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Kansas shooting shatters Indian engineer's American dream

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Working, partying and travelling across the United States, Indian aviation engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was living his American dream in Kansas City.<p>That dream was shattered on Wednesday.<p>A local man shot dead Kuchibhotla, 32, and wounded his colleague Alok Madasani in a case …

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Small Retailers Grapple With Trump's Plan to Transform the U.S. Tax System

The president recently showed favor toward a tax-reform proposal that could hold vast consequences for U.S. businesses.<p>Jeff Cayley's retail cycling business may be based in Newbury Park, California, but it's very much a global enterprise.<p>If President Donald Trump gets his way on tax reform, …


Full Transcript: Donald Trump’s CPAC speech

President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday, delivering a freewheeling speech in a style familiar from his time on the campaign trail.<p>Trump touted his election victory, took a couple of swings at his former opponent Hillary Clinton, and defined the “mess” he …


Ducking Debt? Here's the Statute of Limitations in Every State

Statute of Limitations by State<p>Each state has its own statute of limitations on debt - the amount of time the court will force you to pay a debt. The …


America's Nuclear Weapons Program Is Already At The 'Top Of The Pack'

Yesterday U.S. President Donald Trump proclaimed that America’s nuclear arsenal must be at the “top of the pack.” For the record, America is already …


Angst in the Church of America the Redeemer

Worshippers belive that America’s transgressions, unlike those of other countries, don’t count against it<p>Apart from being a police officer, firefighter, or soldier engaged in one of this nation’s endless wars, writing a column for a major American newspaper has got to be one of the toughest and …

Foreign Policy

Democrats are in denial on immigration

There are plenty of good reasons to oppose President Trump's proposed crackdown on immigrants and refugees.<p>For one thing, there's little evidence …


Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer ‘Looked The Other Way’ At 9/11, Says America ‘Kills Its Own People’

The post Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer ‘Looked The Other Way’ At 9/11, Says America ‘Kills Its Own People’ appeared first on AlternativeNation.net.

How today’s visa restrictions might impact tomorrow’s America

By Samuel Granados, The Washington Post<p>Many tech companies and scholars have raised their voices against President Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order on …


Gamer dies while attempting 24-hour stream for charity

Brian Vigneault died during home stretch of 24-hour marathon "World of Tanks" session in Virginia

Virginia Beach

This Is How Different University Is In America Vs Australia

Australians can legally drink from 18 while Americans have to wait until 21.<p>1. In America, people call it college or school.<p>In Australia, it’s called university, or uni for short.<p>2. In America, undergraduate degrees are usually four years long, and students don’t decide on a major until their …

College & University

Welcome to the America Black People Have Always Lived In

Good morning!<p>It is so great to see all of you gathered here on this lovely day! From the looks on your faces, many of you seem disturbed to find …

African-American News

Solar farms banned after complaints in North Carolina county

County commissioners in eastern North Carolina have imposed an indefinite ban on the construction of solar farms after neighbors complained that they …

Renewable Energy

Latest wilderness plans draw fire from New Mexico ranchers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico's two senators have introduced legislation they say has been years in the making to set aside tens of thousands of acres as wilderness on opposite ends of the state in areas already designated as national monuments.<p>But ranchers from some rural communities fear …

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U.S. Oil Imports' Path to Zero

It was only 10 months ago that the U.S. was importing more crude than it had in years, and the idea of energy independence seemed strangely far away for a country in the middle of an oil boom.<p>Now it’s starting to look like a turning point has come.<p>Total U.S. imports of crude and all oil products …


Iowa Pol Pushing Bill To Get More GOP Profs On College Campuses

An Iowa lawmaker is pushing bill to promote to what he calls "partisan balance" on college campuses — and which critics call a cap on Democratic college professors at state universities.<p>State Sen. Mark Chelgren, a Republican, claims his own experiences with "liberal professors" prompted him to put …


Retired Navy admiral: Trump's remark about media 'the greatest threat to democracy'

"We must challenge this statement and this sentiment that the news media is the enemy of the American people," McRaven said.

News Media

VW Executive Pleads Not Guilty as 5 Avoid U.S. Diesel Case - Bloomberg

A Volkswagen AG compliance executive arrested in the U.S. over the company’s emissions-cheating scandal pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and …

21st Century

Mark Van Steenwyk: Protest ‘Imperial,’ ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Churches

Your neighborhood church might seem like the wrong place for a political demonstration, but one Christian writer believes that greater politicization …


In Defense of Citizenship: The Silent Issue in the Immigration Debate

The citizen and the legal immigrant are superior; the non-citizen and the illegal immigrant are inferior. To view the two as equals is the definition …


Illinois State completes first-ever perfect home record

NORMAL, Ill. (AP) — Tony Wills scored 16 points, Phil Fayne added a clinching layup, and Illinois State finished its first-ever undefeated home record with a 50-46 win over Southern Illinois on Wednesday night.<p>The win keeps Illinois State (24-5, 16-1) in a first-place tie with Wichita State for …


Oregon to seek federal approval for tolls on Metro freeways

The Oregon Department of Transportation plans to apply for one of three spots in a federal program allowing states to put tolls on their interstates, …


USA Technologies: Poised To Finally Start Creating Shareholder Value

Top line growth and non-financial KPIs have been trending nicely over the past several periods. Positive 2Q earnings boosted shares 20% on 2/9.<p>I …


Hidden theme of 'Hidden Figures': America's disappearing potential for unity

I saw "Hidden Figures" in a suburban theater surrounded by baby boomers, and many were openly weeping by the movie's end.<p>That's a bit strange, as the …

Women's News

This map shows where nobody lives in the US [INFOGRAPHIC]

Despite being so technologically advanced there are still places in the United States that are untamed. Hostile terrain and wild expanses (mountain …


U.S. Talks With Mexico Clouded by Mixed Message

MEXICO CITY—Top Trump administration officials tried Thursday to soften the message on expanded U.S. immigration-enforcement efforts during talks here, but Mexican officials signaled little progress had been made in bridging differences that threaten to further fray ties between the two …


Fearful immigrants take steps to protect families from Trump

In Orange County, California, dozens of immigrants have signed powers of attorney authorizing relatives and friends to pick up their children from school and access their bank accounts to pay their bills in the event they are arrested by immigration agents.<p>In Philadelphia, immigrants are carrying …

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These cult-favourite brands are taking customised beauty to the next level

We’re flooded with press releases of the best brands in the beauty business promising to give us our exact foundation shade or lipstick that suits …

Skin Care

U.S. appeals court revives Texas immigrant-harboring law

(Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Thursday said Texas may resume enforcement of a 2015 state law making it a felony to harbor immigrants who entered the United States illegally.<p>The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a federal judge's preliminary injunction last April that had blocked …


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