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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wrecks Comparison Between Detention Centers And Concentration Camps

11:49 PM 06/18/2018<p>CNN’s Wolf Blitzer confronted General Michael Hayden on “The Situation Room” over his tweet comparing America’s detention …

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Another Bad Day For Journalism

1:34 PM 06/14/2018<p>On today’s podcast we discuss what was a really bad day for journalism, where the freak out over the North Korea summit continued …

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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Complains 'We Are Not The Enemy Of The American People. We Love The American People.'

On Wednesday, after President Trump targeted the mainstream media for dismissing the agreement he made with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, …

Donald Trump

Wolf Blitzer calls Trump's tweet 'outrageous' - CNN Video

After meeting with Kim Jong Un, President Trump called journalists the enemy of the American people.

Donald Trump

Dem Sen. Hirono: Trump "Thinks He Is A Dictator And King"

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono called President Trump a dictator in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:<p>WOLF BLITZER, CNN: Let me get your thoughts …

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CNN Refuses To Defend Wolf Blitzer From Joy Reid’s Anti-Semitic Attacks In Old Blog Post

10:32 PM 06/04/2018<p>CNN has a message for Joy Reid’s anti-Semitic attacks on Wolf Blitzer’s reputation and integrity as a journalist — silence.<p>A …

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Joy Reid Blog Post Attacked Wolf Blitzer for Being Too Soft on Jews

In a post on her now-defunct blog, MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid attacked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for treating Jewish guests with too much …

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Avenatti: I should have chance to depose Trump - CNN Video

Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer he believes his client's case against President Donald Trump should be able to move forward.

Donald Trump

Kushner's lawyer shares topics of questioning - CNN Video

Jared Kushner's attorney Abbe Lowell tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Mueller's team questioned Kushner about potential Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, and his contact with foreign nationals.

Donald Trump

Sen. Flake: We may have hit bottom

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) speaks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer after criticizing President Donald Trump in a commencement speech to Harvard Law students where …

Donald Trump

Sen. Flake: We may have hit bottom - CNN Video

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) speaks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer after criticizing President Donald Trump in a commencement speech to Harvard Law students where he shared his concerns about the integrity of US politics.

Donald Trump

What Brought These Two Competing Anchors Together

Fox News Channel’s <b>Martha MacCallum</b> and CNN’s <b>Wolf Blitzer</b> came together last night as co-hosts of the Malaria No More 12th annual event.<p>21st Century …

New York City

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and James Fletcher Are Married

CNN anchor <b>Brooke Baldwin</b> married James Fletcher in front of friends and family at The Barn at Liberty Farms, an event space in the Hudson Valley …

Hudson Valley

Wolf Blitzer to keynote RMU commencement

You are solely responsible for your comments and by using TribLive.com you agree to our Terms of Service.<p>We moderate comments. Our goal is to provide …


Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump's Demand Is 'Direct Effort To Interfere With This Investigation'

Lead Democrat in the House Intel Committee told Wolf Blitzer that Trump demanding an investigation of spying on his campaign is the biggest assault …

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Trump, Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow and More in "Our Cartoon President" During White House Correspondents' Dinner Opening

Michelle Wolf hosted the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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Connolly: Trump comment on Kim 'jaw-dropping' - CNN Video

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer why President Donald Trump calling North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un "honorable" shocked him.

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Wolf Blitzer (The Cat) Is Missing In Marlborough

Let's help bring Wolf home to his family.<p>MARLBOROUGH, MA—Wolf Blizter apparently missed his curfew on April 17, and his family is worried.<p>Wolf hasn't …


Wolf Blitzer - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Video Clip)

The Daily Show

Rep. Speier: DNC lawsuit ill-conceived - CNN Video

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that she is not supportive of the Democratic National Committee's lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks.

Turner Broadcasting

Wolf Blitzer Accuses Trump Of Ignoring Questions — Seconds Before Trump Answers A Reporter’s Question

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said on air Wednesday that President Trump was ignoring reporters’ questions.<p>Literally seconds later, Trump answered a reporter’s …

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BREAKING: Rand Paul Tells Wolf Blitzer He Thinks Syria Gassing Was False Flag

<i>See today's related story by RI Editor Charles Bausman: Trump Could Condemn the Syria False Flag Gassing and Destroy the Swamp and Neocon Media in</i> …

Rand Paul

Stormy's lawyer: We might add defamation claim - CNN Video

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he and his client are considering adding a defamation claim to their lawsuit against the President.

Stormy Daniels

Remembering former first lady Barbara Bush - CNN Video

Barbara Bush, the former first lady and the matriarch of a Republican political dynasty, dies at 92. CNN's Wolf Blitzer tells her story.

Barbara Bush

Raj Shah Calls Out CNN’s Wolf Blitzer — ‘Americans That Don’t Work For CNN’ Care About Other Issues

White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah didn’t like CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s questioning Friday when he appeared on his show.<p>“I just want to be …

Donald Trump

April Ryan tells CNN about death threats she received after asking if Trump considered resigning during White House press briefing

WOLF BLITZER (HOST): What's been the reaction that you've received since asking that question? APRIL RYAN: The reaction has been very -- there are …

Donald Trump

Avenatti: Cohen wants delay in Daniels' case - CNN Video

Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that according to counsel for President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen, Cohen intends to file a motion to delay Daniels' lawsuit.

Stormy Daniels

Dem Senator Invites Wolf Blitzer To Moderate His Next Debate

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson invited CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to moderate his next debate after the anchor gifted him with a nice softball interview …

Senate Race

Panic in the Newsroom: CNN, MSNBC Spend 211 Minutes Trashing Sinclair as ‘State-Run TV’

Since Sunday night, the liberal media have been haranguing network affiliate owner Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) for a new “must-run” promo that …

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CNN's Toobin: Accusations Against FBI Are Mostly 'Lunatic Conspiracy Theories'

On Thursday, shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would not appoint a second special counsel, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin agreed …

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