World Music

10 Years After Its Release, M.I.A.’s Kala Is a Reflection of a Different World

There’s never been a genre name less descriptive than “world music.” It’s evident that everyone who makes music lives in the world, yet it’s no less …


Indian Classical Music Still Resonates In Space As NASA’s Mission Voyager 2 Enters Its 40th Year

The music is a part of a golden record that Voyager 2 is carrying in outer space.


THE s’Arraco Night of Art

This slideshow requires JavaScript.<p>Did I see you on Thursday evening in my little village? In amongst the approximately 6000+ people who were stood …


Unmasking Their Power: DiS Meets GOAT

When my phone gets buzzed by one of <b>GOAT’s</b> members (they’ve never revealed their actual identities, understandably enjoying the privacy of anonymity), …


Indigenous music icon Dr G Yunupingu dies aged 46

The man who gave Australian music to World Music has died.<p>Dr G Yunupingu, the blind-from-birth singer-songwriter from Elcho Island off the coast of …


Purbeck Valley Folk Festival (24-27 August)

Bursting at the seams with headline acts and family fun galore, the <b>Purbeck Valley Folk Festival (24-27 August)</b>, is set to be the highlight of the …


Matasora World Music Festival 2017 brings the best of both worlds

Matasora World Music Festival (MWMF) 2017 which was held in Bandung on July 22 to 23 was deemed a huge success as it managed to attract thousands of …


World Music Institute Expands for Next Concert Season

The World Music Institute will bring acclaimed musicians from across the globe to New York for more than 40 performances next season. This nonprofit organization’s new programming includes mini-festivals dedicated to music from Mali and India, and from contemporary Jewish culture.<p>The season will …

The Arts

First Hydra World Music (HMW) Festival to be Held on August 25-27

Set against the unique backdrop of Hydra, one of the cosmopolitan Saronic Gulf islands that was a haven and adopted home for several artists, …


California WorldFest | Celebrating world music, culture

Nattali Rize BandThis socially conscious California WorldFest brings together diverse artists from around the world – Africa, the Ukraine, Australia …


Get to know the creators behind Gratitude Migration [Interview]

On Friday July 14th, East Coast lovers and friends will descend upon Keansburg, New Jersey for three days of music, art, community, and connection in …

Electronic Music

Sunfest 2017

Alfredo Caxaj, the executive director of Sunfest, likes to boast how the music festival brings the world to London.<p>Mother Nature couldn’t put a …

Southwestern Ontario

Essombé says Festival d'été's World Music Fusion is all about the rhythm

For Jacky Essombé, the project is a chance to immerse herself in a fully francophone creative environment


GQ Playlist: Burudu’s Zardin Zetwal is the music video to watch right now

GQ Playlist: Burudu’s Zardin Zetwal is the music video to watch right now<p>“We like to play music that we’d dance to,” says Nakul Sharma, one half of …


How Bonnie Raitt's pursuit of the blues led her to world music

The phrase "world music" was first coined as a marketing term about 30 years ago. Initially it was just a way to organize music from around the globe so people could find it and buy it. Since then, a lot of people have developed a dislike for the term; critics say it ghettoizes foreign music, …


Atlas Festival - The Ultimate Festival For Globetrotters

For those with a love of music and travel, the Atlas Festival is the one festival that you should add to your diary. Coming to the UK on the 29th and …


Soul Bang's: RFI discovery prize winner

World Music Matters features Guinean R'n'B singer Soul Bang's, winner of the RFI 2016 Discovery Prize. He talks to RFI about the 'cosmobeat' sound on his recently released second album Cosmopolite.<p>Souleymane Bangoura, alias Soul Bang’s, is known 'the boss of Guinean R'n'B' back in Conakry. Now …


10 shows not to miss at Upstream Music Fest

With 345 acts on deck for the inaugural Upstream Music Fest + Summit, how to choose?


Why music might boost harmony between different cultures

Music can produce a humanizing effect for members of groups experiencing social and political opposition, research suggests.<p>“I have played music most …


The World music features this week: Jah9 and Café Tacvba

Each week on The World, we feature a unique selection of music, and every week, we put together the highlights for you here.<p><b>Reggae star Jah9</b><p>Jamaican reggae artist Jah9 is a woman who embodies the title of a track on her latest CD, "Unafraid." Women have long been eclipsed on the reggae scene by …


Icons Of Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, World Music, And Rock 'N Roll Converge At Tribeca

<i>Stars of the stage talk it out and rock it out at a series of discussions and performances at Tribeca 2017. Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Earth</i> …


Juno win has cabbie hoping for a new direction

Daniel Nebiat won’t be quitting his job driving taxi anytime soon. But now that he has won a Juno Award, he hopes that it will lead to more time …

Canadian News

Vancouver World Music Festival finds its groove

<b>Vancouver World Music Festival, April 6-8 at various venues. For more information visit</b><p>Musician Tom Landa says the upcoming third …


Roc Nation's Young Paris Could Be Afrobeats' First Big Breakout Star in America

Debates are ongoing about Drake's claim to the African sounds of "One Dance" and "Madiba Riddim," but there’s no denying Young Paris’ status as a …


The Pitch

Authenticity has long been a point of personal pride for Drake. Since Meek Mill called his authorship into question in the summer of 2015, Drizzy has recalibrated his approach to music-making, dialing back the raps and transitioning into a style that samples black dance music around the world. Some …


TWO PART FEATURE on Art Ensemble of Chicago (2): INTERVIEW with Lester Bowie from 1995

Lester Bowie in the 1990s<br>Photo credit: Barbara Mürdter/ Creative Commons<b>"We knew we had this unique thing happening."</b> <i>For the second part (*) of this</i> …


Folk Music, Traditional Music, Celtic Music, and World Music - Irish Music Side Stream

In honor of the St. Patrick's Day season, we've assembled over 10 hours of music by some of our favorite Irish musicians. You'll hear a mix of …