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Ten people poisoned by synthetic cannabis in 48 hours

Ten people with severe poisoning from synthetic cannabis have been treated at Christchurch Hospital in the last 48 hours.<p>Nine of those admissions …

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What our government is watching: PM picks Kiwi classic, Peters picks Pulp Fiction

BRISBANE TIMES<p>When Samuel L Jackson was asked on a live television talk show to recite word for word one of his most famous past scenes, the result …

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Labour MP Kris Faafoi refuses to say 'Labour-led Government'

A quick-thinking Kris Faafoi has avoided being tripped up on one of the less consequential dramas that has enveloped Parliament of late.<p>The AM Show …

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Sweeping racing report could see Dargaville club get the brush off

Tim Antonio, President of the of Dargaville Racing Club fears The Last Post will soon be sounded for the club.<p>The Dargaville Racing Club is on a list …


The worst tweets by New Zealand politicians of all time

<b>Madeleine Chapman for The Spinoff</b><p><i>No platform has caused as much career havoc as Madeleine Chapman looks back (but not that far back) on</i> …

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Winston Peters holds veto on any capital gains tax after Michael Cullen's Tax Working Group reports back

<b>COMMENT:</b><p>Finance Minister Grant Robertson says he wants a conversation with Kiwis about a capital gains tax and other proposals in today's interim Tax …

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John Tamihere: Time Winston Peters fell into step

<b>COMMENT</b><p>There has been much speculation around the solidity, and therefore sustainability of the present coalition government.<p>Regardless of what …

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Herald wants more wins less spin

The Herald editorial:<p><i>The Government – whether that’s Jacinda Ardern’s “Labour-led” one, Winston Peters’ “Coalition” one, a Green-tinged one, or any</i> …

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Fran says business confidence won’t improve while coalition argues

Fran O’Sullivan writes:<p><i>Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters… (please) get into a room and sort out your policy differences away from the daily news</i> …

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Refugee dilemma resolved in the nick of time for Jacinda Ardern

<b>OPINION:</b> It was messy, but they got there.

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New Zealand refugee quota to rise to 1500 a year in 2020

The Government will lift the annual refugee quota to 1500 and establish more settlement centres around the country.<p>But it won't happen until …

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New Zealand's refugee quota jumps to 1500 per year from 2020, Government announces

New Zealand’s refugee quota will be raised to 1500, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today.<p>It was previously 1000, after being increased by …

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Winston Peters endorses new 'bridge' between Māori and the Crown

The Government has announced the creation of new Māori Crown relations agency after New Zealand First objected to the first proposal for one.<p>The new …

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Jacinda Ardern brushes off GDP slip-up

The Prime Minister is laughing off her mistake over GDP and Crown financial statements - suggesting she misheard the question.<p>When answering a …

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PM's verdict on the three words guaranteed to annoy NZ First leader Winston Peters

There was once a product which claimed to taste like butter called I Can't Believe It's not Butter.<p>In New Zealand, we now have a Government which …

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'Is Winston Peters undermining you at the moment?' Jack Tame's curly question to Jacinda Ardern gets curt response: 'No'

Jacinda Ardern hit back today at recent murmurs Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is working to undermine her.<p>"No," the Prime Minister replied …

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Hosking says Winston may be a political genius

<i>Is Winston Peters the political genius of our time?</i><p><i>It was with the comment that the Labour Party’s workplace reforms were a “work in progress” that</i> …

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Wally Haumaha inquiry: QC to share evidence with IPCA investigation into alleged bullying

<b>Mary Scholtens QC says her investigation will consider what information was available about bullying allegations before Wally Haumaha was promoted to</b> …

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Jacinda Ardern's rise still unprecedented a year on

<b>COMMENT:</b><p>There's a bookshop in Wellington's Victoria St that on a few occasions each year is packed out with people clinking wine glasses. It causes a …

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Winston Peters: 'There's only one captain on a boat'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is in the driver's seat of the coalition government, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says, disputing reports of …

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Jacinda Ardern's 'driving the car' - Winston Peters

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is "driving the car" in the coalition Government.<p>It comes after a week of …

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Watch: Simon Bridges responds to Jacinda Ardern’s big speech – ‘Ultimately there was nothing there’

Winston Peters rules the roost and New Zealanders are starting to wake up to the fact that NZ First is leading the coalition government and not …

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Simon Bridges wouldn't let Winston Peters have 'presidential veto'

Simon Bridges says if National formed a coalition with New Zealand First, he wouldn't let Winston Peters have a "presidential veto on …

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After a horror few weeks, Winston and Jacinda are all smiles for the unity show

Abigail Dougherty/Stuff<p>Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern help a major speech outlining the next steps in the Coalition Government’s plan which eventuated …

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Winston Peters will 'pull the pin' if he doesn't get his way - Peter Dunne

Former MP Peter Dunne has blamed the Government's recent woes on Winston Peters getting a taste of the power while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was …

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New Zealand's Push-me-Pull-you Government

<b>This story was originally published in and is republished with permission.</b>

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Political Roundup: Jacinda Ardern's stardust returns

<b>COMMENT:</b><p>An important new book is being launched tonight in Wellington by the Prime Minister. <i>Stardust and Substance: the New Zealand General Election</i> …

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Political Roundup: The Winston-led government

Jacinda Ardern's major speech today is going to have to be very impressive if it's to steady the ship, after what was probably her worst week in …

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Watkins: Is Winston Peters Labour's dud Lotto win?

<b>OPINION:</b> It is said that Helen Clark made her relationship with Winston Peters work by sending him overseas as often as possible.

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The Soap Box: When does Cabinet responsibility kick in?

At what point does collective Cabinet responsibility kick in?<p>That's not an easy one to answer when it comes to this Government and never has that …

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