Volcker Rule

Regulators’ dangerous plan to carve up the Volcker Rule

A proposal to revise parts of the Dodd-Frank Act ban on proprietary trading would make it easier for banks to conduct risky trades.

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Why the only answer is to break up the biggest Wall Street banks

Federal bank regulators are proposing to allow Wall Street more freedom to make riskier bets with federally insured bank deposits — such as the money …

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Volcker Rule 'Fix' May Cause New Headaches for Wall Street

A proposal to simplify a rule banning banks from proprietary trading, rather than making life easier for Wall Street, could ensnare billions of …


Volcker Rule changes may do more harm than good

Proposed changes to Dodd-Frank's ban on proprietary trading are unnecessary and put the markets at risk.


Relaxing the Volcker Rule would be a real mistake

The most cross-cutting and critical single financial regulation since the Great Depression—the Volcker Rule—was created in the wake of the Great …


Tracy’s Take: A Brewing Issue on the Volcker Battleground

Under the current Volcker rule, trading positions held for fewer than 60 days are presumed to be part of a bank’s ‘trading account’<p>Sign in or subscribe for access to peerless insight & analysis, curated data & interactives, and networking events.


Does The Revised Volcker Rule Signal A Return To Risky Banking?

<i>by Moriah Costa</i><p>With the SEC's sign-off last week on the proposed revision to the Volcker Rule, it appears banks are getting much closer to something …


For Captured Regulators, Repealing the Volcker Rule is Child's Play

The next recession may not be an ordinary one. While employment has recovered, wage growth has remained weak. A new study shows that almost half of …

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Bond buckets for CLOs could be back on the table

Changes that federal regulators are contemplating to the Volcker Rule could pave the way for CLOs to resume investing in high-yield bonds, something …


Nix, Don't Fix, The Volcker Rule

Section 619 of Dodd–Frank, otherwise known as the Volcker Rule, was supposed to protect taxpayers by prohibiting banks from engaging in what is known as proprietary trading — that is, making risky investments solely for their own profit. Implementation of the rule was pretty much a fiasco, and both …


Banks Try on New Volcker Rule, Like Its Wiggle Room: QuickTake

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker had a seemingly simple idea for making banks safer after they brought the global economy to the brink of …


Proposed Volcker Rule changes largely leave PE regs untouched

• Volcker Rule changes to loosen rules around trading<br>• Regulators seek input on definition of what funds should be covered<br>• Few, if any, changes expected …


SEC’s Democrats vote ‘no’ on Volcker Rule changes

The Securities and Exchange Commission approved a joint regulator proposal to amend the Volcker Rule on Tuesday but the two Democrats on the …


Volcker Rule Changes Move Forward After SEC Votes on Overhaul

© Reuters. Volcker Rule Changes Move Forward After SEC Votes on Overhaul<p>(Bloomberg) -- Regulators appointed by President Donald Trump are a step …


It’s Time to Just Kill the Volcker Rule

Last week, federal regulators proposed softening the Volcker rule. The nearly 400-page proposal tries to ease the rule’s restrictions on bank trading …


Fix the Volcker Rule, but Look for Alternatives, Too

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve proposed a change to the Volcker Rule, a part of the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank Act that prohibits proprietary trading by insured banks and their affiliates. Advocates of the Volcker Rule say proprietary trading is too risky for banks, so there were some …


Democratic CFTC member becomes first regulator to oppose proposed Volcker changes

Democratic CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam said Monday that the proposed changes to the proprietary trading ban go too far.

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Fed Board Clears Rewrite of Volcker Rule

Article ByPhilip G. FeigenSylvia Kornegay Polsinelli PCAlerts<i>Proposed Changes Subject to 60-Day Comment Period</i>On May 30, the Federal Reserve Board of …


As Wall Street regulations are loosened, Trump is now mired in the swamp he promised to drain

Last week another banker had his collar felt. Goldman Sachs employee Woojae Jung was arrested and charged in the US with insider trading.<p>Jung is …

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The Five-Star Sandwich Edition

Slate Money on Italy, the Volcker rule, and sandwiches.<p>Listen to Slate Money via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.<p>Italy<p>the …


Why the Only Answer is to Break Up Wall Street's Biggest Banks

Click here for reuse options! Why should banks ever be permitted to use peoples’ bank deposits – insured by the federal government – to place risky …


Financial Regulators Propose Changes to Volcker Rule

Article ByGuy C. Dempsey, Jr.Katten Muchin Rosenman LLPCorporate and Financial Weekly Digest On May 30, the five Federal regulators responsible for …


Disney offers raise to $15/hour for California workers

Disney (DIS +0.3%) is offering to raise California worker pay to $15/hour by 2020, a couple of years ahead of the state's own minimum wage and one …


Slate Money on Italy, the Volcker rule, and sandwiches.

<b>Listen to Episode No. 211 of Slate Money</b><p>Listen to Slate Money via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.<p>Advertisement<p>On this …


The Federal Reserve's Volcker Rule reform: A sensible step, but repeal would be better

The Federal Reserve’s modest reform of the Volcker Rule has attracted a great deal of media attention, with many statements from Congress and media …


Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act

Article ByGuy C. Dempsey, Jr.Katten Muchin Rosenman LLPCorporate and Financial Weekly Digest On May 24, Public Law No. 115-74 was signed by President …


Regulators Propose Revisions to the Volcker Rule

Article ByWeiss NusratyRandy BenjenkCovington & Burling LLPCov Financial ServicesOn May 30, 2018, the Federal Reserve Board approved a notice of …


Can banks keep their reg relief winning streak alive?

Further legislative reform will face resistance, but it could still happen.

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A Look At The Proposal to Simplify The Volcker Rule

Article ByScott A. CammarnMark ChorazakCadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLPClients & Friends MemosOn May 30, the Federal Reserve issued a proposal (the …


WSJ City: US Plans to Hit Europe With Tariffs, Fed Backs Easing Volcker Rule

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