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We need to protect free speech on campus

<i>Debra Soh</i> <i>is a Toronto-based sex and political writer with a PhD in sexual neuroscience from York University.</i><p>On Wednesday, the Canadian Freedom Summit will be held in Toronto. The speaker lineup includes Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, and Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto …


Toronto's newest bike sharing program loosens the rules for riders

Dropbike allows users to lock and lean bikes on existing infrastructure<p>Move over Bike Share Toronto, there's a new kid in town.<p>Dropbike is a new …


Are Canadians really that polite? We put the myth to the rush-hour test

<b>The myth:</b> <i>Canadian are the most polite people on the planet.</i><p>Gusting wind whips garbage down the canyons of Toronto’s financial district. It’s the kind …

Black Lives Matter

Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software

<b>Early in 2015, artificial-intelligence</b> researchers at Google created an obscure piece of software called ­TensorFlow. Two years later the tool, which …

Artificial Intelligence

Right-Wing 'News' Sites Distract From Nightmare Trumpcare With Scary Fairy Tales Of Freedom Lost

Do you know people who like to watch horror movies? It’s puzzling why people want to have the bejeezus scared out of them, but to each his own. When it comes to politics, however, fear is a useful thing. In fact, there’s no better way to divert the attention of people away from, for example, the …

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App-based bike-sharing startup Dropbike launches at University of Toronto

A new bike-sharing startup has launched in Toronto, which could create competition for the city’s Bike Share program.<p>The startup, called Dropbike, …

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Black-only graduations are a step backwards

Believe it or not, this week the University of Toronto gave its official blessing and taxpayer dollars for a black-students-only graduation.


Syrian doctor barred from U.S. under travel ban resettles in Toronto

A respected Syrian doctor blocked from re-entering the United States to continue his Ivy League education after U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel …

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I'm Ashamed Because I Don't Know What It Means To Be Filipino

Last month, a European hairdresser in Toronto greeted me with a jaunty "Kamusta ka," a Filipino saying that translates to, "How are you?"With a wide …

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The Man Who Helped Turn Toronto Into a High-Tech Hotbed

TORONTO — As an undergraduate at Cambridge University, Geoffrey Everest Hinton thought a lot about the brain. He wanted to better understand how it worked but was frustrated that no field of study — from physiology and psychology to physics and chemistry — offered real answers.<p>So he set about …

Artificial Intelligence

Canada’s First Black Graduation Ceremony Was Pure Joy

While the event celebrated the achievements of University of Toronto students, organizers are hopeful of starting a movement across campuses.<p>Growing up black in Canada is a unique experience. For me, because Canada prided itself so deeply on itself for not having "American" style melting-pot …


Universities Are Too Easy On Students Out To Silence Free Speech

Silencing people you disagree with is OK, as long your tactics of disruption, obstruction and physical blockading are not violent.This is the new …

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Forced marriage in Canada 'more prevalent' than thought: ex-child bride

A woman who came to Canada as a teenage bride says forced marriages involving young girls are a big problem, even in North America.

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How Government Spyware Tracked Activists and Journalists in Mexico

This week, <i>The New York Times</i> reported an explosive story: human rights defenders, journalists and anti-corruption activists had had their phones systematically hacked via spyware sold by the NSO Group to the Mexican government. For The Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the …


University of Toronto's Black Graduation misses the mark

It seems the “I’m-more- oppressed/marginalized/racialized and victimized-than-you” brigade and their politically correct enablers are at it again.

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The secret to being smart isn't about remembering facts – it's about forgetting them

The brain has to work really hard to forget.<p>The cleverest people are often pictured as having near-perfect recall – like Sherlock Holmes or Rain Man. …

The Brain

It’s faster to bike in NYC than it is to take a cab during rush hour

If you're running late and need to get across town quickly, hailing a cab or ordering an Uber is not always your best bet.<p>A recent study from the …

New York City

University of Toronto hosts first Black graduation ceremony

It’s believed to be the only one of its kind in Canada, and follows in the footsteps of Harvard and other U.S. colleges.


MultiModel: Multi-Task Machine Learning Across Domains

Posted by Łukasz Kaiser, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain Team and Aidan N. Gomez, Researcher, Department of Computer Science Machine...

Machine Learning

Mexico to Investigate Spying Campaign Against Journalists and Activists

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government said Wednesday that it was opening a criminal investigation to determine whether the nation’s most prominent journalists, human rights defenders and anticorruption activists were subjected to illegal government surveillance.<p>The announcement followed an article …


10 famous filming locations in Canada that might surprise you

You may know a lot more of Hollywood North than you think<p>Hollywood North is the colloquial term to describe the Canadian film scene. Once a small …


Wenzhou-Kean University produces new graduating class

The graduation ceremony could not have looked more American: a grand wood-paneled theater, beaming students in caps and gowns, a valedictorian speech …


Cost of one bedroom condos on Toronto’s subway line

By Vanmala Subramaniam on Jun 19, 2017<p>Now here’s a really useful map if you’re thinking about stepping into Toronto’s ridiculously expensive real estate market., a Canadian real estate website that charts property prices across the country, has come up with a visualization of home …

Real Estate

For transgender Canadians, Bill C-16 is symbolic—yet meaningful

The passage of Bill C-16 is a victory for transgender Canadians. But here’s why more work still needs to be done.<p>Four Octobers ago, I applied for a …


'A rejection of Canada': Colonialism 150 sticker at Lethbridge art gallery draws ire

The decision by a Lethbridge art gallery to post a sticker deriding the Canada’s 150th birthday as a celebration of First Nations oppression has …


OP-ED: Does Canada need a federal infrastructure agency?

<i>This week,</i> Spacing<i> is publishing three columns about the proposed $35 billion Canada Infrastructure Bank, which was proposed as part of the Liberal</i> …

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Two charged after attack near U of T causes life-threatening injuries

Two people have been arrested after a man was sent to hospital with life-threatening injuries after an attack near the University of Toronto.A …

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Tragic case of Robert Chu shows plight of Canadian medical school grads

After he was passed over twice for a medical residency program, after he quizzed university officials and career counsellors about the reasons for …

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The New Urban Crisis Accelerated Inequality in Metro Cities

Richard Florida, urban studies professor at the University of Toronto and author of "The New Urban Crisis” joins MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie …


Video images of local haunts help you see the glamour of home: Keenan

Thinking of beautiful places — enchanting places, <i>sexy</i> places — when’s the last time the Toronto Reference Library came to mind? Or the University of …

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