White-Collar Crime

Whistle-blower programs usher in a new era of fighting white-collar crime

In the proverbial smoky rooms in which illegal price-fixing agreements are made, cartel members have long had a worry: Members of the cartel may snitch to law enforcement in exchange for immunity or leniency. This worry has made government whistle-blower programs – which exchange immunity or …


Hard times: Japanese yakuza arrested for stealing food

[TOKYO] Life as a Japanese "yakuza" mobster is getting so hard that some are resorting to shoplifting food to stay in business.<p>Two members of an …


Foreign Requests for Evidence Spike as Sessions’s Justice Department to Help More With Bribery and Corruption Cases Abroad

The cross-border nature of financial fraud has heightened the need for partnerships between regulators and prosecutors in different countries.


Why They Do It: Inside The Mind of the White-Collar Criminal

Usefulness<p>Content<p>Freshness<p>Summary<p>If you have ever wondered why some of the world's most successful leaders fall to corporate crime," Why They Do It: …


NHS to start prescribing Diabetes app

A health technology start-up designed to help people live more active lives and prevent or lessen symptoms of type 2 diabetes, has raised £500,000 …

Personal Finance (UK)

ME MY MONEY: Nicholas Daines - 'My safety net is my pension'

Nicholas Daines, Hollywood stuntman and TV presenter, is grateful he has a pension and a property because it gives him peace of mind... when he is …

Personal Finance (UK)

'I was just a guinea pig to them': single mum reveals unwitting recruitment to fraud racket

A single teen mother was unwittingly lured into a $165 million tax fraud syndicate, believing she was helping a man hide thousands of dollars from …

Guinea Pigs

SFO to be axed after series of scraps with Theresa May

Theresa May has pledged to abolish the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as she seeks to overhaul how white collar crime is tackled in Britain.<p>In the …


Tory Bid to Scrap SFO Draws Ire of Criminal-Defense Lawyers - Bloomberg

Criminal-defense lawyers panned Prime Minister Theresa May’s election promise to scrap the Serious Fraud Office, which has been responsible for …


Tory manifesto: Theresa May reveals plans to scrap the SFO (again)

Theresa May has vowed to scrap the Serious Fraud Office as part of plans to improve the UK's handling of white collar crime if the Conservatives win …


Tory plan to fold Serious Fraud Office into National Crime Agency comes under attack

A pledge to integrate the Serious Fraud Office into the National Crime Agency has come under widespread attack despite the regulator's history of failed prosecutions.<p>Dismantling the body which tackles high level and complex fraud, bribery and corruption has been labelled as “crazy” and a “backwards …

UK Home Office

When Artificial Intelligence Rules the City

An expert panel ponders how AI will change our lives.<p>When we think of the city of the future, we might think about flying cars and scenes from “Star Trek” or “The Jetsons.” But coming new technologies are shaping deeper and more fundamental changes in our cities.<p>These changes are already well …

Artificial Intelligence

Rather than boosting minimum wage, should we talk about a maximum?

<i>The</i> <i>Wall Street Journal</i> reported last month that the CEOs of the 100 largest US companies received average pay raises of 6.8 percent, more than …

Social Justice

What firing Comey means for the future of the FBI

By Tess Owen on May 11, 2017<p>One day after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday about serious threats facing the U.S. — and how Comey’s absence could impact the integrity of the FBI’s …


Rather than boosting minimum wage, should we talk about a maximum?

Maybe it is time to impose a maximum limit on chief executive pay.

North Korea

New York's Vullo says regulation not a 'curse word'

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Regulation should not be considered a "curse word" and is needed more than ever to head off financial threats, despite President Donald Trump's attacks on government red tape, New York's financial services regulator said on Thursday.<p>Maria Vullo, superintendent of New York's …

Financial Services

Let's set a maximum wage for CEOs

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the CEOs of the 100 largest U.S. companies received average pay raises of 6.8 percent, more than …


​Bro, Put Something on Your Windows

Your neighbors can see everything you're doing<p>Bro, you need to do something about your windows. Not "decorating" your place is one thing, but letting your neighbors watch you play Halo in a towel is another. Now, I'm not going to patronize you by telling you exactly what shade to get, or how to use …

Home Improvement

Brown Institute announces ‘Magic Grants’ to transform world of media

Collaboration between Stanford School of Engineering and Columbia School of Journalism has awarded its 2017-18 grants to 11 teams of innovators.

Stanford University

Five Breaking News Haikus

On Point<p>A new survey shows that harassment, stereotyping and bullying are driving people out of tech<p>Do not skip this report. Tech Leavers 2017 is a …

Black Power

Tories pledge to abolish Serious Fraud Office – manifesto

The Conservatives have pledged to dismantle the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and roll it into the wider National Crime Agency if they win June’s general …


China seeks corruption suspects in Aust

Chinese state media have published the names and addresses of 22 people overseas, including in Australia, sought by Chinese anti-corruption …


'White Collar' crime tracker mocks police profiling bias

As Police forces edge ever closer to realizing the plot of <i>Minority Report,</i> a new art-slash-research project aims to point out inequality in our society. With White Collar Crime Risk Zones, three artists come researchers are reworking predictive policing tech to highlight police bias. Instead of …


Bank Meetings and White-Collar Crime

Also Dole, alpha, Facebook, unicorns and unicorn foods.<p><b>Shareholder meetings.</b><p>Where do you go if you have a sense of grievance, a fondness for cliché, and too much time on your hands? The obvious answer is "the internet," but true connoisseurs, and those who prefer to do their shouting face to face, …


This white-collar crime map will have you clutching your 401ks a little tighter when you see a finance guy on the street

White-collar crime doesn't get much attention in the USA (although, ironically, it gets quite a bit of attention on the USA Network). Back in 2015, researchers at Syracuse University found that American prosecutions of financial and other white-collar crimes were at their lowest levels in 20 years. …


The creators of the viral White Collar Crime Risk Zones project are longtime Brooklyn tech agitators

<b>Sam Lavigne</b>, <b>Francis Tseng</b> and <b>Brian Clifton</b> released an app and searchable website Tuesday that made headlines around the internet.<p>It’s called White …


This app exposes the white-collar criminals all around you

Looking through the glossy lens of the New York Police Department's crime tracking data, compiled in Compstat 2.0, you'd think that the denizens of …


Amazing New Tool Pinpoints White-Collar Crime In America

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence goes where the DOJ fears to tread.<p>America is awash in white-collar crime. Vulnerable citizens fear for their jobs and savings, while culprits slide through society unpunished. The financial predators look just like ordinary Americans. They could be your friends, …


Proof That Algorithms Pick Up Our Biases, In A Single Map

To expose the hidden biases at work in real-life policing software, a team from The New Inquiry built its own.<p>Predictive policing, which uses algorithms to forecast future crimes, has been billed the “law enforcement tactic of the future.” But it also helps perpetuate systemic racism; since black …


White Collar Crime Risk Zones

<i>White Collar Crime Risk Zones</i> uses machine learning to predict where financial crimes are mostly likely to occur across the US. To learn about our …