Breaking: 2 Days After Devastating Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria Just Took Dangerous Turn

Advertisement - story continues below<p>As Puerto Rico sought to deal with unprecedented devastation from Hurricane Maria, residents of the Turks and …

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‘Nothing Can Prepare You for This’: Puerto Ricans Face Devastated Landscape

San Juan attorney Andrés López says it's one thing to be hunkered down in the house during a raging hurricane, but the real shock was Thursday after opening his front door.<p>"You just go, 'oh wow,'" said López, about what he saw on the short drive to check on his parents' house. "Nothing can prepare …

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This Is What's Open in the Caribbean Following Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma

The 2017 hurricane season is already a record year—and it's not even over yet. After Hurricane Harvey dumped four feet of rain in Houston, resulting in the deaths of 60 people and a reported $150 billion in damages, category 5 Hurricane Irma went on to devastate the British Virgin Islands, U.S. …


Forecasters are watching another tropical disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean |

Hurricane forecasters are tracking a tropical disturbance that developed Friday morning (Sept. 22) off the U.S. East Coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The …


Heartbreak in Puerto Rico: 'We Don't Have Anything'

Puerto Ricans are now returning home to face the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

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They said it would be hot. But not this hot.

Forecasters had thought Sydney’s CBD would struggle to crack the 30C mark on Saturday — now it’s likely to streak past that with a predicted high of …

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Mammoth's first snow of the season coats roads and village. Tahoe hit early too

It's snowing in the Sierra. Then again, when isn’t it snowing in the Sierra?<p>Mammoth Lakes got more than a dusting Thursday in the first snowfall of the season, with three inches reported in the village. Snow coated the roads so heavily that the plows were out, and locals left footprints on …

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Hurricane Maria brings crucial drug manufacturing to a halt in Puerto Rico

The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico brought the island's major pharmaceuticals sector to a screeching halt, as drug companies rush to assess the damage and brace for the possibility of months of downtime.<p>The catastrophic storm, which wiped out electricity for the entire …


Train conductor with no chill speeds through flooded station and soaks commuters

One jerk train conductor managed to ruin the day of dozens of commuters.<p>People were waiting on the platform of the Nala Sopara railway station near …


Hurricane Maria Nears Turks and Caicos After Ravaging Puerto Rico

The eye of Hurricane Maria was creeping toward the Turks and Caicos Islands on Friday morning as millions of people in Puerto Rico struggled to rebound from the deadly and destructive storm.<p>As of 5 a.m. ET, Maria was about 35 miles from Grand Turk, the largest island in the British territory, the …

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Your 5 Not-So-Dumb Questions About Hurricanes, Answered

As Hurricane Maria continues its path of destruction, we thought it would be good to dive into some basic facts about hurricanes. Below, five …

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On last day of summer, California is hit by unusual snow and hail storms

Snow fell in Sierra Nevada on the last day of summer, giving the towering mountain range shared by California and Nevada a wintry look in September and making travel hazardous.<p>Sixteen vehicles crashed on Interstate 80 as snow and hail fell Thursday, killing a man driving a pickup truck and causing …


A hurricane hunter explains what it’s like to fly through the eye of the storm

A conversation with Ian Sears, a flight meteorologist at NOAA<p>Hurricane hunter Ian Sears often jokes that the most dangerous part of his day is not flying through the eye of a hurricane, it’s driving to the runway and climbing a steep ladder to get on board the plane.<p>Sears is a meteorologist with …

Eerie ‘ghost ships’ are washing up in Florida after Hurricane Irma

Eerie, abandoned boats are littering Florida as residents clean up the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.<p>The vessels fell victim to the most powerful …

Hurricane Irma

The Key Largo bay appears as though it was gulped up by Hurricane Irma

Something felt different about this one, this Irma. I’m from New York and moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1987. I’ve lived in the Florida Keys since …

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It's fall? High temperature sure doesn't feel like it.

The first weekend of fall is here, but the crisp temperatures are taking their time arriving.<p>Friday is the third consecutive day of at least 90-degrees in Chicago, and its high — a scorching 93 degrees so far — has set a record well above the average Sept. 22 temperature of 72 degrees. The previous …

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How Hurricanes Get Their Names

Winter is definitely coming – it’s already snowing in northern Spain

It’s still hot and sunny in southern Spain and beach lovers are jetting out there for a last blast of sunshine before autumn sets in. But it’s a different story in parts of northern Spain where snow has fallen this week, much earlier in the season than normal.<p>A mass of cold air means that the …


Hurricane Jose's path: What you should know

Jose, once a hurricane threatening the Caribbean, is now weakened to a post-tropical cyclone storm, according to the National Hurricane Center.<p>Jose will "meander" off the southern coast of New England for a few days as it slowly travels to the west.<p>Here's what you need to know.<p><b>Where is Jose …

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Bankrupt Puerto Rico Faces Daunting Effort to Rebuild

As Hurricane Maria plowed on from a stricken and sodden Puerto Rico, residents on Friday faced the arduous work of rebuilding that awaited them, a task made all the more formidable by the fact that, for now, the island has no power.<p>With cell service spotty and roads tough to access across the …


Fall weather forecast 2017: What Canadians can expect in the months ahead

Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell takes a look at what Canadians can expect in the weather forecast this fall.

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Trump laments that warming-fueled super-hurricanes just keep coming

“It’s just one after another” this hurricane season, President Donald Trump said Wednesday.Although Trump has denied the science linking hurricanes …

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Heatwave weekend but then bad news as Storm Brian forms from Hurricane Maria

This weekend will see temperatures sore back up to highs of 18C as we see a glimpse of the Indian Summer we were promised.<p>The Met Office has …

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'Everything Gone:' Villager Surveys the Devastation of Hurricane Maria in Dominica

The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, which left at least 15 dead in Dominica, is becoming clear.

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We just experienced the warmest and driest summer ever recorded in Seattle

This summer in Seattle was the warmest and driest ever recorded. For those of us living here in the Puget Sound region, it might not come as a …

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Hurricane Maria’s total blackout in Puerto Rico could last six months – VICE News

With its lashing 155 mph winds and pummeling rain, Hurricane Maria shut down the power grid for the entire island of Puerto Rico when it hit Wednesday. Residents are operating in the dark, and it’s not going to be back to normal any time soon: Officials are saying the power cuts will last four to …

Hurricane Maria

NSW set to roast with hot weekend weather

NSW residents have been warned to prepare for a scorcher as the mercury is tipped to reach 40 degrees in parts of the state.<p>Firefighters are bracing …

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Still suffering from Hurricane Irma, Maria smashes Caribbean |

The Atlantic Ocean has been in overdrive the past several weeks. And while it's been delivering a non-stop swell train to the entire East Coast, it …

Hurricane Maria

Researchers study how wet soils may fuel tropical storms over land

Athens, Ga. - As the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, researchers at the University of Georgia in partnership with NASA Goddard …

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These are all the hurricanes that hit Canada since 1900

By the time they reach us, most hurricanes are weakened post-tropical storms<p>This year's hurricane seasons has wrought destruction on the Carribean …

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