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MLB Network's "Only in Hollywood" 1988 Dodgers documentary debuts Sunday

MLB Network’s “Only in Hollywood” 1988 Dodgers documentary debuts Sunday<p><b>by Rowan Kavner</b><p>The improbable, unpredictable and unforgettable run of the …


A mural of former Dodgers’ broadcaster Vin Scully painted outside Glendale grillhouse

Another mural has popped up in Southern CaliforniaArtist Alex Ali Gonzalez painted a mural of former LA Dodgers’ broadcaster Vin Scully outside the …

Lebron James

Bo Jackson said hello with a leadoff HR in the 1989 All-Star Game that stunned Vin Scully and Ronald Reagan

The 1989 MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim was, in hindsight, filled with some of the most notable players in baseball history: Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, …


A Rays fan speared Wilson Ramos' homer with his glove and experienced true, unfiltered joy

Rays fans seem to have a knack for relishing the moment when it finds them.<p>The latest example of in-the-stands exuberance came during Tuesday night's …

Tampa Bay Rays

Share your Story with Dodgers Nation | Dodgers Nation

We can’t all sound like Vin Scully, but we all have a lot stories similar to Vin Scully! Please share your best memories as a Dodgers fan with us and …

Vin Scully

This husky puppy at the Tigers' Bark at the Park Night had a wonderful time at the ballpark

By Adrian Garro @adriangarro<p>The Tigers came up short in their game with the Rangers on Thursday night. They lost, 7-5, but the outcome of the game …


Bob Costas Relives Kirk Gibson Home Run, Vin Scully Memories

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Kyle Schwarber showed up to work on the Fourth of July in a bright red, white and blue beard

By Adrian Garro @adriangarro<p>The Cubs' color scheme is already perfectly suited for the Fourth of July -- red, white and blue logo, pinstripe jerseys, …

Joe Maddon

A Giants fan thought an enormous glove would help him catch a foul ball, but ... nope

Ah, the giant baseball glove. Opting to not only bring a mitt to the ballpark (which would incense "no gloves for adults!" purists by its very …

San Francisco

Backstage Dodgers: Scully | 11/19/2016 |

Backstage Dodgers takes you behind the scenes for Vin Scully's final game at Dodger Stadium, in which the Dodgers clinched the NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers

Marcell Ozuna climbed the wall pursuing a fly ball -- but the ball didn't make it that far

Marcell Ozuna has played left field in each of his 68 games this season for the Cardinals. He's definitely used to the position.<p>But if there's one …

Marcell Ozuna

AT&T Purchase Of Time Warner Won't Bring Dodgers Games to TV

2 weeks ago<p>Dodgers fans shouldn't get their hopes up if they think AT&T's multi-billion-dollar purchase of Time Warner will finally bring the team's …

Time Warner

A wild pitch got stuck in the wall behind home plate, and Jon Hamm was very excited about it

We learned some things about Jon Hamm on Wednesday.<p>First, the man known to millions as Don Draper visited with Jake and Jordan of the Cespedes Family …

Ariana Grande

Stat corner: Who had the best career in Dodgers history?

Who had the best career in Dodgers history? Sorry Vin Scully, we are talking players only. We can use the Wins Above Average stat, covered in a previous stat corner, to give one possible answer. Remember, WAA gives you credit for what a player did that was above an average player at their position …

Top 10

Scully remembers D-Day | 06/07/2016 |

Vin Scully recites a D-Day poem during the Dodgers game against the Rockies at Dodger Stadium

D Day

Watch this date 1987: Reds beat Dodgers, NBC Game of Week

43 minutes ago<p><b>This date: June 6, 1987</b><p>NBC Game of the Week<p>Reds defeated Dodgers, 5-2, at Riverfront Stadium<p>Ted Power picked up the complete game win, …


Watch: 49ers remember Dwight Clark's 'The Catch'

Dwight Clark, who died Monday at age 61 after a battle with ALS, won two Super Bowl rings with the 49ers, but he'll always be best remembered for …

Dwight Clark

Thoroughly embracing the moment, this White Sox fan barehanded a foul ball and downed his beer in triumph

If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. Would you capture it, or let it slip?<p>A man from Detroit famously asked …

Chicago White Sox

Chris Taylor's 'throw' toward first was more of a shoulder shove after a grounder totally ate him up

Sometimes, you don't play the ball. Sometimes, the ball plays you.<p>Chris Taylor found that out the hard way in the Dodgers' 11-8 win over the Rockies …

Vin Scully

Wearing his umbrella hat, Blooper decided to take a dugout nap during the Mets-Braves rain delay

Monday was a particularly long day at SunTrust Park in Atlanta. With a doubleheader scheduled, both the Mets and Braves were ready for a lot of …

Vin Scully

Anthony Rizzo's RBI single ricocheted off both Ty Blach's glove and umpire Cory Blaser's foot

In 1969, English rock band The Who released the concept album <i>Tommy</i>, which featured the song "Pinball Wizard," documenting the incredible pinball …

Ty Blach

Charlie Culberson doesn't always hit homers, but when he does, he's got great timing

By Adrian Garro @adriangarro<p>A prominent cable network has a slogan boasting that it "knows drama," but the same can be applied to Charlie Culberson. …


Andrelton Simmons and Albert Pujols shared a laugh after colliding and crashing down to the mound together

Few things are more important on the field than communication -- especially when it comes to popups on the infield. Often, multiple players come …

Albert Pujols

A bouncer took Minor Leaguer Frank Schwindel down to the ground, so he made the play from his back

"Don't lie down on the job," they say, no matter what your job is or who "they" are. It's a colloquial phrase tied to the concept that taking a break …


A small earthquake struck during Reds-Giants, but only the cameras seemed to notice

The concept of an earthquake can vary depending on where you're located.<p>Those who have spent a lot of time in California (including the great Vin …

Vin Scully

Because instinct is everything, Dellin Betances made a behind-the-back grab on a comebacker

By Adrian Garro @adriangarro<p>The Yankees beat the A's, 6-2, on Sunday afternoon -- and among the highlights from the day was a particularly slick …


Vlad Guerrero Jr. Smacked A Long Dinger And That's Not Even The Best Part Of The Video

Toronto Blue Jays prospect Vlad Guerrero Jr. smacked a massive tater Thursday night that sailed clear out of the stadium in Double-A Binghamton. …

Major League Baseball

From the Archives: 1965 Dodgers fans listen to Vin Scully during Angels game

Members of the Dodgers Booster Club at Dodger Stadium listen to Vin Scully describe the Dodgers' 4-1 win over the Cardinals. Only problem — the Dodgers were playing in St. Louis.<p>These fans were rooting for former Dodgers playing for the Washington Senators during a double header against the Los …

Los Angeles

What's better than dancing with the Phanatic? Being surprised by your dad returning home from deployment. |<p>What's better than dancing with the Phanatic? Being surprised by your dad returning home from …


Vin Scully’s eerie call of Barry Bonds hitting AT&T Park's first homer, 18 years ago today

The chair in front of Barry Bonds’s lockers at Pacific Bell Park is big and black, a $3,000 Sharper Image leather recliner so large that it appears …