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Louisiana school films the moment every senior gets accepted into college - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>2:18<p>Louisiana school films the moment every senior gets accepted into college<p>Now watching<p>1:13<p>California firefighter dies as blaze rages on<p>Now watching<p>12:09<p>How Trump fought the intelligence on Russia and left an election threat unchecked<p>Now watching<p>3:20<p>The DACA recipients interning in …

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Even Fox News Viewers Are Turning on Trump

Washington Post: “Over the course of Trump’s presidency, Suffolk has asked people to weigh in on their views of Trump multiple times. In March, 45% …


The Fact Checker's list of the biggest Pinocchios of 2017 - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>3:55<p>The Fact Checker's list of the biggest Pinocchios of 2017<p>Now watching<p>1:05<p>E.U. says Brexit talks can move to next phase<p>Now watching<p>2:18<p>Louisiana school films the moment every senior gets accepted into college<p>Now watching<p>1:47<p>How the Disney-Fox merger will impact your favorite movies …

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Two scoops with PDB sprinkles

“U.S. officials declined to discuss whether the stream of recent intelligence on Russia has been shared with Trump. Current and former officials said that his daily intelligence update — known as the president’s daily brief, or PDB — is often structured to avoid upsetting him.” (Read the entire …


How Trump fought the intelligence on Russia and left an election threat unchecked - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>12:09<p>How Trump fought the intelligence on Russia and left an election threat unchecked<p>Now watching<p>5:43<p>What happened between Flynn, Trump and Comey? The Fact Checker's Timeline<p>Now watching<p>2:21<p>Trump's Twitter defenses spark new Flynn questions<p>Now watching<p>1:50<p>What likely led Michael Flynn …

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Show us what winter looks like for KidsPost’s daily forecast

It’s pretty chilly out. The KidsPost weather forecast has been using words such as windy, cold and even flurries. But we like to show our readers what it’s like outside not just tell them. That’s where you come in. Think about what winter looks like, and put that image on paper. If your art fits …


Roy Moore Kicks Washington Post Reporters Out of His Election Night Party as Votes Are Tallied

The race for the Alabama Senate seat that used to belong to Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become one of the most hotly contested and …

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Special episode: What does Doug Jones's win in Alabama mean for the country? by Washington Post - Listen to music

Former NFLer Larry Johnson believes he's living with CTE

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson said he has no memory of two full seasons, and that he’s considered violence toward others and himself as a result of what he believes is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).<p>For now, CTE can only be confirmed after death, but he told The Washington Post that …


Washington Post reporters barred from Moore's election night party

The Moore campaign has asked reporters for the Washington Post to leave its election party tonight in Alabama. It was the Post that broke the story …


Someone made faux Washington Post, ESPN, B/R, SI sites to spread fake news about Redskins name change

From false Adam Schefter accounts to that photo of Michael Bennett burning a flag, fake news has visited the sports world many times before. But …


The FCC is about to make the Internet as much fun as being in line at the airport - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>2:53<p>The FCC is about to make the Internet as much fun as being in line at the airport<p>Now watching<p>1:48<p>Blue Origin launches and lands its crew capsule, looks to send tourists to space in 2018<p>Now watching<p>1:20<p>Why some people are skeptical about electric buses<p>Now watching<p>1:37<p>This 6-year-old …


NFL power rankings Week 15: Two down, three to go for Cowboys

A look at where this week's power rankings have the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East slotted.How much is a win over a 2-11 team worth?About one …

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Mind-boggling Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

James Gilleard shared a set of beautiful illustrations that he created in 2017. They are all vector illustration and it definitely sets the bar at …


People are mad the Washington Post misidentified Sun Devils as Wildcats

Give the Sun Devils their glory.<p>Beating No. 2 Kansas in the Phog is as impressive of a college hoops road win as, well, any one could think up. For …

Arizona State Sun Devils

Trump and GOP promises about middle-class tax cuts were apparently swamped by ideology, lobbying, math

President Trump makes his final pitch for the Republican tax bill on Wednesday, with Senate and House Republicans aiming to have a final bill by …


Trump gets apology from Washington Post

President Donald Trump has demanded and received an apology from a Washington Post reporter who posted a photo of Trump's Florida rally.

Donald Trump

The Burmese monk rallying vigilantes on Facebook

As crises of weaponized misinformation spread to more countries, it often falls to journalists to play beat cop. The Washington Post went to Burma to …


The national perils of local cannabis business. @GeneMarks @WashingtonPost

12-09-2017<p>(Photo:File:Terpene Station Marijuana Dispensary in Eugene, Oregon.jpg )<p>Twitter: @BatchelorShow<p>The national perils of local cannabis …

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How Washington Post journalists broke the story of allegations against Roy Moore

A new poll by the Poynter Institute, a journalism nonprofit, finds that while overall trust and confidence in the press has increased during the Trump administration, 52 percent of those surveyed don’t trust the news media. More than half of America is skeptical of journalists’ motives.<p>With that in …

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Supreme Court will take up a second gerrymandering case this term

The Supreme Court announced Friday it will add a second case this term to determine whether partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional, accepting a challenge from Maryland Republicans who say the state’s dominant Democrats drew a congressional district that violated their rights.<p>The court already …

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Roy Moore's spokeswoman defiantly struggles with Anderson Cooper's questions about Moore's beliefs

Anderson Cooper's interview with Janet Porter, spokeswoman for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, got off to a testy start Wednesday night, with …

George Soros

GOP Leaders May Bump Up Corporate Tax Rate

“Republican leaders, convinced they need to find new revenue in order to fund last-minute changes to the giant tax package moving through Congress, …


Trump: Pearl Harbor attack was a ‘pretty wild scene’ - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>1:12<p>Trump: Pearl Harbor attack was a ‘pretty wild scene’<p>Now watching<p>2:57<p>Three lines of attack Republicans use to question Rosenstein<p>Now watching<p>1:53<p>Trump catapults Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand into the spotlight<p>Now watching<p>1:54<p>Alabama representatives weigh in on Doug Jones' Senate win<p>Now …

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Embrace the wintry weather with 6 simple, satisfying dinner recipes

Here are a few simple, wintry recipes from our archives to add to your quick weeknight dinner rotation:<p>Sweet Potato Crunch Gratins. Simple, savory and dairy-free.<p>Roasted Chicken Thighs With Preserved Lemon and Olives. Comes together in a single pan; the pan sauce is extra rich thanks to preserved …


President Trump's speech on Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in 3 minutes - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>2:59<p>President Trump's speech on Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in 3 minutes<p>Now watching<p>1:01<p>British baby born with heart outside body undergoes surgery<p>Now watching<p>0:49<p>British lawmakers voice concern over Brexit deal<p>Now watching<p>2:29<p>Tillerson: U.S. ready to talk with North Korea<p>Now watching<p>…


Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones latest Senate polls: Polling average shows Moore with slight lead

The latest Alabama Senate race poll shows Republican Roy Moore with a 3-point lead over Democratic challenger Doug Jones.


Why Russia is banned from the 2018 Olympics - The Washington Post

Now watching<p>1:09<p>Why Russia is banned from the 2018 Olympics<p>Now watching<p>1:18<p>‘We’ve got to stop looking like idiots’: Charles Barkley tells Alabamians not to vote for Roy Moore<p>Now watching<p>0:22<p>Slackliner walks to Eiffel Tower nearly 200 feet off the ground<p>Now watching<p>0:31<p>Buffalo Bills fans brave the …


Letters From War, a Washington Post podcast about one family’s journey through WWII - The Washington Post

World War II

These angel cookies can’t help being good

Here’s a sweet-salty project that will charm Santa or any cookie lovers at your house: sugar cookie “angels” with mini pretzel wings and almond hands/songbooks. Start with your own homemade dough (find the Almond Angel Cookies recipe at <i>wapo.st/cookiegenerator</i> , or use logs of sugar cookie dough …