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Most Tory voters want say on Brexit deal, poll shows

Saturday 17 March 2018<p>News /<p>Most voters who backed Theresa May at the last election support a further referendum on her Brexit deal, a new poll has …

Conservative Party

Russia Hits Back By Expelling 23 UK Diplomats In Response To Salisbury Poisoning

Just in.<p>Russia has expelled 23 <b></b>British diplomats in a tit-for-tat response that further escalates global tensions over the Salisbury poisoning …


"They're definitely doing better": senior Tories fear Lib Dem progress

Over in <i>BuzzFeed</i> the Liberal Democrat prospects for the May local elections get a study:<p>Senior Tories in Westminster are nervous about the Lib Dems’ …

Liberal Democrats

Tories lose control of Barnet council weeks before local elections have even begun

The Conservative party has lost control of Barnet council after a councillor resigned from the whip ahead of next month’s local elections in which …

United Kingdom

Jeremy Corbyn supporters should stop excusing Labour’s anti-immigration drift

The Labour leader is a passionate defender of migrants’ rights – Brexit shouldn’t distract the new left movement from that.<p>Something strange is …

Opinion (UK)

Young People And EU Citizens Are Being Targeted In A New Voter Registration Drive

Hope Not Hate's campaign aims to get more people from historically under-represented communities voting in May's local elections.<p>Young people and EU nationals are among the groups being targeted in a new voter registration drive that aims to boost the turnout in May's local elections.<p>The LDN18 …


Number of secondary schools in deficit has 'trebled'

<b>The number of state secondary schools falling into deficit in England has almost trebled in the last four years to more than a quarter, research says.</b><p>Analysis by independent think tank the Educational Policy Institute (EPI) found the proportion of local authority secondaries in deficit rose from …

UK Politics

Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Varadkar of Ireland Before Bilateral Meeting

Oval Office<br>10:55 A.M. EDT<p>Q Mr. President, are you going to come visit us soon?<p>PRESIDENT TRUMP: I will. I love it. I love it. I have property there, …

Donald Trump

How an unexplained attack in Salisbury might test the resolve of an entire continent

To judge from the British government’s robust response to the chemical weapons attack on the English cathedral city of Salisbury this month, Russian …


US President Trump has said he may visit Ireland next year - before he begins to campaign for re-election

President Trump has said he may visit Ireland next year - before he starts his campaign for re-election.<p>Mr Trump was speaking in the Oval Office …

Donald Trump

We Are At A 'Hinge Moment' In Our Brexit Story

It is very strange to have a cabinet and a government pursuing a course of action for the country that they know will be harmful to all of its …

United Kingdom

Labour needs to focus on voters it can win, not those it will unavoidably lose

The party should target young remainers who oppose the excesses of global capitalism<p>In the long run, the Labour party suffers from unavoidable voter attrition among older voters. In every generation as people grow older, they become more economically and socially conservative. As they accumulate …

Opinion (UK)

Despite Surging Youth Activism, Members of Congress Are Reluctant to Lower the Voting Age

Thousands of high school students, many of them minors, have taken part in marches, walkouts, and other activism over the past month to encourage …


Tinkering of the economy could come back to haunt Hammond with local elections looming

The Chancellor’s Treasury officials had been busily briefing Westminster hacks and MPs alike that this was to be a low key “Spring Statement”, not a Budget, so nobody expected a great deal, and not a great deal was delivered. There was a bit of tinkering here and there and even a sprinkling of good …

United Kingdom

Trump and Tillerson at odds over nerve agent used in Salisbury attack which 'clearly came from Russia'

Rex Tillerson's comments are the strongest US response yet to Mrs May's declaration it was "highly likely" Russia was behind the attack.


Voters asked about austerity measures and UK economy

The Chancellor has said the UK is not out of the woods yet economically, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.<p>Daily Politics reporter Greg Dawson took the moodbox, an unscientific test with plastic balls, to Bexleyheath in south east London, and asked potential voters whether austerity has …

UK Politics

Why the Italian election results are unlikely to matter to Brexit

Italy’s recent election proved a successful one for Euro-sceptic parties. Matthew Partridge talks to Italian economist Lorenzo Codogno to find out …

United Kingdom

Vince Cable, not Brexit voters, is the one stuck in the past

Everyone, understandably, is focusing on the white ‘nostalgia’ bit of Vince Cable’s speech to the Lib Dem conference. His slur against older Brexit voters, whom he thinks voted against the EU because they want to go back to a world where ‘passports were blue, faces were white and the map was …

United Kingdom

Brexit: Older Leave voters nostalgic for 'white' Britain, says Cable

<b>Too many older people who voted for Brexit were "driven by nostalgia" for a world where "faces were white," Sir Vince Cable has said.</b><p>The Lib Dem leader said the votes of the older generation had "crushed the hopes and aspirations of young people for years to come."<p>Speaking at his party's spring …

United Kingdom

Support for Labour is surging again as Corbyn's party takes a 7 point lead over the Tories

Support for Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn is surging again, as a new poll gave the party a seven-point lead over the Conservatives.<p>A Survation poll commissioned by trade union GMB, which we saw via PoliticsHome, puts Labour on 44% — a point higher than its previous standing — while the …

United Kingdom

Voting Intention: Conservatives 41%, Labour 43% (5-6 Mar)

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures<p>The latest YouGov/Times voting intention survey sees the Conservatives on 41% (unchanged from last …

Jeremy Corbyn

Meet the feisty family trio who want to get Leeds’s women roaring

Could this be the feistiest female family in Leeds?<p>The three generations have come together on International Women’s Day to urge other Leeds ladies …

Labour Party

Thousands rally against bid to loosen Irish abortion laws

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO - An anti-abortion protestor interrupts speeches during a march for more liberal Irish abortion laws, in Dublin<p>By Conor …

Rights & Freedoms

Eighth retainers find unusual allies in Taoiseach and Tánaiste

Simon Coveney

Referendum to change section 44 should be held at election, law expert says

Professor George Williams says parliament should be able to determine criteria to disqualify MPs.

UK Home Office

The Conservative party is engaging in dangerous fantasies about how to win the next election

All too often, the default response is to find ways to stop Labour people voting.<p>Everything’s coming up Tory? <i>Guido Fawkes</i> reports that Downing Street …

United Kingdom

Neuroticism Could Be ‘Sleeper Effect’ In Trump And Brexit Campaigns

Regions where voters have more neurotic personality traits were more likely to vote for Donald Trump in the United States or for the Brexit campaign …

United Kingdom

NHS staff offered 6.5% pay rise over three years if they forfeit day's holiday

Exclusive: £3.3bn deal nears for staff in England, eight years after last meaningful pay rise<p>The government is set to offer around 1 million NHS staff a 6.5% pay rise over the next three years but is insisting that health workers give up a day’s holiday in return for the £3.3bn deal.<p>Ministers hope …

United Kingdom

Midwives planning march on Parliament demanding better pay and conditions

Fed up midwives are planning a series of actions demanding better pay, culminating with a march on Parliament.Two days before International Midwives …


Britain’s EU migrants get a first chance to vote since the referendum

A SIMPLE misunderstanding almost stopped Nafsika Butler-Thalassis’s political career before it started. “I hadn’t actually realised I could stand,” …

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