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Malala's 12 most inspiring and powerful quotes - as she gets into Oxford

Malala Yousafzai

Lebanon votes to repeal marry-your-rapist law

Following years of advocating by women’s activist groups, Lebanon’s 128-member Parliament on Wednesday voted to repeal a controversial law that allowed rapists to be exonerated if they married their victims.<p>Article 522 suspended criminal prosecution of rapists if the violator married his victim. …

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Lebanon repeals its 'marry your rapist' law

Lebanon on Wednesday repealed a law that allowed rapists to evade punishment by marrying their accusers, the latest in a string of countries in the …

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Lebanon Follows Jordan and Tunisia in Scrapping its 'Marry the Rapist' Law

Under sustained pressure from Arab women’s groups, Lebanon has followed in the footsteps of Jordan and other Arab countries in repealing a law that …

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Lebanon abolishes rape marriage loophole

Women's rights activists had long demanded that Article 522 of the penal code be repealed. Their campaign was supported by the Minister for Women's …

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Pakistani dramas need to stop this bechari aurat charade

Few days back, I tuned in a Pakistani drama serial, in the hopes of finding something entertaining to watch; as much sense it could do to me, this …


Lebanon repeals 'marry the rapist' law

Lebanon’s parliament on Wednesday abolished a law that allowed rapists to avoid prison by marrying their victims.

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Say No to Indifference! - The Plus Paper

<b>Sun, Sand, and Documentary Photography Teaches us the Power of Opening our Eyes</b><p><i>
Praiabalhadores</i>, a Portuguese portmanteau of praia (beach) and …


Indian court rules men need protection from domestic violence claims

Men’s rights activists scored a significant victory in India recently when the Supreme Court essentially identified them as the victims in domestic violence cases. The judges weren’t making the law gender neutral, however. They stated that Indian women were filing inaccurate claims of domestic …

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The hijab is not for children. It was right to drop these distasteful images

Transport for London’s traffic safety campaign showed a four-year-old girl in a headscarf. A Muslim mother complained, and she was right<p>Road accidents are the biggest cause of death among young people – so when any child road safety project is thrown off course, it’s hugely frustrating. The …


FEATURE-Jordanian women imprisoned in name of family honour

"Your life is gone, your youth is gone. Everything you wished for in the world is gone"<p>By Rosie-Lyse Thompson<p>AMMAN, Aug 16 (Thomson Reuters …

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Israel-Bashing Upstages Women’s Rights at SlutWalk Chicago

Event illuminates that Jews and supporters of Israel are unwelcome in the progressive movement<p>On Saturday afternoon, approximately 150 progressive …


Ireland's Prime Minister to join Trudeau in Montreal pride parade

Ireland’s Prime Minister will travel to Montreal this weekend, where he will become the first foreign head of government to march in a pride parade with a Canadian prime minister.<p>Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will visit Canada from Saturday through Tuesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet …

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Helen Mirren slams 'ignorant' Ivanka Trump for being 'out of touch' in savage take-down

Dame Helen Mirren is never one to mince her words when it comes to Donald Trump.<p>The 72-year-old actress is a champion for women's rights and has been …

Donald Trump

Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can.

The white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, a city that boasts “diversity makes us stronger,” made a lot of things clear. One of them is that generic solutions to the racial problem — bland affirmations of inclusiveness, tolerance and “free speech” — will no longer work. Indeed, they have never …


Men on the left are sexist. Labour needs to do more to fix it

Plenty of women have contributed to the leftist cause, but women’s rights always come second to the male-centric populism of their cohorts<p>Leftwing men: can’t live with them, can’t shoot them. Instead, they can be splattered with faint praise for being “well-meaning”. Jess Phillips, the Marmite MP …


Canada to bring feminism to NAFTA talks in seeking new chapter on gender

Print<p>OTTAWA — The Liberal government wants to bring its feminism to the North American Free Trade Agreement, building on an agreement between Prime …

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South African Organisation Launches App to Fight Women Abuse

South African Organisation Launches App to Fight Women AbusePeople Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) is a women's rights organisation that provides …

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Why Aren’t American Women’s Rights Guaranteed by Law?

Other than the right to vote, the US Constitution doesn't guarantee equal rights for men and women.

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The case for a feminist foreign policy

Foreign Policy

This Egyptian Cartoonist Is Taking A Stand On Women’s Rights Through Her Art

There’s a long, troubling history of political cartoonists being persecuted, arrested, and even killed because of their art. But try as oppressive governments and extremist groups might, cartoonists continue to challenge authorities and bring controversial issues into focus despite the risks …

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Gaza civil society organizations aim to empower women

Author: Dina Farwana<p>GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The ongoing Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip enters its 11th year with Palestinians suffering the …


Tide is already turning

The posts started appearing in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago: straight Orthodox men and women, explaining why they were going to attend the Gay …

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25 Necessary Books About The Power Of Protest, Because The Fight Has Just Begun

<i>In the months since Donald Trump has become president, more and more people have become inspired to join the Resistance — whether that means</i> …

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Hassan Rouhani appoints 3 women to top govt posts: Iran's women never had it easy in politics

After Iran president Hassan Rouhani was criticised by reformists for lack of women in his new Cabinet line-up, he appointed two female …


'Islam is in a transformative process'

Muslims feel conflicted about certain aspects of historical Islam, says the Islamic scholar Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im. How does the notion of Sharia …


Nepal criminalizes centuries-old Hindu tradition of Chhaupadi for women

The new law calls for jail terms for violators who banish women from the home during menstruation. But questions remain about enforcement in a …

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Law In Nepal Sets Penalties For Forcing A Woman Into A Menstrual Shed

Nepal's government has enacted a new law aimed at stopping the practice of forcing a woman who is menstruating, or has just given birth, to sleep outside their home, in a hut or shed.<p>According to the law, any family member who forces a woman to practice "chaupadi" — the Nepali term used for …

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Beach Lovers: Candid Photos of Lovers on the Beaches of New York

<b>All images by Erica Reade. Used with permission.</b><p>Many photographers have done projects about people and characters on the beach, but not many people …


She Dared to Say Pakistan’s Most Popular Politician Harassed Her. Then Came the Abuse.

Screenshot of Ayesha Gulalai speaking on a popular political TV show Capital Talk.When 26-year-old Ayesha Gulalai was elected to Pakistan’s National …

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