University of Sydney

Groundbreaking, farm-loving robots could change the future of agriculture

The University of Sydney's Australian Centre for Field Robotics are pioneers when it comes to robotic farming. Having developed a series of …

Design Thinking

This Is What The New Qantas Dreamliner Will Mean For Travellers

A game changer. That’s what pundits in the commercial air space are calling Qantas’ latest acquisition of their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet.<p>The …


RANKED: The best universities in Australia

University of Sydney/ Facebook<p>The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has released its annual rankings for 2017.<p>Topping the list is Harvard …

Australian Universities

Aus gravitational waves world-first finding

Sydney confirms radio emission from gravitational wave event<p>An Australian group was the first in the world to confirm the radio emission from a …


'Staggering': Young people twice as likely to be on Centrelink benefits if their parents were

World-first research finds children born of parents on Centrelink almost twice as likely to be on benefits in later life than children who are not.

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney's Zhang wins EY corporate finance award

The University of Sydney's Rebecca Zhang is EY Australia's inaugural corporate finance woman of the year.<p>Zhang took out the award which attracted …

Australian News

Shocking truth about child predators

Family members and family friends were overwhelmingly the subject of the 8727 cases reported to police between 2003 and 2012, according to the …

Child Abuse

Carlin back to the coal face

What a year it's been so far for <b>Tyrone Carlin</b>, CPA Australia's $390,657 president until his abrupt May 31 resignation, and now the third prez the …

Australian News

Mum's asthma, allergies linked to autism

Australian researchers have found a link between chronic asthma or allergies during pregnancy and the severity of autism symptoms in children.


Pakistani Australian researcher's work will assist in early detection of cancer

Dr Matloob Khushi completed his education in Lahore, Pakistan before leaving for the UK in 2005 and eventually coming to Australia in 2006.<p>He …

MeTro glue is injected directly into wounds and seals in 60 seconds

In hospitals all around the world, wounds are sealed every day with surgical adhesives rather than stitches. A new type of surgical adhesive is being …

Harvard Medical School

Project Sydney: Is Parramatta the hub to fix our transport woes?

ARCHITECTURE student Brigid White would tackle Western Sydney’s public transport bottleneck through a series of hubs, with Parramatta at the centre.


The Surgical Glue That Can Repair An Injury In 60 Seconds

Repairing an injury to a blood vessel or an organ after traumatic internal injury, especially involving the lung, is typically done by sutures, stapling devices or electrocautery with specialized surgical instruments.<p>Time is of the essence as patients can rapidly lose large amounts of blood, …


WATCH: Surgical sealant closes wounds in seconds

Researchers have found a way to close wounds without using stitches or staples.The post WATCH: Surgical sealant closes wounds in seconds appeared …


University of Sydney senior executive staff member takes legal action over dismissal

The University of Sydney's first deputy vice-chancellor for Aboriginal services, Professor Shane Houston, is taking legal action over his dismissal …

Business (Australia)

Researchers create a fast-sealing surgical 'glue' for closing wounds

Closing up wounds typically calls for sutures or staples, but neither are able to create a complete seal. And when it comes to internal injuries that are harder to get to and wounds on organs that move a significant amount, such as lungs, treatment becomes even more difficult. Sealants offer a …


Australians turn in 52,000 illegal firearms in national amnesty call

Australians turned in 52,000 illegal firearms, ranging from 19th-century weapons to a rocket launcher, during a three-month amnesty that ended on Friday, and which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said had helped avert Las Vegas-style mass shootings.<p>The cache, representing about a fifth of illegal …


Scientists develop surgical super glue that seals cuts in seconds

This new surgical technology will definitely stick to your ribs.

Australian Universities

This Elastic Glue Can Seal Wounds In Under 60 Seconds

It could completely replace stitches.<p>A highly-elastic glue could be the future of treating wounds inflicted in car accidents or war zones, after it …


This Gel Stops Bleeding In Seconds Like The Medi-Gel From ‘Mass Effect’ Made Real

If you’ve ever played <i>Mass Effect</i>, you’ve probably wished you had the game’s Medi-Gel in real life to slather on cuts. A somewhat similar product seems to be described in research published today.<p>The new surgical glue, called MeTro, is billed as “a stretchy, sticky alternative to sutures.” The …

Australian Universities

'Revolutionary' super glue could treat wounds in car crashes, war zones

Australian researchers have developed a new superglue-like substance that can be squirted onto wounds — even internal ones — to seal them within …

Australian News

Commonwealth Bank among many firms facing 'second strike' from shareholders

Last AGM season, the Commonwealth Bank was one of a record number of companies to receive a 'first strike' against its remuneration report.<p>What …

Australian News

Scientists Have Developed Surgical Glue That Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

This could save so many lives.<p>Scientists have developed an elastic, adhesive surgical glue that could transform emergency treatments by sealing up …


Banking for the future: Money transfers will be 'instant' from next year

Electronic money transfers between banks will be finalised within one minute from next year.<p>New banking technology means customers will be able to …


Why Spain needs to negotiate with Catalonia

There is a Spanish proverb that a difficult choice puts one between the sword and the wall (entre la espada y la pared).<p>Spain is currently facing …

Australian News

When gun control makes a difference: 4 essential reads

<i>Editor’s note: This is a roundup of gun control articles published by scholars from the U.S. and two other countries where deadly mass shootings are</i> …

Gun Control

US has highest gun-related deaths in the world

US investigators worked feverishly through the day Tuesday to find out why a retired accountant gunned down at least 59 people and wounded over 500 …

Gun Control

Strict gun laws mean Japan sees fewer shooting deaths

The number of gun deaths in Japan totaled six in 2014, compared with 33,599 in the United States, according to, a website run by ...

Gun Control

NSW scheme shields children from attackers

A NSW pilot program is being praised by researchers for shielding child victims from their attackers as they give evidence in abuse cases.

Friday essay: Dr Joe Gumbula, the ancestral chorus, and how we value Indigenous knowledges

In September 2001, the preeminent Indigenous elder and public intellectual, Dr Joe Gumbula, spoke to a class of students at the University of …

Indigenous Peoples