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A contagious dog flu may be on the rise in the US

• <b>Several cases of dog flu have been reported across the United States.</b>• <b><br>Just like in humans, the virus presents with symptoms like sneezing and coughing.</b>• <b><br>Canine flu cannot spread to other animals or to people, but it is contagious between dogs. It most often spreads in areas where large numbers of dogs</b> …

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North Carolina Vet Demonstrates How Cold Dog Houses Get in Below Freezing Temps

It’s cold out there, and Dr. Ernie Ward is back, this time with an eye-opening experiment showing how dangerous it can be to leave your dog outside …

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Mystery sudden death of 200,000 antelopes solved by scientists

The mystery of why more than half the world's population of saiga antelopes suddenly died two years ago has finally been solved, researchers said.<p>In …


In 2015, 200,000 endangered antelope dropped dead in Kazakhstan. This is what killed them

Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY Network<p>In 2015, more than 200,000 endangered antelope died within three weeks in Kazakhstan, prompting worldwide interest in the massive die-off, and causing many to wonder: How did this happen?<p>At the time, researchers believed the saiga antelopes, which are critically …

Biological Species

In 3 weeks, two-thirds of the world's Saiga antelope died, and scientists are worried and baffled

Whatever killed them was thorough and merciless

Biological Species

Essential oils danger for cats: Warning signs to look for

When Sue Klimas' 8-year-old cat, Dinah, began vomiting, coughing and sneezing last May, the Texas woman took her furry companion to the veterinarian.<p>Through blood tests, ultrasounds and an eventual exploratory surgery to check for cancer, Dinah's veterinarian was unable to determine the cause of …

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Here’s why 60 percent of the world’s saiga antelopes were wiped out in 2015

2 hot 2 handle<p>In May 2015, researchers in central Kazakhstan witnessed something really strange: thousands of saiga antelopes began acting a bit weird, becoming unbalanced, and then just plopping on the ground within a few hours — dead. Over the course of just three weeks, more than 200,000 saigas …

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Woman takes her cat to the vet - then finds it selling on Facebook marketplace for £50

A woman was shocked to find her cat being sold on Facebook marketplace for £50 after taking him to the vets.<p>Kelly Samuels, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, said she took her cat, Casper, to Vetsavers last Tuesday because she thought he had an abscess, and he was treated with antibiotics and …


A Sleeping Baby Cow Softly Snores on His Human’s Lap While Waiting to See the Veterinarian

While waiting to see the veterinarian, a rescued baby calf name Mike put his head onto his human Dan’s lap and promptly fell asleep, letting out …


A warm-weather plague killed more than half of this endangered species in three weeks

It took just three weeks to destroy 60 percent of the world's saiga population.<p>During an uncommonly warm and wet spell in May 2015, as the endangered antelopes gathered in central Kazakhstan to give birth to their young, a microbe in the animals' absurdly large snouts turned virulent. The saigas' …

Climate Change

Parents of Eustis 6-year-old boy dead from rabies 'distraught' over loss

EUSTIS — Michelle and Henry Roque said Tuesday they’re so distraught by the death of their 6-year-old son Ryker from rabies after he was bitten by a …


Have Your Veterinarian Give Vaccines!

Why should my Veterinarian be giving my horse vaccinations?<p>I admire and respect all of those horse folks out there that have the skills and knowledge …


What Is Dog Flu? Here's How To Protect Your Pup From Catching It

It's the peak of flu season, which means there is a very good chance some of you are reading this from a pile of sweaty blankets as you fight off the …

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What Is Dog Flu? Contagious Disease Spreads Across the United States

Is your pup sneezing, coughing or not acting like himself?<p>He may have dog flu. Cases of canine influenza have been popping up around the country, …

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Stop Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

An emerging trend among pet owners is the practice of feeding dogs and cats raw meat. This idea is that we should put our domestic cats and dogs on …


Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets? Some Oils May Be Poisonous For Your Furry Friends

Essential oils have been used as a holistic treatment for thousands of years, and they're having a particularly vibrant cultural moment right now. …


Ypsilanti Township animals found living with dead chickens, feces

CLOSE<p>The American Veterinary Medical Association offers some tips on how to keep your pets safe when the temperature drops.<p>A total of 20 animals …


Topical Atropine Not Likely Linked to Colic Development

Oral atropine has been associated with slowed gastrointestinal movement, but researchers found no evidence of this with topical application.


Those Trendy Essential Oils You're Being Sold On Facebook Can Be Toxic To Your Cat

Facebook sellers of the oils are now defending their products.<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook


Watch: Company Caught on Video Drowning Live Pigeons for Student Dissection Charged with 25 Counts of Animal Cruelty

A company that provides dead animals for study and dissection is facing 25 charges of animal cruelty due to the way they allegedly killed the …


It's Official: Fish Feel Pain

The verdict is in. But will our oceanic friends ever get the same legal protections as land animals?<p>Comment on this Story


Woman with 200 dogs, 32 horses arrested on animal-cruelty charges, sheriff's office says

CLOSE<p>The American Veterinary Medical Association offers some tips on how to keep your pets safe when the temperature drops.<p>A woman keeping more than …


8 things you shouldn't leave in your car in freezing weather

CLOSE<p>The American Veterinary Medical Association offers some tips on how to keep your pets safe when the temperature drops.<p>With freezing temperatures …

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Dog Left Tied To Bench Outside Salem Animal Shelter

The dog was left outside in single-digit temperatures for 45 minutes Tuesday morning.<p>SALEM, MA -- Officials at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem …


Here’s how we’ll get through the next few days of cold weather

For a few days, South Florida will get a mini-spoon taste of what the rest of the United States considers winter (or late autumn) weather.<p>That means …


Inside the World of Pet Anti-Vaxxers

Image: Army Medicine via Flickr<p>If you call your pet a “furbaby,” it is possible that you think of your dog or cat as your child. Perhaps you set …


Pomeranian freezes to death overnight outside Detroit Dog Rescue

CLOSE<p>The American Veterinary Medical Association offers some tips on how to keep your pets safe when the temperature drops.<p>A Pomeranian mix was …


Dog dies after eating ‘deliberately planted’ poison during walk

Pet owners are being warned to keep an eye out after a family dog died as a result of eating poison that may have been deliberately planted.<p>Rescue …

Boxing Day

NYPD dogs feel the bite of near-record NYE temps

Not everyone froze their tail off in Times Square by choice.<p>The NYPD brought a contingent of police dogs to the Crossroads of the World as part of …


Cruel or criminal? Birmingham police respond to calls of dogs left outside in frigid temperatures

Multiple investigations are underway after Birmingham police responded to more than a dozen calls of dogs left outside in the bitter cold.