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Super Safety Schools: 10 Top Colleges You Can Actually Get Into

The schools that rank the highest on Forbes’ Top Colleges list had record low admission rates for the class of 2022. Harvard, No. 1 on the list, admitted only 4.6% of applicants. Stanford, ranked No. 3, was the nation’s most selective school, taking only 4.3%. But there are many schools on the list …

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How Pythagoras' theorem will change everything you know about Friends

This is brand new information!<p>We love Friends, there's no denying it, but the sitcom did often pose more questions than answers. How did the gang afford their NYC apartments? Did anyone actually like Ross? What does Chandler actually <i>do</i>?<p>One particularly puzzling issue has been solved though, and …


Is The Lost City Of Atlantis In Antarctica Under The Ice 👽🌍✨👽

Is there a lost city underneath Antarctica and if it's true then what if it's Atlantis? It's been speculated a lot recently by nearly every …


Britain presses for more EU sanctions against Russia

By William James<p>LONDON (Reuters) - Britain pressed the European Union on Tuesday to increase sanctions against Russia, saying it should stand …


Sentence Correction: if/whether (or not) | GMAT practice question

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, first wondered if the earth was spherical in the year 570 BC, and he used the notion of geometric harmony to …


For Civil Disobedience to Work Know Its Limits

The basic argument against civil disobedience — refusing to obey government's rules that we consider bad — is that this form of protest threatens to …

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EPA approves Navajo Nation to regulate drinking water systems

FARMINGTON — A program under the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency will now oversee 12 public drinking water systems on the …


Seneca to Lucilius: traveling won’t cure your inner problems


Want to Know More About Heart Health? Let’s Start with the Basics

The heart has long been considered the most important organ in the body.<p>In the fourth century B.C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that our …


Ro_Patel investing profile on StockTwits

About<p>Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity - Karl Marx

Karl Marx

25 Instagram Captions For Fall Camping Trips To Your Happy Place

Picture this: The weather outside is cool and crisp. You're snuggled up by the bonfire with all your friends, roasting marshmallows, and laughing …


What Would Adam Smith Think of Modern Inequality?

When you hear the name Adam Smith these days, you’re most likely listening to an advocate for limited government involvement in the economy—the kind …


UK wants more sanctions against Russia, as Vladimir Putin makes the world ‘a more dangerous place’

Foreign minister Jeremy Hunt says the UK will ask its allies to call on the EU to ensure its sanctions against Russia are comprehensive<p>21 August 2018 …


#VirtualGirlMagic, by The Cornel West Theory

Digital Album<p>Streaming + Download<p>Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free …


Human Rights: Moral or Political?

Human Rights

Obsessed With Cabins? You're Not Alone

A 2016 Lonely Planet article labeled cabins in the wilderness as the latest travel trend, but a new exhibit in the Vancouver Art Gallery proves that …

Frank Lloyd Wright

Love at first sight IS real: Study finds we register beauty in less than a second because it triggers a rush of pleasure similar to eating candy

Love at first sight is real - and it triggers a rush of pleasure akin to the euphoria triggered by sugar, psychologists have found.<p>The experience of …

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Greece ends bailout odyssey but Athens not in festive mood

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece emerged from the biggest bailout in economic history on Monday after nine years of creditor-mandated austerity, with European institutions hailing the exit a success but jaded Greeks finding little reason to celebrate.<p>The milestone weans the debt-burdened euro zone member …


The most powerful woman the year you were born

History is full of incredible female role models who push boundaries, break glass ceilings, and achieve groundbreaking victories in own their careers and for humankind as a whole.<p>Keep scrolling to see the powerful woman who was changing the world the year you were born.

Malala Yousafzai

Nick Clegg: On Brexit, we’re heading towards the worst of both worlds

Zeno, a Greek philosopher who lived in Cyprus around 300BC, liked to explain his concept of free will by comparing it to a puppy tied to the back of …

Great Britain

A Second Wind: The pursuit of happiness

Purpose has been on my mind lately. Maybe continuing to receive mailed reminders that I’ll soon be eligible for Medicare prompts me to pause and take …


Half Hour Happy Hour #208: Wasp or Bird?

This week it’s all about wasps and/or birds… also where do we sit in the Harry Potter universe.<p><i>Follow @HalfHourHappyHr and hosts @alisonhaislip,</i> …

Harry Potter

A few more thoughts on “scientism”

A few more thoughts on “scientism”<p>August 20, 2018 by Dan Peterson<p>Unorganized notes from another as yet incomplete manuscript:<p>C. S. Lewis: “Let us …

Washington D.C.

Be a Lighthouse: Lessons on Leadership

For the majority of my life, I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers, coaches, and role models. These teachers didn't always come in the …

Ralph Waldo Emerson

OMNIVORE: Of philosophy

Philosophy at a crossroads


Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

Here’s the Monday morning report on new entries in online philosophical resources and new reviews of philosophy books.<p>We check out and report on …


The Hills cast reunite on the MTV VMAs 2018 red carpet

The Hills cast have reunited on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards 2018, ahead of a special announcement at the ceremony.<p>Heidi Montag, …

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Book 1: The Phenomenology of Spirit, Michael Inwood (ed. and trans.) Book 2: The Phenomenology of Spirit, Terry Pinkard (ed. and trans.)

2018.08.27 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews<b></b><b>G. W. F. Hegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit, Michael Inwood (ed., tr.), Oxford</b> …


Revisit The Classics At Dearborn Library

Join in this September program to dig deep into some of America's best novels and writings.<p>Thursday, September 19: "Civil Disobedience," by Henry …


Lions Abroad: Matsumoto Yamaga's Anders Aplin

In this series termed 'Lions Abroad', we take a look at some of Singapore's footballing stars who ply their trade overseas<p>Footballers at times earn an unfair reputation as being people who are only good at kicking a ball. But just as the likes of Giorgio Chiellini and Brazil’s Socrates will tell …

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