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The fights this week, as deadlines near in Congress focus on spending, war powers

Congressional Republicans long advocated Congress return to the “regular order” to individually approve the 12 spending bills that fund the government.<p>They’ll have to keep advocating.<p>This week, the GOP-led House is poised to marry four of the spending bills into an amalgamated spending package …

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's Approval Ratings Take A Dive

Is he in trouble politically? No. We’re talking about deep blue New York, but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s crusade to stop the Trump agenda …

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Indian man faces 10 years, $2,50,000 fine for using fake identity to secure US citizenship

<b>Washington:</b> An Indian man has been convicted of using fake identity to obtain American citizenship, an immigration official has said.<p>Balbir Singh …


Online task force closes the net on paedophiles

- +<p>A schoolboy came to the police with a broken heart. He was utterly embarrassed but decided to tell police that a video clip of him masturbating …

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Trump isn’t planning to conduct an environmental review of his ecologically disastrous border wall

A federal official says the wall will “essentially destroy” a wildlife refuge.<p>The Trump administration plans to use a 2005 anti-terror law to avoid …


Trump's Mar-a-Lago, golf course apply for 76 foreign worker visas

America first — except at Mar-a-Lago.

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Immigration raids to target teens suspected of gang membership

<i>July 22, 2017 at 5:17 PM EDT</i><p>U.S. immigration officials on Sunday are expected to begin four days of nationwide raids targeting teenagers suspected of …


Multiple senior Trump administration officials were vulnerable to Russian blackmail

Intelligence intercepts indicate White House officials put themselves in a dangerous situation.<p>According to a bombshell report by the Washington …

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Is there a coming constitutional crisis?

Keith Whittington thinks there would be a crisis if Trump fires Mueller and then the Republicans in Congress refuse to hold Trump to “account,” which …

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Obama's Secret Plan to Deploy the Military on Election Day - Fox Nation

<b>By Mark Moore | New York Post</b><p>The Obama administration ​was poised to send armed federal agents to polling places, deploy the military and launch full-scale counter-propaganda measures in case hackers disrupted the vote on Election Day, according to a report.<p>​The 15-page playbook, produced in …


For Afghanistan's all-girl team, robotics contest represents many victories

The judges awarded the team a silver medal for ‘courageous achievement’, but participating at all was a win after being twice rejected for US visas<p>Using remote controllers, the six girls from Afghanistan guided their robot, designed to sort blue and orange balls, down a patch of turf inside the …

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Navy Seals Dressed as Superheroes: Meet Comic-Con's Secret Defenders

Convention has almost invisible security, including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security<p>The biggest heroes of Comic-Con International aren’t …


Secretary Kelly, when will you speak up for ‘dreamers’?

HERE’S A question for Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, who seems to regard himself as a bystander in the impending showdown over the fates of nearly 800,000 undocumented youngsters raised and educated in the United States, who may face deportation if Congress fails to act.<p>Mr. Kelly, don’t …

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There's a Republican civil war brewing over cheap foreign labor

The President's Mar-a-Lago resort seen from the window of Air Force One.Alex Brandon/AP<p>By the time President Donald Trump kicked off “Made in …

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New Government Report: TSA Has No Basis for How It Picks Out Terrorists, Just Makes Stuff Up

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not have valid evidence that most of the revised behavioral indicators (28 of 36) used in its …


Trump’s Leader for FEMA Wins Praise, but Proposed Budget Cuts Don’t

WASHINGTON — When forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the start of hurricane season in June, more than a few state and local officials were worried by predictions of as many as five major hurricanes.<p>But the primary concern, officials said, was not just the …

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News Highlights: Top Company News of the Day

Blackstone Made Bid to Buy Hotel Investor RLJ Lodging Trust<p>Blackstone Group recently made a roughly $3 billion bid to buy RLJ Lodging Trust, a move that if successful would end RLJ's agreement to acquire rival hotel investor FelCor Lodging Trust.<p>Microsoft Profit Jumps, Fueled by Cloud …

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Engineers begin preparing for Border Wall construction

On Tuesday the House Appropriations Committee approved a spending bill that included $1.6 billion for a wall, funding 74 miles of fencing along the …


In break with Trump, top Homeland Security officials affirm Russia's election meddling

ASPEN, Colo. – President Trump still won't say whether he thinks the Russia government meddled in the presidential election. But his top homeland security officials this week affirmed the U.S. intelligence community's unqualified assessment that it did.<p>Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and …

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Trump lifted the cap on H-2B worker visas. Then his businesses asked for 76 of them.

This week, the Trump administration defied its “America First” rhetoric with a policy change that would make it easier for companies to hire guest workers from foreign countries. The Trump Organization is already poised to benefit from it.<p>On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security raised the …


20 Democratic attorneys general urge Trump to keep DACA, say it has boosted economy

Attorneys general from 19 states and the District of Columbia are urging President Trump to save an Obama-era program that protects nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation, and offering to help him defend it in court.<p>Led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the group of …

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5 things Trump did while you weren't looking: Week 7

More visas for foreign workers, a ban on travel to North Korea and much more.<p>Republicans in Washington couldn’t stay out of the headlines this week: First the GOP’s health care bill stalled in the Senate; then President Donald Trump sat down for an interview in which he went after his own Attorney …

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Just How Dangerous Are Laptop Bombs on Planes?

The U.S. just lifted a ban on laptops flying out of ten Middle Eastern airports. Here's why.<p>The U.S. just lifted its ban on electronic devices on flights from ten Middle East airports. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly revealed on Wednesday that the ban had been instituted after the DHS tested …

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Trump's Sympathy For Dreamers Doesn't Extend To Actual Legislation To Help Them

It might not mean fighting for them in court, either.<p>WASHINGTON ― A bipartisan group of senators offered President Donald Trump and his homeland security secretary a chance to put their money where their mouth is by supporting a measure to give protections to young undocumented immigrants through …

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Trump's lawyers are exploring his pardoning powers to hedge against the Russia investigation


Laptop ban came after test of device blew up airplane, DHS says

"The device as described to me had an amount of explosive on it that I just did not believe could destroy an airplane in flight," Kelly said

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Ban on laptops in plane cabins ends

NATIONAL SECURITY<p>Ban on laptops in plane cabins ends<p>The ban on laptops in the cabins of planes flying from the Middle East to the United States is over, as federal officials say that large airports in the region have taken other steps to increase security.<p>Those measures include checking electronic …


Laptop ban on planes is lifted, US officials confirm

The laptop ban is over.<p>Passengers flying into the United States from airports in 10 Muslim-majority countries affected by the ban may now take their …

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House votes to reauthorize Department of Homeland Security

The House voted Thursday to reauthorize the Department of Homeland Security.<p>The bipartisan measure passed easily by a vote of 386-41, with nine …

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Haitian Immigrants With Temporary Status Await Trump’s Next Move

Jean Jubens Jeanty, a Haitian Uber driver who lives in Brooklyn, has his future mapped out. After completing a high school diploma program at Brooklyn College next month, he plans to start college next year. He would then seek further schooling to become a nurse or pediatrician. But the clock is …

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