The LGBT artists making music where it’s dangerous to be gay

Rainbow Riots, an album of artists from Uganda, Jamaica and more, highlights the grass roots movements in areas rife with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and violence<p>Globally, LGBTQ people are still facing open violence and discrimination on a daily basis, just for living their lives authentically. And across …


Inside Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees

A group of Eritrean asylum-seekers inside Israel's Holot detention facility on Feb. 17, 2014. (Photo credit: ILIA YEFIMOVICH /Getty Images)<p>The …


Notice from Ministry of Local Government

The Government of Uganda received a loan from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and a Grant from the Adaptation for …

East Africa

Uganda struggling with refugees influx

There is an urgent call for more aid to help Uganda cope with an influx of refugees fleeing conflict in South Sudan.<p>It comes at a UN-backed summit where donor countries have made pledges of million of dollars, but still nowhere near the billions needed.<p>UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said: “I …


EU contributes €85 million for refugees in Uganda

The European Union has offered 85 million euros ($94.89 million) to help fund relief operations for hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into …


Uganda, UN appeal for $8 billion for South Sudan refugees

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni and UN chief Antonio Guterres will on Friday host a conference to raise funds for South Sudanese refugees. Nearly …


Uganda: Donors pledge $352 million for refugees

UN chief Antonio Guterres on Friday appealed to the international community to assist Uganda in dealing with a surging refugee influx from South …


Uganda's lesson in how to treat refugees

<b>Uganda took in more refugees than any other country last year - mostly fleeing the conflict in South Sudan - and has been praised for its open-door policy.</b><p>It is hosting a donor conference to raise more funds to look after them.


Uganda’s example of humanity deserves the world’s support

Compassion and generosity have made Uganda a beacon of hope for refugees.<p>By: <b>Filippo Grandi</b><b>, UN High Commissioner for Refugees</b><p>Imagine this: A refugee …


Uganda may be best place in the world to be a refugee. But that could change without more money.

KAMPALA, Uganda — Every day for nearly a year, an average of about 2,000 refugees have entered Uganda from South Sudan. Most of them are women and children who have spent several days traveling by foot, fleeing a civil war and famine that has devastated the world’s youngest country. Some saw their …


Uganda 'providing a lesson' in welcoming refugees

If a country as poor as Uganda can be a generous host for refugees, "then the rest of us need to up our game as well," says David Miliband, President of the IRC.

David Miliband

Uganda's plan to send 1,000 medical workers to Libya criticised by activists

| KAMPALA<p>Uganda is planning to send about 1,000 medical workers to Libya, an official said on Friday, a plan criticised by health activists who believe it would further weaken the country's struggling health care system.<p>Over the last decade, foreign recruiters and employers from the Middle East …

World News

The high price of Uganda's gold rush

<b>(CNN) —</b> Uganda's mineral industry has enjoyed a spectacular surge in recent years.<p>Gold exports reached $340 million in 2016, according to official figures, up from $237,000 in 2014. New mining sites are opening across the country, creating jobs for thousands of people.<p>But a new report from …


Qatar's Al-Jazeera says battling cyber attack

Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera said Thursday that it was under a wide scale cyber-attack which had targeted "all systems", according to a …

Middle East

Ugandan medics seek Libya payday

After six years of desperately searching for a “greener pasture”, Moses, a poorly paid Ugandan medical laboratory technician sick of struggling to …


Football: Germans urge ref to check tough-tackling Brazil

SANTO ANDRÉ - <b>Germany star Bastian Schweinsteiger says referee Marco Rodriguez must pay close attention to tough-tackling Brazil in Tuesday's World</b> …


How Not to Have Six Horrible Months in Uganda

<i>Perhaps start by taking a more nuanced look at the people you meet?</i>We are not allowed to be complex, like any other society.” Downtown Kampala by …

Liberal POV

Uganda: How Corruption Plague Mining Sector

[Monitor] Kampala -Uganda continues to earn peanuts from a potentially lucrative mining sector because of corruption and mismanagement that has …


The Weeknd Donates $100,000 To Medical Center In Uganda

The "Starboy" singer opens his wallet to help fund a new maternity clinic.

Meet the Social Enterprise Empowering Artisans and Former Child Soldiers

There is something so special about JustOne: a social enterprise empowering artisans in the Kibera slums of Kenya, and former child soldiers in …

Social Enterprise

Idi Amin and Donald Trump - strong men with unlikely parallels

US President Donald Trump’s norm-breaking campaign and early reign has been compared to several other divisive historical figures, especially …

Donald Trump

Uganda investigates vanished ivory haul

<b>Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has ordered a new investigation into the disappearance of ivory from government strong rooms.</b><p>About 1.3 tonnes (2,866 lbs) of ivory vanished from the country's Wildlife Authority in November 2014.<p>Mr Museveni said the Wildlife Authority's Executive Director Andrew …


UBA and Mastercard partner to drive financial inclusion goals | IT News Africa – Africa's Technology News Leader

June 14, 2017 • East Africa, Finance<p>The agreement between UBA and Mastercard is geared to support the country’s vision.(image: …


Main Arab-Israeli conflicts since 1948

<b>Israel and Arab countries have fought several conflicts since the Jewish state was created in 1948, without counting its offensives in Lebanon and</b> …


Uganda, Tanzania agree on world's longest heated pipeline

Uganda and Tanzania sign an agreement for a proposed $3.5B crude export pipeline project, which is expected to start pumping Ugandan oil to …

East Africa

Uganda’s news “rap-orter” is reaching out to young audiences through music

The teenager aspires to become Uganda’s first female president.<p>Zoe Kabuye aka MC Loy is part of an interesting team of hip-hop artists who team up to …

East Africa

After years and continents apart, Red Cross helps reconnect family separated by conflict

Mary Akon Akech Thiek's story is the same for thousands of people across the world who have their lives torn apart by conflict.<p>She was born in Sudan, …

Red Cross

Women say men leaving provision role to them

<b>By Francis Emorut</b><p><b>A group of women in the central region have complained that men have abandoned their responsibility of being breadwinners, leaving</b> …


Grad brings fight to end human trafficking from Uganda to Kennedy School

<i>This is one in a</i> <i>series</i> <i>of profiles showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates.</i><p>From the day of her birth in Uganda, Agnes Igoye confronted a world …

Kennedy School of Government

Advice for Ugandan schools: Stop expelling LGBT students

Ugandan schools continue to have a narrow-minded, repressive and damaging view of students’ sexuality, but at least one church-related organization …