Mozilla to document cross-browser web dev standards with Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and W3C

Mozilla has announced deeper partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and web standards body W3C to create cross-browser documentation on MDN Web Docs, a web development documentation portal created by Mozilla.<p>MDN Web Docs first came to fruition in 2005, and it has been known under various …

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Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, W3C to unify web documentation under Mozilla MDN portal

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WPA2 was kracked because it was based on a closed standard that you needed to pay to read

How did a bug like krack fester in WPA2, the 13-year-old wifi standard whose flaws have rendered hundreds of millions of devices insecure, some of …

5 Most Annoying Things with CSS

CSS is awesome, is it?<p>In 1996, major browsers had incomplete support for CSS due to which web designers had to code in lots of clumsy workarounds to …

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Browsers Will Store Credit Card Details Similar to How They Save Passwords

A new W3C standard is slowly creeping into current browser implementations, a standard that will simplify the way people make payments online. [...]

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Another W3C API exposing users to browser snitching

Web Payments API bugs, or perhaps features, can be abused: Lukasz OlejnikYet another W3C API can be turned against the user, privacy boffin Lukasz …

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Pornhub's portal for visually impaired users makes everything BIGGER

You can leave your glasses in the holster: Pornhub has optimized its platform for the visually impaired so users with reduced vision no longer have to squint their eyeballs when… flexing their love muscles.<p>This move represents the latest step in the company’s <i>Pornhub Cares</i> initiative to make its …

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Android 8’s most colorful new feature

This week we’re having a peek at one of the least-mentioned but most deserving of praise features in Android 8.0 Oreo. This update is out for a …

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W3C's video DRM approval gives the impression that companies now run the organization


Netflix, Microsoft, and Google just quietly changed how the web works

The organization that sets standards for the web just failed to beat back a stupid, greedy technology.<p>This week the World Wide Web Consortium, the …


Boring, complex and important: the deadly mix that blew up the open web

On Monday, the World Wide Web Consortium published EME, a standard for locking up video on the web with DRM, allowing large corporate members to …

Cory Doctorow

Boring, complex and important: a recipe for the web's dire future

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has resigned from the W3C, the body responsible for governance of web standards. Cory Doctorow explains why<p>There …


EFF resigns from W3C in protest against Encrypted Media Extensions DRM standard

Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has resigned from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) because of a move to standardize …


World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM with 58.4% support, EFF resigns

In July, the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium overruled dozens of members' objections to publishing a DRM standard without a compromise to …

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W3C approves HTML5 DRM standard much to the dismay of some

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has approved a digital rights management standard for Hypertext Markup Language 5, the standard markup language …


The Fight Over DRM Standards for Streaming Video Is Over and Big Business Won

A fight over the future of video streaming has been brewing for years—and it finally came to a head today, with a major electronic privacy …


An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership

Dear Jeff, Tim, and colleagues,In 2013, EFF was disappointed to learn that the W3C had taken on the project of standardizing “Encrypted Media …


EFF resigns from W3C in wake of EME DRM standardisation

Failure to protect researchers and abandonment of consensus has seen the digital rights organisation walk away from the W3C consortium.<p>The World Wide …


EFF resigns from W3C after the standards org approved browser DRM despite lack of consensus

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DRM now a formal Web recommendation after protest vote fails

Anti-piracy and anti-copying protections are now formally part of the World Wide Web after an effort to vote down content controls at the WWW's …


The EFF Withdraws from the W3C Over Support for DRM

Cory Doctorow, in an open letter from the EFF to the W3C:<p>In our campaigning on this issue, we have spoken to many, many members’ representatives who …

John Gruber

EFF Resigns From W3C After DRM In HTML Is Approved In Secret Vote

This is not a huge surprise, but it's still disappointing to find out that the W3C has officially approved putting DRM into HTML 5 in the form of …


Bitcoin in the Browser: Google, Apple and More Move to Adopt Crypto-Compatible API

Developers at some of the top tech companies have created a browser API that could soon make it easier to buy goods and services online with …


VR in learning isn’t as hard as you think

Microsoft, Apple, Google and Sony are betting big on mixed reality. For many people it'll be their best shot at visiting The White House, taking part …

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Amazon '1-Click' patent expires today, get ready for faster web-wide checkout

en_US<p>article<p>Reducing shopping cart abandonment represents billions in potential additional revenue for …


Microsoft Won't Fix Security Bypass Vulnerability in Edge

Microsoft is opting to stand pat and not fix a content security bypass vulnerability in its Edge browser, something researchers warn could …

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Justice Department Pulls Back on Search Warrant for Visitors to Trump-Protest Site

The federal government backpedaled Tuesday after its request for data about visitors to an anti-Trump website was slammed as a broad violation of free speech protections.<p>"The government values and respects the First Amendment right of all Americans to participate in peaceful political protests and …


W3C Holds First Post-Merger Publishing Summit

The W3C, the internet standards organization founded by Tim Berners-Lee, announced plans for the W3C Publishing Summit, to be held November 9-10 in …


What’s new with WebAssembly portable code

Holding the promise of faster web applications, the WebAssembly portable code format is moving beyond its initial implementation, with its backers at …


A Beginner’s Guide to ADA Compliance for Websites by @johnleoweber

Learn the rules and regulations of ADA compliance for websites, and see how to get your website up to speed.The post A Beginner’s Guide to ADA …

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