New Study Casts Doubt On Alien Life In Galaxy

Don't get your hopes up about humans discovering life on other planets. Researchers at the University of Oxford in England say there's at least a 53% …


What Are Ghost Particles? These Mysterious Space Fragments Could Be The Key To Understanding Our Universe

After years of research, astronomers have made a huge scientific discovery that could change the way they study the galaxy. Researchers confirmed the …


Who really discovered the first exoplanet?

While speculation about planets beyond the Solar System dates back over 2,000 years, actually finding them proved hard – and controversial.<p>During the …


Image of Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Stuns Scientists

Daily Maverick, 16 July 2018<p>In the months and years to come, the data used to build a picture of the centre of the Milky Way will be analysed and …

Black Holes

The cosmic winners of the 2018 David Malin astrophotography awards

Australia's most prestigious astrophotography competition is named after British-born David Malin, a world-renowned photographer and astronomer who …


How will our species survive in an ever-expanding universe?

<b>(Wikimedia via www.forestwander.com/the-sky)</b><p>A hyper-advanced civilization might raid other galaxies for stars to keep the Milky Way glowing<p>Dan Hooper<p>July 16, 2018 11:30am (UTC)<p>This article was originally published by Scientific American.<br>This article was originally published by Scientific …


'Best in the world' MeerKAT telescope launched in Carnarvon | Cape Argus

Cape Town - Nelson Mandela had the foresight in 1994 to invest in science and technology when a white paper was produced which turned South Africa …

Cape Town

Major mergers

At first glance, it may seem as though this image was taken through a faulty lens, but the mind-bending distortions visible in this Hubble Wide Field …


Two methods of measuring the mass of a galaxy

This infographic compares the two methods used to measure the mass of the galaxy ESO 325-G004. The first method used the Very Large Telescope to …


Unlock the Wonders of the Cosmos With Brilliant's Astronomy

Reading Time: 2 minutes<p>This is a sponsored post on behalf of Brilliant.<p>As any fan of the great Carl Sagan knows, the universe consists of over 100 …


2018 July 16 - Neutrino Associated with Distant Blazar Jet

<b>Neutrino Associated with Distant Blazar Jet</b> <b><br>Illustration Credit:</b> DESY, Science Communication Lab<p><b>Explanation:</b> With equipment frozen deep into ice …


Brown dwarf detected in the CoRoT-20 system

An international group of astronomers has discovered a new substellar object in the planetary system CoRoT-20. The newly identified object was …


Snow streaked sand at Chajnantor


Ask Ethan: How Large Is The Entire, Unobservable Universe?

13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang occurred. The Universe was filled with matter, antimatter, radiation, and existed in an ultra-hot, ultra-dense, but expanding-and-cooling state. By today, the volume containing our observable Universe has expanded to be 46 billion light years in radius, with the …

Dark Matter

This Is The Clearest View of The Centre of The Milky Way to Date, And It Is Breathtaking

This is the blazing heart of our galaxy.<p>A mega new telescope has captured the clearest view to date of the centre of our Milky Way.<p>The fiery image …


If the Universe is expanding, why is the Andromeda galaxy on course to collide with the Milky Way?

The galactic collision will create quite the spectacle in the night sky four billions years from now.<p>The expansion of the Universe is a large-scale …


Astronomy: If there are alien civilizations, are they also straining their environment?

About a week ago, I heard an interview with astrophysicist Adam Frank, who recently published a book titled "Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the …


Innovative new instrument to seek habitable worlds

A new infrared instrument on a telescope in Hawaii will let astronomers find more exoplanets orbiting red dwarf stars. The discoveries may include …


Ballet of interacting galaxies


Entrance hall of building ABC

Entrance hall of the new building ABC at ESO Headquarters in Garching. On the left, there's Eridanus Auditorium and on the second level a large …


Catalog Page for PIA16607

<b>Original Caption Released with Image:</b><p>Since the last Kepler catalog was released in February 2012, the number of candidates discovered in the Kepler …



There will only be a limited number of tickets available for purchase on the ESOshop on a first come, first served basis, so be quick! La Silla is a …

Atacama Desert

Eighth International Fermi Symposium

<b>Date:</b> Oct 14-19, 2018 <b><br>Location:</b> Baltimore, MD<p>Important Dates<p>2018 July 16 - Open Registration & Abstract Submission<br>2018 Aug 24 - Abstract Deadline<br>2018 …

Dark Matter

ESOcast 171 Light: Un paysage céleste haut en couleurs (4K UHD)

4K Ultra HD

New South African Telescope Releases Epic Image of the Galactic Center

You’re looking at the center of our galactic home, the Milky Way, as imaged by 64 radio telescopes in the South African wilderness.<p>Scientists …

South Africa

Forget Alien Megastructures at Tabby's Star

The science of planet-hunting has truly taken off in the 21st century, with the transit method leading the way. When a planet passes in front of its …


Newly Discovered 'Asteroid' Is Far Freakier Than Astronomers Expected

When is an asteroid not an asteroid? When it’s a binary pair. Turns out that an asteroid discovered late last year is actually two gravitationally …


New super telescope captures massive black hole

Black Holes

The Guardian view on alien life: what if it’s not there? | Editorial

Are we alone in the universe? Of all the billions of stars out there, is there none around which intelligent life has arisen, no other conscious beings who have looked at their sky and asked themselves whether there was anyone else out here? All we can know is that we don’t know of any others. But …

Opinion (UK)

Can We Measure Our Own Galaxy Speeding Through Space?

You’re probably sitting still, right? Wrong, absolutely wrong. Not only are you on a spinning orb, but you’re also traveling around 70,000 miles per …

Hubble Space Telescope