Air hostess 'deliberately poured red wine over woman's wedding dress'

A woman is suing American Airlines after a flight attendant allegedly poured red wine on her wedding dress during a flight.<p>In August 2015, Yewande …


Private Vines and the Rise of After-Hours Winemaking

Winemaker by day, winemaker by night? For entrepreneurial grape masters, one label isn’t always enough.<p>Increasingly, wine professionals are launching …

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Health Watch: A Drink Might Boost Cognition and Creativity, and Potentially Fight Off the Flu | Health News | News & Features

Anti-aging diets, cosmetics, medical procedures—longevity of life is a priority when it comes to health and wellness research. Now, a study published …

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B.C. Wines on the table as new NAFTA talks get underway

The rhetoric over NAFTA began not long after Donald Trump became president of the United States.

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Unfiltered: Thirst Games: Jennifer Lawrence Guesses Wine vs. Movie Reviews, Seeks Drinking Buddy | Unfiltered | News & Features

<b>Jennifer Lawrence</b> is looking for a costar in her upcoming wine-country vacation. As part of a charity fund-raising campaign, the Hollywood leading …

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Lonely much? You probably buy wine with faces on

Good company for that take-away for one?<p>People in products<p>People who are lonely are more likely to buy products that have faces on the label, a new …


With new To Kalon brand, Constellation revives legendary Napa wine dispute

Image 1of/10<p>Caption<p>Close<p>The battle over Napa Valley’s most contested two words — To Kalon — rages on.<p>Is To Kalon a place? A brand? A historical …

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Surf’s Not the Only Thing Up in Santa Cruz

This California seaside city’s options for fun are more varied than ever. Highlights include Swift Street Courtyard, Capitola and the Corralitos wine …

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Wine and teeth revisited

<i>17 August 2017 For today's Throwback Thursday, we revisit a popular topic, one that we first tackled in detail in 2004, as you will see if you click</i> …

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Win a Chance to Get Drunk with Jennifer Lawrence by Donating to Fight Political Corruption!

Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing opportunity for anyone who enjoys fighting political corruption and getting drunk with celebrities at the same …

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NEW: Topics of the Week 8/15/2017 - Intro/Certified - Study Forums

Welcome back from TexSom everyone! And thank you for your input over the past week on each of our previous topics. Last week's topics are linked …

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Fine wine investment: is EP a 'mug's game'?

One of the great principles for investment of any kind, and fine wine investment is no exception, is to constantly question what you think you know. …


Good Wine and Fax Machines Brought Jay McInerney and Julian Barnes Together

I recently uncovered a trove of artifacts from the pre-digital age: long, brittle, waxy sheets of paper, ragged at the tops and bottoms, the text …

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“Time & Vine” #2

Thom Zahler is back with another completely unique series involving nostalgia, time travel, and wine. Read on for the review, which contains …

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South Africa: conquering hero - Off Licence News - The Voice of Drinks Retailing

But perhaps the finest praise it can get is that South African MW Greg Sherwood has started drinking it at home again. For years he turned to …

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Tech it to the next level

Technology is becoming an increasingly vital part of the wine business. A new price-comparison tool from Liv-ex hopes to make things smoother for …

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TWE: ‘robust’ year as profits rise 55%

Treasury Wine Estates saw annual profits rise by 55%, as it reported both the integration of the Diageo wine business and its target margin was three …


Celebrating women in wine - Off Licence News - The Voice of Drinks Retailing

The wine trade is sometimes viewed as a little antiquated, staid and traditional, but there are signs that it is a bit more progressive than the …

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Majestic boss tops list of highest paid retail execs

Majestic boss Rowan Gormley has topped the list of highest paid retail bosses, according to a new survey by trade publication Retail Week

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Donald Trump Says He Owns One of the Largest Wineries in the U.S. He Doesn't.

A fact-check of the president's vino claim.<p>At Tuesday's news conference at Trump Tower, the president was asked about the weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Shortly after saying that some "very fine people" marched with the white supremacists and neo-Nazis and reiterating his …

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Trump name-drops Virginia winery but exaggerates size

President Donald Trump name-dropped the Virginia winery that he acquired in 2011 during a press conference on white supremacist violence in the state …

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Two Major Problems With Trump's Claims About His Charlottesville Winery

Trump claimed his winery is one of the biggest in the United States, but it's not as "yuge" as he thinks.<p>After President Donald Trump held a press conference on Tuesday about the white supremacist conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, he decided to brag about his winery there.<p>“I own …

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Red Blotch Rising

They thought it was leaf roll disease.<p>Since at least the early 2000s, a virus had been creeping through California vineyards. Certain vines started …

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Why Wine Tastes Better When It Costs More

In 2015, scientists confirmed what all but the most serious wine drinkers have long suspected: That bottle of vino will taste better if you think it …

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Charlottesville winery Trump boasted about owning claims no affiliation

A Charlottesville, Va., winery that President Trump boasted about owning Tuesday is claiming they have no affiliation with him.<p>After a combative …

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Scandals in wine - should have gone to Blockchain

Ten Wine Scandals – Should Have Gone To Blockchain<p>Since my first Blockchain article, there’s been lots of interest in the potential of using this …

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Guess Wine Review, Movie Review in Charity Video

Actress donating chance to join her on California wine tour to raise money for anti-political corruption organization Represent.Us<p>Jennifer Lawrence …

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Glass of wine or beer every night could 'reduce risk of early death'

A glass of wine or a bottle of beer every night could reduce your risk of an early death, according to new research.<p>Drinking up to seven alcoholic …


Drink pink: the rise of rosé - Winemaking - Guides - Wine World & News

<b>In a sip…</b><p>Rosé makes up around <b>11% of the UK wine market</b>, with bottles coming mainly from <b>France, Spain, the USA and Italy</b>. In recent years, winemakers …

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