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Technology Connecting Veterinarians, Clients

Telemedicine is growing in popularity among veterinarians and clients, but it doesn't come without risks.


When to Call the Vet!

Question!<p>How do I know when to call the Veterinarian?<p><b>Generally speaking - I have a few “rules of thumb” that can guide you. Know that this list won't</b> …


UK Vets Ban Holistic Medicine (And That Makes Them Cheats)

On November 2, 2017, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) called for a ban on veterinarians offering homeopathic and alternative medicines.<p>…


Veteran vs veterinarian

<b>Veteran</b> and <b>veterinarian</b> are two words that are close in spelling and pronunciation, but are very different in meaning. We will examine the …


6 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know (But Won't Tell You)

01 of 07<p>Things Your Vet Wants You to Know (But Won't Tell You)<p>Working in veterinary medicine can be truly rewarding. However, it can sometimes be a …


Watch Your Horse For Possible Vaccine Reactions!

Question!<p>How do I know if my horse is having a vaccine reaction?<p><b>Most horses do just fine with receiving their annual and booster vaccinations.</b> …


Home euthanasia allows pets to pass on in peace

There was a time when Enzo loved visiting his veterinarian. He’d trot into the office, tail wagging, eager for attention.<p>That changed after a surgery …


Caring for Your Aging Pet – What You Need to Know

Our senior pets hold special places in our hearts. Walks become shorter and more time is spent sleeping than playing, but they also experience these …


If Dogs Could Vote in Montreal, Mayor Denis Coderre Would Be Toast

The city of Montreal will, on Sunday, choose their next mayor: either the stumbling incumbent, Denis Coderre, or the leader of the opposition, …

Canadian News

Canada Must Stop Poisoning Predators, Pets And Other Wildlife

Nothing could have prepared Cristina Blackmore for what was to happen that summer afternoon. Her beloved border collie, Dulce, was busy chasing …

Canadian News

Can Dogs Get the Flu? How to Keep Your Pet Safe

When you’ve got the flu, all you want is to snuggle up with Netflix, Nyquil, and, if you’re a dog owner, your devoted furry friend who loves you even …


Halloween is a peak time for your pet to get food poisoning. Here’s how to avoid it.

More pets get food poisoning the week of Halloween than any other time of year, and chocolate is a top offender.<p>Food poisoning among animals is 32 …


Is Your Horse Cold? How to Tell!

Question!<p>How can I tell if my horse is cold?<p><b>Oh, this is a tricky one. There is no definitive way to decide if your horse is cold.</b> There are, however, …


Australian Veterinarian Reg Pascoe Passed Away

Reg Pascoe<p>Legendary Australian veterinarian Dr Reg Pascoe has passed away at age 88 on the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia.<p>Pascoe was the …


Debate over banning pit bulls reignited after death of 7-year-old

After a spate of horrific pit bull attacks, Lowell officials tried to address the problem in 2011 by requiring pit bulls to be spayed or neutered as …

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Alabama rot dog disease cases 'mostly occur in winter'

<b>About 60% of cases of Alabama rot, which has killed more than 100 dogs in the UK, occur in the first three months of the year, researchers have found.</b><p>New research by London's Royal Veterinary College is under way to try and discover more about the risk factors and spread of the disease.<p>The cause of …


The physics of mosquito takeoffs shows why you don’t feel a thing

Even when full of blood, mosquitoes use more wing force than leg force to escape a host undetected — clue to why they’re so good at spreading disease.


Should dog see an eye specialist? First, ask your vet

<b>Q</b>: Our rescue dog’s eye problems have gotten worse over the past year, and our veterinarian says the only thing he can do is flush out her eyes and …


Fillers, Omega-3s, Ash Content: The Pet Food Buzzwords You Should Know About

Just like human food, pet chow is full of health promises. Packaging boasts formulas that are grain-free and high in omega-3s. Cat food brands brag …


Does Your Horse Have Allergies?

Question!<p>How can my I tell if my horse has allergies?<p><b>So this is a giant can-o-worms. I will try and simplify this, to give you some background as you</b> …


Veterinarian, staffers charged after pigs reportedly found wandering in parking lot.

The case of the wandering porkers has landed a Durham veterinarian and two technicians in a poke.<p>Last month, Paula Kay Bullock, who is a vet at the …


More Americans living without partners, especially young adults

<b>(CNN) —</b> Americans are less likely to share a roof with a partner than they were a decade ago, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center.<p>Whereas 39% of all US adults lived without a partner or spouse in 2007, that number has risen to 42% in 2017, according to data from the …

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Project intended to improve working dog breeding

By Greg Cima<p>Posted Oct. 11, 2017<p>Half of dogs that enter training to serve people with disabilities become service dogs.<p>Fewer than half of …

Working Dogs

The Slowly Expanding World of Pet Deathcare

From traditional burial to taxidermy.<p>The road to Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park in Napa, California, follows a range of twists and turns up a rocky, …


Cattle, Conservation, and Collaboration

In the early 1990s, Steven A. Osofsky, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, was a young wildlife veterinarian recently graduated from Cornell …


Are We All Gonna Die If Animal Rescuers Remain Unbound by Red Tape?

If anything is more dangerous than the occasional abused dog with a propensity for violence it might be busybodies seeking to bludgeon everything …

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Olby Receives Largest Endowed Chair in NC State History | NC State Veterinary Medicine

When Natasha Olby finished her veterinary neurology residency at NC State in 1999, she had a big decision to make — what to do next.<p>She interviewed …

North Carolina State University

LSU Equine Service Renovates Horse Recovery Stalls

Funding for the renovation was provided by a donation from the Pfeiffer-Burt estate.


Brachycephalic Health

Brachycephalic is a term that describes the short-muzzle and flattened face of many popular dog breeds, and is caused by genetic mutations that …


Domestication has not made dogs cooperate more with each other compared to wolves

Following domestication, dogs should be more tolerant and cooperative with conspecifics and humans compared to wolves. But looking at both in more …