writer's Block

Meet Chanelle Benz, whose debut book is 'The Man Who Shot Out My Eye Is Dead'

The stories in Chanelle Benz’s “The Man Who Shot Out My Eye Is Dead” are as disturbing and violent as the title indicates. The debut book explores rage and inhumanity in a variety of settings, including the Old West, 19th century England and contemporary Philadelphia. The collection begins with the …


These websites could change your life

I asked Kottke.org readers if they had ever seen, heard, or read something on the web that literally changed their lives.<p>Fourteen people said no. …


One last lesson from Don Murray, America’s greatest writing coach

There were five huge boxes sitting at the loading dock of The Poynter Institute yesterday, waiting for the FedEx truck to pick them up. They are …

A Trick That Makes Lyric Writing More Simple And Fun [Lessons]

<b>Songwriting</b>: Repetition can be used in song writing a few different ways. Let's check out a couple of these ways now.

Guitar Lessons

New stories from F. Scott Fitzgerald prove he’s no hack

Even when writing what he called "hack work" for commercial publications, Fitzgerald could write a ‘musical sentence like no one else’

Creative Writing

Not Everyone Is Meant To Have A Book Club

"You know what? I think I’m good."<p>Posted on April 21, 2017, 17:32 GMT<p>Adri Torres for BuzzFeed News<p><b>I've had several</b> conversations that go something like this: A friend and I are talking about the books we've loved lately, and she says, "Oh, we read that in my book club last month." Or "we're reading …


The Secret to Reading Poetry? First Dates

Happy Poetry Month! My students often scowl when I announce we’ll be reading a poem or covering *heaven forbid* an entire unit on poetry. Reading …

Helping Students Find Their Writer’s Voice

How do authors draw us in with their prose? What does an article or book do that makes us nod along, laugh out loud, or shout, “What?” Used well, a …


The Top 10 Edgar Allan Poe Sites in Philadelphia

Explore Edgar Allan Poe's rich history by heading to the top nine Poe sites in Philadelphia. Architecture, literature, and culture of the 1840's …


Where the Wild Things Are “Max, Moishe, and Bernard Making Music” Original Drawing By Maurice Sendak

<b>Max, Moishe and Bernard band together for a musical interlude.</b><p><b>Size: 14 x 11 inches.</b><p><b>Best known for his children’s books, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and</b> …


An Unusual Migration | Poets & Writers

For many species of animals, spring is not only a time of birth and renewal, but also a time of migration. Write a story in which a character …

Creative Writing

Dallas Book Festival-bound Greg Iles on the coma that led to his best-selling trilogy | Books

<b>What was the genesis of the story about race-related violence, a story that took eight years and three books (Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree and</b> …


'Finding Samuel Lowe' Takes Author To China, Jamaica And Harlem

In 2011, Paula Williams Madison walked away from her job as an executive at NBC Universal, in search of her family's history.