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A Tribute to Windows Phone - Pocketnow

On July 11, 2017, Microsoft dropped mainstream support for their last “Windows Phone” smartphone operating system; Windows Phone 8.1. While Windows …


Is this Lenovo folding tablet offering us a glimpse at the Surface Phone?

The mythical Surface Phone is widely expected to be a unique take on what a "phone" truly is, and perhaps this Lenovo concept tablet is offering us a …


Hey Windows phone fans — Microsoft doesn't need you for 'Surface phone' to succeed

Windows phone loyalists, I have bad news for you: Microsoft's "ultimate mobile device," or "Surface phone," if it succeeds at all, can probably do so …

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Cardinal Müller & The Benedict Option

An Italian friend reports that the influential Italian newspaper <i>Il Foglio</i> published today an interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the German …


Le illusioni ottiche di @moography superano i limiti dello schermo dell'iPhone

Anshuman Ghosh a.k.a. @moography crea illusioni stupende che trascendono le foto scattate col telefono.<p>Inizialmente attivo nella street photography, l'artista visuale Anshuman Ghosh, a.k.a. @moography, è diventato stanco di questo medium perché confinato nella realtà.<p>In una dichiarazione di intenti …

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Buon compleanno baby George, mamma Kate condivide la foto su Instagram

In occasione del quarto compleanno del principino George i duchi di Cambridge condividono la foto del piccolo (sorridente e felice) su Instagram<p>Baby …

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Microsoft's Office sales soar and Windows Phone fades in cloud-happy earnings call

Remember when Microsoft touted Windows Mobile during earnings calls? Now, Microsoft's Windows Phone business is "immaterial," while Office, Azure, and other cloud and services products continue to propel the company to profitability. In a small note during its second-quarter earnings report …

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This is why old Windows Phones won't run PC apps

Thanks to Qualcomm, x86 support is coming to Windows 10 ARM phones and tablets - but not to older Lumia devices. In a webcast, Joe Belfiore, these …


Il mondo della musica saluta Chester Bennington

Ieri Chester Bennington, voce e frontman dei Linkin Park, si è tolto la vita nella sua casa nella contea di Los Angeles. Nelle ultime ore la rete si …


Serie A: Bonucci aims to become AC Milan legend

The former Juve star is aiming high as he settles into his new club, naming three iconic defenders as his role models at San Siro<p>Leonardo Bonucci is …


Microsoft Q4: Cloud growth offsets falling Surface, Windows Phone revenues

<b>MICROSOFT HAS REPORTED</b> its fourth quarter earnings and has beat analysts' estimate thanks to strong cloud growth.<p>For Q4, Microsoft posted revenues of …


Microsoft: Full Windows 10 is not coming to smartphones

Since Microsoft is working on making Windows 10 available on ARM devices, it was only a matter of time before questions arose on the possibility of …


gurls talk: free the nipple | watch | i-D

La modella, attrice e cover star di The Female Gaze Issue di i-D Adwoa Aboah incoraggia le ragazze di tutto il mondo a parlare di salute mentale, della percezione del proprio corpo e di sessualità attraverso il suo nuovo progetto Gurls Talk. Nella serie in tre episodi Gurls Talk Adwoa ci accompagna …


No, the Windows 10 on ARM 'effort' isn't about phones | Pocketnow

The last Lumia device came out around 18 months ago, third-party Windows 10 Mobile-based product manufacturers abandoned the platform one by one of …


Visita al campo di concentramento di Stutthof: Kate Middleton non trattiene le lacrime

Autore: Andrew Parsons / i-Images<p>Autore: Andrew Parsons / i-Images<p>Autore: Andrew Parsons / i-Images<p>Autore: Andrew Parsons / i-Images<p>Autore: Andrew …

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Closing the books on Microsoft’s Windows Phone

Android and iOS are the last major smartphone platforms standing.<p>Reports of Microsoft’s smartphone demise have been ... pretty much on point.<p>Last week, the company announced it was ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, the latest in a series of moves marking the end of the Windows Phone. These have …

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Microsoft hammers final nail into Windows Phone coffin: Where this leaves WP aficionados

It’s awfully tempting to start an elegy of this sort with a schadenfreude-laced intro along the lines of ‘And they’ve gone and done it again’. …

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Windows Phone 8 fades out as Microsoft mulls mobile strategy

But Microsoft, which is now concentrating on business services, cloud computing, augmented reality, remains a part of the mobile landscape with …


Android Killed Windows Phone

Dieter Bohn, The Verge:<p>So while Microsoft didn’t do itself any favors, I’d argue strongly that all these machinations and flailings weren’t a …

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Microsoft Must Keep Working On New Windows 10 Smartphones

As reported last week on Forbes, Windows Phone has passed its ‘end of support’ date and the Windows NT-based mobile platform is now dead. That does not mean that Microsoft is out of the mobile game, but it does mean that the focus can be placed elsewhere.<p>Microsoft’s consumer focus for mobile is now …


A love letter to my Windows Phone, which I still miss 5 years later

This week, Microsoft ended support for Windows 8.1, or the final operating system tied to the glorious failure that was the Windows Phone. …

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265: RIP Windows phone, net neutrality day of action, and Next Level

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Bonucci thanks Juventus players and fans but snubs Allegri

The defender's relationship with the coach turned sour last season, leading to the new AC Milan player overlooking him in his message to fans<p>Leonardo Bonucci has paid tribute to the Juventus fans and his former team-mates after agreeing a shock move to Serie A rivals AC Milan, but made no mention …


2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty XL

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Goodbye Windows Phone: What comes next for Microsoft in mobile? | ZDNet

Despite the demise of Windows Phone, Microsoft does still have a few options left in the mobile space.<p>So farewell then, Windows Phone: Microsoft has …

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Microsoft Tells Mobile Users To Take A Hike

Microsoft just sent a clear message to consumers brave enough to bet on its mobile strategy a few years back: You’re on your own.<p>Yes, the software …


Windows Phone death ‘a storm in a teacup’ – it has long been at rest

The Drum's John McCarthy offers his assessment on the recent headlines heralding the demise Microsoft's ill-fated attempt to penetrate the mobile …


Microsoft officially ends Windows Phone 8.1 support, leaving millions of devices unsupported

Microsoft Windows

Why Windows Phone users are now a serious security risk to their employers - TechRepublic

Microsoft has ended support for Windows Phone 8.1, meaning users will no longer receive important updates. Here's how your business can …

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Stop the clocks. Windows Phone is dead

8.1? 8.dead more like

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