This African Coastline Has More Castles Than Anywhere Else in the World

Stretched along 539km (335 miles) of Ghanaian coastline are the architectural remnants of trading that began with timber and gold, ended in slavery, …


I spent 2 years living in Malaysia — here are 14 of my favorite fruits Americans probably wouldn't recognize

Trying new foods is one of the best parts of visiting Southeast Asia.<p>In the two years I lived in Malaysia, I came across dozens of fruits I had never even heard of in the United States, let alone tasted. Some of the most notable were durian — the so-called "king of the fruits" whose smell is so …

South-east Asia

Late for work van driver who killed cyclist already had 11 points on his licence for speeding


The Weekend Fix: What it takes to keep a ‘toy train’ running, plus nine more reads

Everything you need to know for the day (and a little more).<p>Weekend Reads:<p>Ian Marlow and Vrishti Beniwal in <i>Bloomberg</i> explain how despite “Make in …

Donald Trump

In a Fight Between Abrams and T-90 Tanks, Victory Goes to the Better Crew

While the T-14 Armata might be Russia’s latest and greatest tank, it still is not ready for service.


The Best Underrated UNESCO Sites to Visit in Spain Before Everyone Catches On

Spain is home to the most Unesco World Heritage Sites after Italy and China, but some are more off-the-radar than others. From a Moorish city to a …

European Travel

Seeking fictional first memories

This study investigates whether people actually have a fictional childhood memory.


Mandela's 1962 diary goes online as Wikimania hits Cape Town

Nelson Mandela's personal diary from 1962 is now available online‚ thanks to a partnership between the Nelson Mandela Foundation and internet …

Cape Town

Indian state to employ trans people as security guards in womens’ homes, after spate of sexual assaults

The Indian state of Bihar has said it will start hiring transgender people and eunuchs as security guards in girls and womens’ care homes, following …


FAA Reauthorization Could Come Up For a Vote Next Week

Politico’s Morning Transportation reported Wednesday that, “Commerce Chairman John Thune told reporters Tuesday that lawmakers have offered about 100 …


Mos Def launches gallery bridging the gap between art and hip-hop

The barrier between urban and fine art has rarely been broken. However, next month musician Mos Def and advertising executive Free Richardson are …

Rap & Hip-Hop

7 terrifying enemy weapons that probably suck

There are so many terrifying weapons that have come out in the last few years or are going through testing now that make it seem like the next war, no matter where it happens, will see friendly troops fighting a "War of the Worlds"-type conflict against unstoppable foes.<p>But many of these new …


Wiki foundation wants to "decolonize the internet" with more African contributors

Wikipedia contributors are few in Africa. The custodians of the free online encyclopedia and other Wiki resources are gathered in South Africa to …

South Africa

Strict Protestants go to court to have Alkmaar Sunday dance party banned

One of Alkmaar’s several churches. Photo: By Txllxt via Wikimedia Commons<p>A group of strict Protestants who believe Sunday should be a day of rest are …


Joaquin Phoenix's Joker spinoff gets title, release date

Joaquin Phoenix’s spinoff about the Joker now has a title and release date.<p>Check out all we know about the movie so far below.<p>As previously reported, …

DC Comics

The junk food everyone was obsessed with the year you were born

No matter your age, you probably have a favorite go-to junk food in the snack aisle.<p>While popular snacks have been discontinued over the years, others remain intergenerational favorites.<p>Here's the junk food that people couldn't get enough of the year you were born.


India to get its nuclear missile tracking ship by December: The Economic Times

Hindustan Shipyard Limited has been working on the project for over four years.<p>A nuclear missile tracking ship India is working on is undergoing …

Nuclear Weapons

Thieves steal 114 tonnes of cobalt from secure Rotterdam port unit

Photo: Quistnix via Wikimedia Commons<p>Thieves have stolen 114 tonnes of cobalt from a secure warehouse in Rotterdam’s port area, local broadcaster RTV …


eNCA | Hawks confirm another explosive device in Durban

The Hawks have confirmed another explosive device has been found in Durban, which has been defused.


Could Wikipedia help us rebuild trust in journalism?

The global news cycle is fraught with misinformation and many members of the public feel wary of media outlets – Raju Narisetti thinks Wikipedia …


Piper Seneca and a Cessna 172 Collide in Midair Northwest of Miami Executive Airport

Preliminary details about yesterday’s midair collision in the Everglades, 11 miles northwest of Miami Executive Airport report the accident claimed …


Bundles of case papers missing from former judge’s house, Madras High Court orders CBI investigation

The papers went missing after they were delivered to T Mathivanan, who retired in May 2017.<p>The Madras High Court on Wednesday ordered an inquiry by …


What rice looks like in 18 places around the world

West Africa

The most popular pet in every state that aren't cats or dogs

Dogs and cats are undoubtedly the most popular pets across the nation, but there are plenty of Americans who own hamsters, lizards, snakes, and a surprising amount of ferrets. Trusted Housesitters conducted a study that traced animal popularity by social media presence in each state. Look below to …

Cute Animals

10 people who experienced horrific plane crashes and survived to tell their story

Flying in a plane is not only the fastest way to get to a destination, it's also the safest. Despite this fact, engine issues, bad weather, and even pilot errors can occur and lead to a plane crash. But even when these rarities occur, there are often survivors who make it off the plane alive.<p>These …


The Enigma Of The Phaistos Disk, A 3,700-Year-Old Indecipherable Message

The 2nd millennium BC is a period that spanned the years 2000 through 1001 BC and was marked by the appearance of great kingdoms and empires across …

Ancient History

VN Show: Tour de France hopefuls must attack... but where?

<i>Editor’s note: This VeloNews Show includes footage from Twitter/Pais do Ciclismo, YouTube/Tour de France, YouTube/UCI, YouTube/The Mig Cycling, Getty</i> …

Tour de France

21 of the longest highways in the US

Although it was officially decommissioned in 1985, US Route 66 still symbolizes the spirit of America — and the allure of the American road trip.<p>Thankfully, between the Interstate Highway System and the United States Numbered Highway System, there's no shortage of meandering routes to choose from …


9 mistakes you’re probably making with perfume

To help you correct your perfume blunders in no time, five experts offer simple solutions to common fragrance mistakes.


Here's how wealthy the average family is in 35 countries around the world

How much money people have in the bank varies widely from country to country.<p>The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a group of 36 countries around the world, including most of the major developed economies, dedicated to promoting "policies that will improve the economic …