SeaWorld’s Baby Orca, The Last Captive-Born Killer Whale, Dies

SeaWorld’s last baby orca, bred in captivity under the amusement park’s orca breeding program, died on Monday in San Antonio. Three-month-old Kyara’s …


Defense starts to shine in Dolphins day two practice

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 20: In this handout photo provided by SeaWorld San Diego, Singer/actor Donny Osmond meets Crunch, a male bottlenose dolphin, …


Sperm Whales Sleep Very Strangely

<b>NEWS: The Curiosity Podcast is out! Subscribe on iTunes,</b> <b>Stitcher,</b> <b>Google Play Music, SoundCloud and add the RSS feed to any podcast player. If you</b> …

Marine Mammals

Infographic: How endangered whales' songs could be key to their protection

The deaths of eight endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this summer have experts scrambling to figure out why so many …


Ticket - Florida Resident Silver Pass Seasonal Pass News


Whale release a community endeavour in N.L.

Wayne Ledwell cuts a whale free in 2016.<p>©Submitted<p>Reports of marine animals, other than fish, getting caught in fishing nets are common. Between 1979 …

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Photographer Captures the Rare and Incredible Sight of a Humpback Whale Leaping Entirely Out of Water

by Lori Dorn at on<p>While out searching for sardines off the coast of Pondoland in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa., diver and photographer …

Humpback Whales

Recent Miami-Dade high school grad making a difference, one orchid at a time | Miami Herald

Jonathan Carcache is unlike most students at Barbara Goleman Senior High, or in Florida for that matter. Jonathan is one of four selected from …


Beached whale appears in Paris, stunning tourists and residents

Imagine strolling along the Seine river in Paris, hand-in-hand with a partner when all of a sudden, you glimpse a beached whale stranded on the …

Sperm Whale

The Last Orca to be Born in Captivity at SeaWorld Has Died

Eventually, there’ll be no orca whales at SeaWorld. That would have been unthinkable a few years ago. The company’s branding has long been built …


Last SeaWorld orca born in captivity dies

The last whale to be born in captivity at SeaWorld has died due to “serious case of pneumonia”.<p>The three-month old killer whale, named Kayara died …


Just In: Liberal Hollywood Actor Arrested

Advertisement - story continues below<p>For the second time in as many months, actor and animal activist James Cromwell has found himself in trouble …


What to Eat and Drink in San Diego

<i>PHOTO: Taco-centered entree from San Diego's Las Cuatro Milpas. (photo via Flickr/y6y6y6)</i><p>It usually doesn't take much convincing to get someone to …


Wild Alaska Live

<i>Continue watching</i> Wild Alaska Live <i>on Wednesday, July 25, at 8:00 pm and on Sunday, July 30, at 7:00 pm. Stream the first episode free.</i><p>Last Sunday, …

Humpback Whales

Killer whales at most risk in event of oil spill: study

Local southern-resident killer whales are at the highest risk of death and long-term population impacts in the event of an oil spill in B.C.’s …

Killer Whales

Humpback whales learn songs 'verse by verse'

Humpback whales work together to learn new songs in segments, a study has found.


Spotlight on green news & views: Sea World's last captive-bred orca dies; Lamar Smith—wacko


This Could Be Why Orcas Have Been Eating Great White Sharks in South Africa

A South African shark-watching hotspot has recently turned into the scene of a seaside horror movie. For several months,enormous great white shark …

Killer Whales

Dead Sperm Whale That 'Washed Up' In Paris Is Teaching Us All An Important Lesson

Close enough to home yet? 🌍<p>If you’re planning a romantic mini-break to Paris, you might be planning to visit Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and eat your body weight in Brie.<p>What you probably won’t be expecting to come across on your travels, is a dead sperm whale washed up on the banks of the river …

Sperm Whale

Last killer whale born at SeaWorld dies

A three-month-old killer whale, the last to be born in captivity at SeaWorld, died after serious health problems, according to the park.


Rescuers free a young humpback whale tangled in buoys near Cape Cod

A young humpback whale left Nauset Inlet in Cape Cod with a much lighter load after rescuers disentangled him from some unwieldy cargo.<p>The whale was …

Humpback Whales

Former Marine fighting for Kurdish militia is killed in Syria

David Taylor Sr., right, poses with his son David Taylor, a former Marine. Taylor Sr. said that he was notified by the State Department that his son was killed earlier this month in Syria while fighting for a Kurdish militia battling the Islamic State. (Courtesy of David Taylor Sr./via AP)NATIONAL …


40-Ton Whale Was Just Filmed Jumping Completely Out Of The Water, And This Incredible Video Is Going Viral

The footage was shot in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mbotyi by Craig Capehart, a scuba diver who was sitting in a “rubber duck” inflatable boat …

Humpback Whales

'Tail-Standing' Sperm Whales Snooze in Stunning Photo

Sleeping dogs lie, but sleeping whales … "stand" on their tails? That was the scene recently glimpsed by a diver in the Caribbean, at least, when the …


Elaborate 'Dead Whale' Stunt Takes Parisians By Surprise

There was fortunately a good reason behind the stirring display.<p>It wasn’t a sight for the fainthearted.<p>On Friday, Parisians woke to find a massive sperm whale beached along the river Seine, drawing some shock and concern from some passersby.<p>Fortunately for animal lovers, the giant carcass, which …

Sperm Whale

Opinion: Notley not winning hearts or minds in B.C.

“Mark my words, that pipeline will be built,” vows Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.<p>With multiple lawsuits before the courts, including one by the …

Killer Whales

Humpback Whales Remix Their Old Songs

They combine tunes at musically similar places, like the world’s biggest deejays.<p>They called it the black song. For the humpback whales of eastern Australia, it was irresistibly catchy.<p>Back in the mid-1990s, those whales were singing a completely different tune—a melody known to researchers (for …

Humpback Whales

Gold Coast to host Australia's largest sea jelly exhibit

The Gold Coast is set to become the new home of Australia's largest sea jelly exhibit, uniquely featuring a research laboratory inside the display at …


54 Humpback Whales Were Killed in Fishing Nets Last Year – Take Action to Protect Them!

Humpback whales, or more commonly known as humpbacks, are large marine mammals that measure between 39-52 feet and weigh about 79,000 pounds. Despite …

Humpback Whales

Extended: Humpback whale swims under kayak in N.L.

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