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The Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

We love our pets, and we have a lot of them: According to a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, there are about 90 million dogs and 94 million cats kept as pets in the United States. If you take into account canaries, rabbits, fish and other animals, the total number …


Schoolmasters as School Horses

Do retired, well-schooled horses really make good beginners' horses?


British Vets Debate Corporatization of Clinics

The corporatization of Britain's veterinary industry was debated during the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress, held Sept. 13-16 at the …


Should You Let Your Dog Sleep with You at Night?

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that dogs can be found in roughly one-third of homes in the United States.<p>Surveys of hospital …


Your pet's health could affect your mental wellbeing, study shows

It's called 'caregiver burden'<p>The majority of pet owners would describe their furry friend as 'a member of the family', so it's no wonder that a …

Mental Health

Dogs are the guinea pigs in arthritis clinical trials at Catonsville veterinary office

When Hanna stopped climbing into her owner’s bed, Donna Foster knew something was wrong.Hanna, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever Chow Chow, has been …


A primer on pet vaccinations, which ones are musts and which are maybes

Vaccinations. All pets need them – but what do they actually do? Where do you go to get them? And what do they cost?<p>Vaccinations for your pet are …

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Coked-Up Greyhound Champ Is Latest Victim of Bad Doping Science

It's hard to predict how animals on cocaine will behave.<p>Ireland’s Clonbrien Hero is a powerful, wild-eyed greyhound who took home €30,000 when he …


Your Mental Health Suffers When Your Dog or Cat Gets Sick, Study Finds

Pet owners caring for terminally ill animals are at increased risk for depression, anxiety and stress.

Mental Health

Fears bird flu will drive meat inflation

JOHANNESBURG - DEADLY pathogenic avian flu outbreaks in the poultry industry could have a negative impact on food inflation if it is not managed …


Dr. Jonathan Pycock Appointed New BEVA President

Jon Pycock, BVetMed, PhD, DESM, MRCVS, will serve as the British Equine Veterinary Association's president for 2017/18.<p>Jonathan Pycock, BVetMed, PhD, …


Free veterinary clinic offers hope for low-income dog and cat owners | The Province

St. Barnabas Anglican Church in New Westminster opened its doors Sunday to a cats in arms and on leashes, and dogs in buggies who came for a free …

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When addicts steal their pet’s painkillers, what’s a vet to do?

Some states are taking the war on opioids into veterinarians’ offices, aiming to prevent people who are addicted to opioids from using their pets to procure drugs for their own use.<p>Colorado and Maine recently enacted laws that allow or require veterinarians to check the prescription histories of …

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Preventing prescription errors

​Associations for veterinarians, pharmacists working to reduce conflicts<p>By Greg Cima<p>Posted Sept. 13, 2017<p>Veterinary and pharmacy associations are …


When anxiety keeps kids from school

By<p>12:12 PM<p>Isabelle Pitrowski loves animals. She has two rabbits, three guinea pigs and a tiny dog named Lily. On a recent solo trip to Australia to …


Ombudsman finds top lawyer involved in misconduct

The state ombudsman has ruled a senior Adelaide lawyer, now responsible for disciplining other lawyers, committed maladministration and misconduct …


Time-Saving Tips: Equine Veterinary and Farrier Visits

Have your horse in the barn and ready to be examined upon your veterinarian or farrier's arrival.<p>While you can’t control the veterinarian or farrier …


Decoding Your Dog: Explaining Common Dog Behaviors and How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones

Overview<p>Decoding Your Dog: Explaining Common Dog Behaviors and How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones by American College of Veterinary …


Here's what foods are dangerous for dogs

Big puppy dog eyes can get just about anything they want when they appear at the side of the dinner table—but that doesn't mean they should. The wrong food scrap could cause symptoms that provoke a panicked call to the Pet Poison Helpline or a rush visit to the local veterinary office.<p>“We see …


Declawing cats? Veterinarian group has claws out for practice

An organization representing 3,800 U.S. veterinarians says it "strongly opposes" declawing for cats as an elective procedure.<p>The anti-declawing …


Rise in luxury 'catios' which allow felines to enjoy the outdoors danger-free

Many pet-owners fear their cats being squashed on the road - or even poisoned by the Croydon cat killer - if they let them outside.<p>However, indoor cats run risks of becoming sedentary and obese or bored, developing behavioural problems if they are not given enough stimulation.<p>Some cat owners have …


Tackling the canine obesity crisis

<b>When it comes man's best friend, science may finally have solved the mystery of their gluttony - some Labradors, it seems, are genetically predisposed to being hungry.</b><p>That's according to scientists who were discussing their ongoing mission to improve our favourite pets' health at the British …


2018 WEVA Congress Approaching

The 2018 World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) Congress will take place April 21-23 in Beijing, China.


Hurricane Irma: What we know now and where it's headed next

Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm rocking winds of 185 mph, battered the north Caribbean on Wednesday and rolled west on what could be a collision …


Air Force Dentist, Army Veterinarian Team Up for K-9 Root Canal

SOUTHWEST ASIA, Sept. 7, 2017 — In a deployed environment, adequate medical care is crucial to ensuring people can execute the mission. Airmen need …

U.S. Dept. of Defense

What Dog Owners Should Know to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and in anticipation of Hurricane Irma hitting Florida and beyond, the AKC wants to make sure that both humans and …

Hurricane Irma

Montclair vet publishes new book on holistic pet care

OAKLAND — A new book to help dog and cat owners navigate the world of holistic pet care has been published by Montclair vet Gary Richter.<p>Richter …


The Link Between Animal Abuse and Murder

A forensic veterinarian is on a mission to convince law enforcement that people who harm pets often commit other serious crimes.<p>In August 2007, Michael Vick pleaded guilty to the case that jettisoned him from celebrity into notoriety. The Atlantic Falcons quarterback’s dogfighting ring had been …

Animal Abuse

There’s Plenty of Pseudoscience in Veterinary Medicine, Too

We know that there’s a lot of pseudoscience in the world of medicine. There are “doctors” promoting homeopathic remedies, selling anecdotes as if …


This dog veterinary product has an unfortunate URL

<i>@Elementalamber</i> over on <i>Twitter</i> has made a great spot:Oh no. Oh no, the website…— Amityville Amber (@ElementalAmber) …

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