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Attention to Detail

Born on this DaySince the very first microscope revealed a hidden world, countless gradual improvements have exposed ever-deeper layers. This …


Sugar improves memory in over-60s – helping them work smarter

• A small dose of sugar can improve memory in older adults, motivate them to work harder and puts them in a good mood when performing difficult …


The lost dogs of America

A groundbreaking study has traced the genetic history of dogs on the continent, and found evidence that the animals have been living there for at …


Archie O'Brien - Degree Show 2018

CUDA is an underwater jetpack offering the experience of ultimate freedom, whether it be gliding through the converging tectonic plates in the …

Scuba Diving

Mastering the art of the narrative: using stories to shape public policy

<i>There can be little doubt people believe narratives are important and that crafting, manipulating, or influencing them likely shapes public policy.</i> …


Silent Disco | Natural History Museum

Guests are advised that there will be a separate waiting area for ticket holders who arrive early to enjoy Lates. At 21.30 entry to the Museum will …

Natural History Museum

Aping Monkey Hearts

Heart failure is the leading cause of death across the world – saving patients usually involves spotting and treating issues like heart disease …


Medical humanities: putting the humanity back into medicine

<b>Giskin Day makes the case for Imperial’s new</b> <b>Humanities, Philosophy and Law BSc</b> <b>– a pathway for medical students to combine the arts with medical</b> …


New technology can keep an eye on babies' movements in the womb

A new system for monitoring fetal movements in the womb, developed by Imperial researchers, could make keeping an eye on high-risk pregnancies easier.


Podcast: Summer science, sparrow songs and the sounds of space

In this edition: science on show at the Royal Society, centuries-long traditions in birdsong, and DJing with the sounds of space.


Which voters have changed their minds about Brexit?

<i>So-called swing voters are often portrayed as being dissatisfied and disengaged from politics. Germ Janmaat (University College London) draws from</i> …

Great Britain

Dr Brian May to join Prof Roger Taylor to launch new book George Washington Wilson: Artist and Photo | News | The University of Aberdeen

He may be best known as the guitarist for legendary band Queen but Brian May will visit Aberdeen in August to celebrate the work of another great who …

George Washington

New deep-sea species discovered in Pacific conservation zones

The deep-sea covers around 65% of Earth's surface and houses one of the planet's largest ecosystems. But it is also one of the least-studied …

Natural History Museum

Nothing lasts forever: questions to ask yourself when choosing a new tool or technology for research

Academia has become increasingly reliant on third-party tools and technologies to carry out many of the processes throughout the research lifecycle. …

London School of Economics

What's On? | A lab of one's own: science and suffrage in the First World War

25 July 2018 5.00pm—6.00pm<p>Venue:<p>Lecture Theatre, Weston Library (Map)<p>Speaker(s):<p>Professor Patricia Fara<p>Contact:<p>Janet Walwyn | …

Remembrance Day

The future of work and how we can change it

If there is one overriding narrative is that the future of work consists of more insecure, poor quality and low wage work and/or no jobs at all as …


Playing the game: academics have bought into the competition and become complicit in their exploitation

<i>The managerialist logic that has permeated universities has had a clear impact on academic work. To Senia Kalfa, Adrian Wilkinson and Paul J. Gollan,</i> …

Higher Education

Are horsefly bites on the rise?

Often large, persistent and painful, a bite from a horsefly is an experience unlikely to be forgotten. But why do horseflies seem to appear more in …

Natural History Museum

Gaming the System

Thanks to high-powered microscopes, researchers are now able to spy on individual nerve cells (neurons) and map out the connections between them. But …


Interview with Dr Magdalena Skipper, new Editor-in-Chief of Nature - NeurOn Topic: Learning and Teaching

<b>Kety Alania and Ines Das Neves) You are the first woman to become an Editor-in-Chief of Nature over the last 149 years. What does this mean to you</b> …


Creativity unleashed at Imperial’s PhD Summer Showcase

Imperial’s PhD students displayed their artistic prowess at the Summer Showcase last week.


The LEGO Group and the Natural History Museum | Natural History Museum

Join sustainable superhero Plantus Maximus and learn more about the natural world through fun and interactive LEGO<i>®</i> brick-building experiences.<p>LEGO …

Natural History Museum

How protein fragments could help to tackle the cause of hay fever

Imperial researchers are looking to protein fragments to help people build up resistance to grass pollen.


High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to mother’s heart function

Pregnant women who develop high blood pressure, or have small babies, may have hearts that pump less blood with each beat.


V&A · Drop-in Design: Design a Magical Hat

In the book 'Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day', Clara and her family visit the V&A Museum for a special day out. Think as a contemporary fashion …

Travel (UK)

V&A · Sew your own: Mexican-style huipil

• Share<p>A 'huipil' is a sleeveless tunic, traditionally worn by women in many regions of Mexico and Guatemala. This Frida Huipil sewing pattern is …

Travel (UK)

Marrow Matrix

Concealed inside our bones, bone marrow contains stem cells responsible for the renewal of many tissues, from bone and cartilage to blood. In a …


Game, set and hay fever

<b>With the Wimbledon finals taking place on its famous grass courts this weekend, allergy expert Dr Mohamed Shamji explains how there may be hope for</b> …


Healthy commuting and turning tides: News from the College

Here’s a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial.<p>Choo-choo-choosing your commute (video above)<p>Leaving the car at home and taking …


Student attends NHS 70th anniversary celebrations at Westminster Abbey

Third-year Biomedical Science student Melissa Matthews was invited to Westminster Abbey on 5 July to attend the thanksgiving service celebrating the …

Westminster Abbey