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Can an App Make Our Cities More Breathable?

This app is giving a community in Brooklyn a look at just how bad their air pollution is, and the data to fix it.<p>The smartphone has become much more than a convenient way to grocery shop or share photos from the comfort of the couch. More and more, they’re ascending to the level of sophisticated …


Transforming urban waterfronts

<i>“The waterfront isn’t just something unto itself. It’s connected to everything else,”</i> said Jane Jacobs, a prominent urbanist. <br>This connection is …


AGH film festival: Seeking wisdom from Citizen Jane

NewsOct 15, 2017 by Emma Reilly Hamilton Spectator<p>Mary Lou Tanner remembers the moment the proposal for the perimeter road died.<p>Tanner, the chief …


Researchers Calculate the Healthiest City Density

Pedestrians near St. Paul's Cathedral in London (Photo by Dave Reed) Despite the image of clean air, green backyards and fresh food often associated …


Why downtown universities help fuel the urban startup ecosystem

Urban schools outperform their peers, and have emerged as key competitive differentiators for cities, says new Brookings study<p>For years, proponents of increased downtown development and innovation districts have spoken of the important interplay between universities, startups, and local jobs. …


Remembering Bill Borah: Killing a French Quarter expressway was only the start

An urbanist who fought stupidity — and paid a price.


Anti-Gentrification Summit

I’m forever grateful to a Rochester friend for key insights into gentrification a dozen years ago. At the time, I was working on a vision plan for …


Cloud-Enabled Streetlights Monitor Pedestrians

MIT’s SENSEable City Lab uses the C2RO cloud computing platform to showcase the efficiency of cloud-based services for processing sensor data streams.

Smart Cities

The missed opportunity to reimagine Mumbai

If Charles Correa’s vision for Mumbai had been implemented in the 1990s, the Elphinstone Road stampede could have been avoided


Trying to Fix a Bad Land-Use Plan With a Bad Transit Plan

Why do we make people commute so far?I have been thinking a lot about the megaproject phenomenon lately. I wrote about it with specific reference to …


Hudson's tower design has its head in the clouds but keeps its eyes on the street

Skip in<p>x<p>Embed<p>CLOSE<p>Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert plans to break ground soon on the tallest building in Detroit. But history suggests that plans for …


Dubai ranked as one of the best cities for driving

Emirate listed second in ranking of 100 cities around the world


Manhattan's Paparazzi Dogs Are Proof of Its Death

by Charles MudedeThe look of death... Charles Mudede<br>I saw the dogs. They are loved by tourists. What happened to my Manhattan, the greatest downtown …


From Energy To Telecom: 30 Big Industries Drones Could Disrupt

Drone technology has been used by defense organizations and tech-savvy consumers for quite some time. However, the benefits of this technology …


With an ‘urban diary,’ everyone’s a city planner

We may inhabit the same city, but we live in different worlds.<p>Each of us sees our city from a slightly different angle, the view filtered through …


New program wants to improve cities with the power of tweets and Flickr uploads

It’s called Urban Pulse<p>Want to watch street life unfold outside of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, long after it’s closed for the day? Or uncover the hidden ways both tourists and locals alike use Manhattan’s most famous landmarks? Now you can, all thanks to the power of data.<p>Urban Pulse, …


How Parks Lose Their Playfulness

A few years ago, the Hudson River Park Trust floated an idea for a new island. Called Pier 55, it was to be a two-and-a-half-acre wavy rectangle 200 feet off Manhattan reached by two narrow bridges, replacing the remains of Pier 54 near West 14th Street, where the Lusitania used to dock.<p>The trust …


Jeanne Gang named as 2017 Marcus Prize Recipient

<b>American architect and MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang, FAIA, founding principal of</b> <b>Studio Gang</b> <b>has been named as the recipient of the 2017 Marcus Prize.</b> …


Four New Faculty Join DUSP | MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

DUSP is pleased to welcome four new faculty members into our community of intellectuals and practitioners. Each of these individuals brings their …

Urban Design

Amazon's search for a second HQ can change cities for the better

In 1898, British stenographer Ebenezer Howard devised a plan for the ideal city. His short opus, "Garden Cities of To-Morrow," became arguably the …


Car-free in the Motor City

The challenges of using public transit in Detroit<p><b>Welcome to Curbed’s first-ever</b> <b>Transportation Week</b><b>!</b><p>From how to improve public transportation in cities, ranking the best car-free neighborhoods across the country, and a friendly competition between NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to determine …


Lessons for Singapore from Houston floods

September 18, 2017 5:00 AM<br>Floods, like other disasters, make headline news but recede just as quickly from the public's attention - unless you happen …

Urban Design

'Rat Film' highlights Baltimore's rat warfare, urban planning failures

It started with a rat trapped inside Theo Anthony’s outdoor trash can.“Absolutely, what you see is really how it came about,” the Baltimore-based …

U.S. Supreme Court

Precisely Why Is Bodega, the Start-up, Such a Terrible Idea?

Tech Twitter spent this morning roasting a San Francisco start-up called Bodega, which aims to one-up the corner deli by installing a small …

Yellowstone National Park

How a South African Artist Blends Art and Urbanization

In her latest project, Svea Josephy uses blueprints to explore a city’s spaces.<p>In much of her work, Svea Josephy, an associate professor at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art, examines how urbanization can be explored through art. One of her most well-known exhibitions, …

South Africa

Complex Adaptive Cities

Complex adaptive systems are hard to understand. Messy and complicated, they cannot be broken down into smaller bits. It would be easier to ignore …


TV, Pre-Golden Age

“Little Boxes,” a new collection of essays in which writers appraise the TV shows that influenced them, is for people old enough to remember when “prestige TV” was an oxymoron. People like me, whose first experience with cultural water-cooler talk (water-fountain?), in elementary school, involved …


Retrofitted cities are forcing residents to live with planning failures – we're due for a rethink

Australia will probably look back on the current period of attempting to retrofit its capital cities as a great demonstration of poor city …


Should we tax bicycles to support cycling?

Taxing and licensing bicycles to support the construction of bike-friendly infrastructure projects, such as painting bike lanes and constructing bike …


Cities aren’t using their key tool for climate action: Urban planning

Cities generate two-thirds of global energy demand and greenhouse-gas emissions, prompting much discussion on the needed role of local authorities in …