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Beijing plans underwater observation system in South China Sea

<b>Hong Kong (CNN) —</b> China is planning to build a massive underwater observation system across the disputed East and South China seas, that experts say could be used to detect the movement of foreign ships and diminish the stealth capabilities of US submarines.<p>According to state-run broadcaster CCTV, …

South China Sea

Uluru statement offers up different set of priorities

The Uluru statement is a landmark moment in the reshaping of our system of government to reflect the aspirations of Australia's first peoples. It is …

Rights & Freedoms

Confessions of an overconfident, mediocre man

I can't really put my finger on the precise moment I embraced my own male mediocrity. It was more a dawning realisation.<p>Be it striding confidently …


Australia's 'loaf of bread' satellite is now orbiting Earth

Australia has returned to space with a CubeSat, a satellite the size of a loaf of bread.<p>The Australian CubeSat INSPIRE-2, part of a NASA program offering low-cost pathway to conduct science in space, launched from the International Space Station on Friday.<p>INSPIRE-2 carries five payloads, one from …


Vietnam is in a pivotal position as it balances the US and China

HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnam could hardly have asked for more: a U.S. warship challenging Chinese claims in the South China Sea, a meeting at the White House and six new coastal patrol boats.<p>All are signs of a U.S. commitment which Vietnam had feared was waning under President Donald Trump just as the …

South China Sea

No problem too big #1: Artificial intelligence and killer robots

<i>This is the first episode of a special Speaking With podcast series titled No Problem Too Big, where a panel of artists and researchers speculate on</i> …

Artificial Intelligence

Universities to share AU$5.7m for defence cybersecurity, autonomous systems

22 universities in Australia will have to share the AU$5.7 million funding injection from the federal government to develop tech-related defence …


'Everything is weird': NASA's Juno mission reveals a much more complex Jupiter than we imagined

NASA's Juno mission reveals the planet is much more complex than we imagined.


Researchers Have Used Proteins to Create The Strongest Organic Acid Ever

Move over, fluoroantimonic acid.<p>Researchers have created the strongest organic acid ever – and the team thinks it could revolutionise how we analyse …


Aboriginal Australians meet at sacred Uluru to discuss first chance of recognition

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Aboriginal Australian leaders are meeting at the sacred landmark of Uluru to decide how the country's first inhabitants, who date back about 50,000 years before British colonizers arrived, should be recognized in the constitution for the first time.<p>There are about 700,000 …


UTS students rally together after four Muslim women allegedly attacked

At least 150 students and staff protest outside the University of Technology Sydney in response to an alleged attack on four Muslim women.

Australian Universities

Melbourne man tests positive to HIV while taking preventative drug

A man has tested positive to HIV at a Melbourne clinic while participating in a trial of PrEP, an antiretroviral drug credited with preventing the …


If you can tickle yourself, you should probably worry, study reveals

Can you tickle yourself? Most of us can’t – but those who can tend to have a higher degree of ‘schizotypy’, a new study has found.<p>Tories 'climbdown …

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Climate change: Model predicts Australia to lose famous sites in new sea-level rise

Sydney's Circular Quay and Botanic Gardens, Brisbane Airport, Melbourne's Docklands and Perth's Elizabeth Quay will all be underwater in dramatic new …

Climate Change

North Korea's Unit 180 a more likely threat to Australia than any missile, expert warns (Yahoo7 News)

Missiles are one thing, but North Korea could already being waging war on Australia in a big way.

North Korea

The Oldest Hominins Could Have Lived in Europe, Not Africa, Claims New Study

Wait, what?<p>A new examination of two 7.2 million-year-old fossils from southern Europe suggests that humans split off from the great apes several …


CSIRO chief denies new $20m ocean research centre is a strategic backflip

A new $20 million research centre in Hobart reaffirms Australia's commitment to climate change science, in what CSIRO chief Larry Marshall says is …

Climate Change

China going nowhere on hukou reform

Author: Bingqin Li, UNSWChina’s hukou (household registration) system is often criticised for hindering the free movement of labour and creating …


China takes the wheel on the South China Sea

China has claimed a victory in settling South China Sea tensions after an agreement was reached this week with Southeast Asian Nations on the …

South China Sea

Queensland rental report shows clusters of disadvantage in outer suburbs and small towns

Rental vulnerability index shows some of worst hotspots on ‘red stress heat map’ are inland of Gold Coast and north of Sunshine Coast<p>Australia’s first online map of rental vulnerability shows clusters in outer suburbs and small towns, raising concerns about a vicious circle of disadvantage for …


When Facebook livestreams a murder, who's responsible?

Facebook, the world's biggest social network, says its mission is to "give people the power to share", but what happens when its users choose to …


Group home 'hell': Open letter calls for inquiry into abuse of people with disabilities

More than 100 prominent academics have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling for a royal commission into violence, abuse …

Indigenous Australians

Is Australia’s Dingo-Proof Fence Changing the Ecosystem of the Outback?

In the early 1900s, Australia began to build a fence that now stretches for some 3480 miles across the states of South Australia, New South Wales, …


Growing pains

Humans, it seems, are increasingly becoming urban creatures. Barely 60 years ago, only two cities – Tokyo and New York – had the ten million plus …


‘WannaCrypt’ Ransomware Cyberattack Prompts Cybersecurity Concerns Around The World

<i>The “WannaCrypt” malware has disrupted vital infrastructure in almost 100 countries so far. Security analysts are concerned it may be part of a dump</i> …


Why bad moods are good for you: The surprising benefits of sadness

Homo sapiens are very moody.Even though sadness and bad moods have always been part of the human experience, we now live in an age that ignores or …