OAS chief: I’ll resign in exchange for Venezuela’s ‘freedom’

The head of the Organization of American States on Saturday said he would step down from his post in exchange for a laundry list of reforms in …

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In Venezuela, prisoners say abuse is so bad they are forced to eat pasta mixed with excrement

CARACAS, Venezuela — The headquarters of the Venezuelan intelligence service is a vast pyramid-shaped edifice known as the Helicoide, a former shopping mall which now functions as an interrogation pen for political prisoners and protesters.<p>The 30-year-old economics student had heard enough about …


The curious Vatican diplomacy in Venezuela

Venezuela, one of the most curious recent cases in Vatican diplomacy, continues to grow more curious still. The visit two weeks ago to Rome of the …


Venezuela Protesters Burn Trucks After 22-Year-Old Killed by Police

Venezuelan opposition protesters burned trucks and blocked roads in reaction to the death of a 22-year-old who was shot at close range with rubber bullets by military police.


'The upper classes have not stopped going out': The rich Venezuelans spending their way through the crisis

Most are stuggling to make ends meet – but a rich minority is still sipping cocktails and going to exclusive nightclubs.

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Venezuela: death of a protester | The Wider Image | Reuters

Advertisement<p>Over months of protests Carlos Garcia Rawlins has been on Venezuela's streets daily, documenting increasingly violent clashes with security forces, experience that helped put him within eyeshot of a soldier who fatally wounded a young activist at close range.<p>Hundreds of thousands of …

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Key Chavistas Abandon Maduro as Crisis Intensifies

Luisa Ortega Diáz<p>Public prosecutor<p>Venezuela’s chief prosecutor represents the deepest crack in Chavismo, Chávez’s self-styled socialist project. Once …

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Venezuelan protester shot dead at point-blank range by soldier

<b>(CNN) —</b> His name was David José Vallenilla. At 22, he became the latest of at least 75 fatalities tied to civil unrest in the streets of Venezuela, a country mired in economic crisis and political instability.<p>Protests in Caracas have largely fallen off the world's radar, but Vallenilla's shooting …

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Venezuela could soon become the new Syria – and a military coup will only make things worse

Once upon a time, you could expect a dysfunctional government in Venezuela to be replaced by a coup. Leftist strongman Hugo Chavez entered the political arena as an army colonel leading a bloody coup attempt against a democratically elected government when food riots last rocked Caracas in the …

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Slain Venezuelan protester's father appeals to 'friend' Maduro

CARACAS (Reuters) - A man describing himself as a former boss and friend of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday urged an investigation into the killing of his son in anti-government unrest convulsing the OPEC nation for nearly three months.<p>David Vallenilla, 22, was shot at close range by …

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‘The Last Battle for Democracy in Venezuela’

Under Nicolás Maduro, a country that had been one of Latin America’s wealthiest is having its democratic institutions shredded amid rising poverty and corruption<p>Almost two decades after Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chávez, came to power in an electoral landslide, his country’s transformation …

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Venezuelan bonds are a fabulous investment, if you don’t mind the starvation

You wouldn’t deliberately snatch food and medicine away from malnourished people. Nor, I’m sure, would you hire somebody else with explicit …


Venezuelans suffer deadly scarcity of food and medicine

<b>HARI SREENIVASAN:</b> Now to the crisis in Venezuela, which takes many forms, economic, political, social, but perhaps nothing is more harmful day to day …

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Venezuela protests end in death once more

The near-daily unrest in Venezuela has culminated once again in the death of a protester.<p>Demonstrations turned violent on Thursday as opposition supporters came under a hail of rubber bullets during their assault on an airbase.<p>Soldiers fired from near point blank range as protesters attacked the …

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Deaths from Venezuelan anti-government protests climb to 75 in near-daily demonstrations

Caracas (AFP) - A 22-year-old man was shot dead on Thursday during an anti-government protest in Caracas, becoming the 75th victim in three months of unrest over the rule of President Nicolas Maduro.<p>The young man was killed during a demonstration in the capital's Altamira area, the public ministry …

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For The Venezuelan Opposition, Protests Are 'Like A War'

Venezuela's ongoing political and economic crisis has taken a toll on daily life there.<p>A crash in oil prices and political instability under President Nicolas Maduro have led to food shortages, and that has prompted almost daily street protests by thousands of Venezuelans.<p>A 35-year-old protester …

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'The Last Battle for Democracy in Venezuela'

Almost two decades after Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chávez, came to power in an electoral landslide, his country’s transformation seems to be taking an ominous new turn. A country that was once one of Latin America’s wealthiest is seeing its democratic institutions collapse, leading to levels …

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Venezuela crisis raises question: When is buying bonds unethical?

Goldman Sachs stirred an uproar with a May bond investment in Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, at a time when citizens there face food shortages …

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Nikki Haley urges international community to act on worsening Venezuela crisis

<b>United Nations</b>: US Ambassador Nikki Haley Friday urged the international community to take action to deal with the worsening crisis in Venezuela …

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Protests heat up in Venezuela

Venezuelan police shot dead a protester who was attacking the perimeter of an airbase on Thursday, bringing renewed scrutiny of the force used to …

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Venezuelans Risk Their Lives in Sea Trips to Feed Families

Struggling to find basic staples in her own country, Mariana Revilla and five neighbors here took to crossing a treacherous 60-mile gulf under the cover of night to the island of Trinidad.<p>On her last trip, they made a good haul, securing seven tons of flour, sugar and cooking oil from the former …

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Venezuela offers SA a dire lesson in socialism at all costs

<i>CAPE TOWN — Unless we change those at the helm of our country and tighten up our Constitution to increase accountability and dilute the incredible</i> …

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Video shows shooting of Venezuelan protester David Vallenilla

0:29<p>0:13<p>Venezuelan national guard opens fire on protesters<p>1:01<p>Protester shot by Venezuelan national guard during clash<p>0:30<p>Pence: 'We must condemn the …

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LatAm Viva: Venezuela’s stain

<i>Sign up to LatAm Viva every week by email here.</i><p>Ever since the commodity boom turned to bust, many Latin American countries have turned to navel …

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Venezuelans to ‘paralyze country’ after new shooting death

The father of a Venezuelan man gunned down by authorities this week made a very personal appeal to President Nicolás Maduro — saying the president …

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US calls for international action on Venezuela's 'tragic situation'

A senior US official has accused Venezuela of trampling on "democracy" as she urged further action to redress an explosive political crisis. But …

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Death toll from Venezuela protests climbs to 75

MOSCOW, June 23 -- A young man died Thursday in Venezuela's Caracas, bringing up to 75 the tally of deaths that have taken place within almost three …

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Young protester shot at point blank range

A 22-year-old protester died after being shot three times in the chest by a national guard at point blank range in Caracas, Venezuela.


Slain Venezuela protester a son of Maduro ex-supervisor

The latest youth to die during Venezuela's crackdown on anti-government protests has a unique connection to President Nicolas Maduro: His father once …

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Venezuela in talks with Nomura to sell fixed-income securities -sources

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's central bank is seeking to sell fixed-income securities to Nomura Holdings Inc (8604.T) as a way of raising cash amid an economic crisis, an opposition deputy and a finance industry source said on Thursday, only weeks after a similar deal embroiled the Japanese bank …

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