6 Kettlebell Moves That Will Melt Your Fat Away

Rev your metabolism with these explosive exercises<p>Kettlebell training combines cardiovascular training with resistance training, utilizing continuous (and often explosive) movement and giving you no rest time between reps. What does this all mean exactly? That incorporating these six kettlebell …

Kettlebell Exercises

No Equipment Needed: 9 Bodyweight Training Articles and Workout Programs

So you can run far and lift heavy, but can you do basic bodyweight movements like pull ups, handstands, and pistols? Here are 9 articles and workout …


8 Effective Butt and Thigh Exercises Fitness Trainers Swear By

This high-octane routine blasts fat and firms your lower half — fast!<p>Your tiny two-piece may be hibernating, but that doesn’t mean your workout …


How to Get Dancer Fit: 7 Toning Workout GIFs From New York City Ballet

Inside a sunlit dance studio across from Lincoln Center in Manhattan, the ballerina Sara Mearns is stretched taut in a forearm side plank, one leg hovering above the ground. It looks easy enough—but that’s exactly the sleight of hand that professional dancers have perfected: transforming physical …


6 Ab Exercises That Are Better Than Crunches

Crunches seem to be everyone’s go-to ab exercises for a flat stomach and toned midsection. But let’s be honest, crunches are a thing of the …


Sarcopenia: Causes, symptoms, and management

<i>Sarcopenia is an age-related condition that can make everyday activities, such as walking, more difficult.</i><p>Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass due …


Fast-track your summer body: how to shape up over the weekend

I’m going to show you how to fast track your body to ‘the new gorgeous you’ in just one weekend, and it can be done almost entirely in the comfort of your own home.<p>First of all, be prepared to follow all the instructions here. If you do, you'll get results.<p>Tips to start<p>Get your food arrangements in …


3 Knee Friendly Quad Exercises That Aren't Squats

If you have trouble with your knees, give these favorites a more


The Surprising Tweak That Makes Workouts More Effective

You know that not getting regular exercise can be bad for your health. But here’s a surprising twist: Apparently, just thinking that you’re not …


Women are going to extreme lengths to get rid of arm flab

Last summer, when Kim Campbell put on her first sleeveless dress of the season, she noticed sagging and dimpling on her upper arms. “I tried firming …

Skin Care

Tip: Eat 4 Per Week to Improve Glucose Metabolism

This simple diet adjustment may reduce your risk of getting type-2 diabetes by 37 percent.<p>The Completely Preventable Disease<p>Type-2 diabetes affects …


7 Expert Fitness Tips & Strategies to Lose Weight and Burn Fat Without any Diet

Improve your metabolism by lifting weights, putting on muscle helps burn calories. Include circuit training to your regime, this builds strength, …

Circuit Training

You Need to Watch James Harrison’s Casual 1,800-Pound Sled Push

Yet another jaw-dropping display of strength from the 39-year-old NFL linebacker<p>Remember when we couldn't get over James Harrison's ridiculous 31-plate sled push, which added up to 1,395 pounds? The 39-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker just added a cool 405 pounds onto that, and we're …

Medicine Ball Exercises

This is how long you’ll need to workout to burn off your sweet summer treats

The answer may stop you from asking for a second scoop.


Few student-athletes with mental illness seek help

<i>Editor’s note: This is part two of a two-part series on college athletes struggling with mental health issues. Part one is here. Our earlier two-part series on the mental health crisis on U.S. college campuses is here.</i><p>As a high school student in Rhode Island, Katie Morin swam the 500- and …

Mental Health

The 8 Ab Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Love Handles Once And For All

We’ve already established that getting rock hard abs comes down to diet and discipline, but some toning exercises will def help when it comes to …


Love To Lift Challenge - Day 74 Of 100

• Start at Day 1 if this is your first introduction to the program<br>• If you want to compete or have the required skills and training, you can sign up to …


5 Best Breakfasts for Muscle Building & Fat Loss Diets

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, although it is often the first one that we overlook if we are busy or in a rush.<p>Finding …


5 Fast Bodyweight Workouts For Weight Loss

NO TIME? NO problem. These fast-paced bodyweight workouts will torch tons of calories and fat — and build muscle — in no time (and with no machines …


Tip: Give Barefoot Training Another Shot

Barefoot training and minimalist shoes were a big trend a few years ago, but everyone made one big mistake.<p>Barefoot and minimalist footwear training …


Today's Workout 99: The 4-move circuit to blast your arms, legs, and shoulders

Whether you want to attack the day by getting in a quick pump in the gym or plan on squeezing in a muscle-building session after work, this is the …


The Weekender Recovery Mobilization

You've been crushing your workouts all week, but before you kick back for the weekend, give your body a little more


Plus-Size Workout Clothes That Pack Plenty of Style


How to Workout at Home to Build Muscle and Lose Weight

Quick and easy workout at home eliminates flab and improves your figure. You can build muscles and lose your weight at your home with your beloved …


15 times Greg Norman proved he’s fitter than ever at 62

15. Greg Norman's Fittest, Most Shredded Social Media Photos<p>Norman shows off one of his dumbbell workouts, including biceps curls and the dumbbell …


Kettlebell Workout: Cycle 3, Week 10, Day 1

<b>Welcome to the Kettlebell workout from coach Dini Leopoldo.</b> Two new workouts are posted each week - on Tuesday and Thursday - and can be done on any …


Tip: The Bench & Chin-Up Warrior Challenge

If you like pressing and pulling more than jogging on a treadmill, give this a shot.<p>Alternate between the chin-up and the bench press.<br>• Do 5 reps of …


Subversive Fitness: Day 154 of 360

Day 154 of 360<p>Power clean:<p>Climb to a new 2RM using warm-up sets of no more than 5 reps (starting at no more than 60%) before adjusting weight. Rest …


Tip: The Sled Press

Boost your pressing frequency with this. With no eccentric component, the nervous system is spared. Great for off days or deloads.<p>Facing away from …


20 Simple Exercise Routines to Lose Weight Fast

Sucking in your stomach hoping it will magically disappear? Want to fit into that gorgeous dress hanging in your closet? Desperately hoping you can …

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