White-Collar Crime

Time to get tough with errant bankers

Bruised by its drubbing during the tracker loan controversy the Central Bank is now talking about getting tough with bankers.

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Police: Wanted man claiming to sell magazines door-to-door in Portland area

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -<p>Police have identified a suspect accused of carrying out a scam that involves an emotional sales pitch and a fraudulent offer of …


Moritz College of Law | The Briefing Room | Alumna to bring passion for white collar crime to the classroom this spring

Alumna to bring passion for white collar crime to the classroom this spring<p>December 20, 2017 | Alumni<p>As head of cybercrimes for the Columbus office, …


Download Now: Corporate Counsel Tips & Tools: Risk and Compliance

Download Now: Corporate Counsel Tips & Tools: Risk and Compliance<p>As corporate counsel, making sure your organization is in compliance and steers …


The Morning Risk Report: U.K. Enlists Behavioral Sciences to Fight Corruption

The U.K. government’s move to add behavioral sciences research to its arsenal in the fight against corruption puts the country at the forefront of an emerging compliance landscape, one where understanding the drivers of human conduct is encouraged to counter the risk of mechanical, tick-the-box …


Where white-collar crime meets a wet lettuce leaf

"It was not a momentary lapse of judgment. It involved 18 clients and it breached his employer's trust and the clients' trust."<p>These were Magistrate …


Here's What Investing $1,000 In Netflix A Decade Ago (Among Other Popular Stocks) Would Look Like Today

Before we get into all of this return investment banter, we'd like to be the first ones to admit that, hot damn! We really wish we knew more about</b> …


DPP wants new laws to minimise 'traumatic' delays during trials

The Director of Public Prosecutions wants new laws to be introduced to minimise delays during trials, which she said can be particularly traumatic …

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MARK BARNES: White-collar crime rides roughshod over the system in which people have invested

STRAIGHT TALK<p>MARK BARNES: White-collar crime rides roughshod over the system in which people have invested<p>Once proved, there can be no tolerance and …

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Companies could be civilly liable in non-profit embezzlement case

It’s described as the “largest white collar crime case” ever handled by the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office.<p>Lola Jean Amorin is charged with stealing …


New law to be introduced tackling white-collar crime

The Government is set to announce a range of measures aimed at tackling white-collar crime.<p>It will include stricter monitoring of banks and financial …

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White-collar crime to be target of new crackdown

New laws will make it easier to prosecute people for insider trading, planning corruption and bribery offences.

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Fugitive lawyer waits on Car Wash

A years-long battle in the Brazilian courts over Michael Lynn being extradited to Ireland may be ended by a corruption scandal, writes <b>Caroline</b> …

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Somalia sacks its senior security officers following bomb attack

At least 23 killed and 30 wounded after Islamists stormed hotel in Mogadishu<p>Sun, Oct 29, 2017, 11:06 Updated: about 18 hours ago<p>Somalia’s government …

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FBI agent to speak at Viewpoints series

Daron Borst, assistant special agent in charge of the San Diego Division of the FBI is slated to give a presentation 6:30 p.m. Sunday Oct. 29 as part …

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Australia examines tougher penalties for white collar crime

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian government is planning to increase penalties and lengthen prison terms for financial crimes in a bid to strengthen …

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Leadership voting rules are farcical as SNP councillor signs up to vote in contest

One day, and in the not too distant future, the wheel will turn again and some kind of balance and sanity will be introduced to Labour's election …


Shinola worker accused of stealing hundreds of high-priced watches

A 41-year-old woman is accused of stealing hundreds of watches from her Midtown Detroit employer, Shinola, and selling them on the black market.


White-collar crime attorney says high-profile coaches now at risk in fast-moving college basketball probe

An expert in white-collar crime cases said one group should be particularly on guard as federal investigators dive deeper into the college basketball …

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Tesco bosses on trial for allegedly 'cooking the books' in £2billion scandal

Three former supermarket chiefs are said to have been involved in the “white-collar crime” plot which slashed Tesco's total share value.<p>Three former …


DoJ revising policy on US white-collar crime prosecutions

The US Department of Justice is revising its policy on prosecuting white-collar crime, calling into question its commitment to the Obama …


UK fraud office expects decision on GSK, Rolls-Royce cases next year

LONDON (Reuters) - The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) said on Thursday it expects to decide next year whether it will file criminal charges in bribery …


Analysis | ‘Fake news’? The Russia investigation is getting very, very real.

President Trump keeps calling the Russia investigation ‘fake news.’ But with each passing week, the independent investigation into Trump's campaign …

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Rule one in uncovering white collar crime - get the finance guy out of his office

Absa creator Piet Badenhorst’s death on Tuesday reminded me of what he said was the best way to uncover fraud within a company: force the guy who …


White collar crime prosecutions fall as offences rise

Actual reports of transgressions are up, thoughThe number of white collar crime prosecutions in the UK fell by 12 per cent between 2015 and 2016, …


Bank fraud shows failure of controls, says fraud expert

MANILA - Large cases of bank fraud point to a 'catastrophic' failure of the bank's most basic internal controls or a conspiracy among senior …


Fraudster swindled R300k out of SPCA to fund high life | Independent on Saturday

Durban - Within a month of release after 19 days in prison, convicted fraudster Teresa Fernandez went to church to be baptised ahead of a new life.<p>“I …


WORLDVIEW: New criminal scourge targets houses to let – brick and mortar theft

South Africans might think their home country has an unmatchable reputation for high crime. That might well be the case for murder, robbery and other …


‘Second most costly white-collar crime in America’ targeted by Yolo DA

Three Yolo County residents have pleaded no contest to auto insurance fraud in separate cases in the past three weeks, according to a Yolo County …


ProPublica, New America NYC Explore White-Collar Crime & Punishment in the Age of Trump — ProPublica

After the financial crisis of 2008 tossed millions out of work and brought the world economy close to the brink of depression, the Department of …