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Melania Trump 'can't wait to divorce Donald and uses her fashion choices to punish him'

Melania Trump can't wait to divorce her husband and uses her fashion choices to punish him, according to the president's former aide.<p>Omarosa …

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The Corbyn wreath ‘scandal’ is just an exercise in hypocrisy | Owen Jones

An Israeli commission found Ariel Sharon personally responsible​ for the [Sabra and Shatila camps] massacre<p>In November 2004, Britain’s foreign secretary Jack Straw laid a wreath at the grave of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. How might this have been framed with the current Labour …


Trump tweets on London 'terrorist attack' as investigation gets underway

<b>(CNN) —</b> President Donald Trump on Tuesday again seized on what he called a "terrorist attack" in London to call for tougher anti-terror measures, even though the incident was still in the early stages of investigation.<p>"Another terrorist attack in London...These animals are crazy and must be dealt …


Driver suspected of terrorism after car crashes into a barrier near UK Parliament

London's Metropolitan Police said a number of pedestrians suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


Jeremy Corbyn condemned after image emerges of him making Muslim Brotherhood salute

Jeremy Corbyn has been condemned for making the salute of an Islamist organisation which was described by a Government inquiry as “counter to British values and democracy”.<p>The Labour leader was pictured making the four-fingered Rabbi’ah sign, a symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood, during a visit to …

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Donald Trump 'has to be stopped from calling world leaders at all hours because he doesn't understand time zones'

Donald Trump might consider himself a master strategist when it comes to foreign affairs but there is one concept that apparently has him baffled: …

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Opinion: Brexit has reached a dead end

Brexit is on the negotiating table yet again in Brussels. With no alternative in sight, the UK is staggering aimlessly toward the day it will …

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British Prime Minister's Comment On Terror Attack Makes CNN Look Stupid

CNN, ever desirous of disparaging President Trump, issued a tweet on Tuesday morning mocking Trump for referring to the incident in London in which a …

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Jeremy Hunt: EU must change its approach to avoid no-deal Brexit

Jeremy Hunt has called on the EU to change its approach on Brexit, and said the risk of failing to reach a deal has risen in recent weeks.<p>The British foreign secretary was speaking at the start of three-day tour of continental Europe aimed at persuading member states to back Theresa May’s Brexit …

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Car smashes into barriers outside UK parliament: what we know

A car has smashed into barriers surrounding the UK parliament in London, injuring two passers-by.<p>What happened<p>The incident took place shortly before 8am on the main road between the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.<p>A silver Ford sped down the street, striking at least two passers-by …

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Man arrested after car crash outside UK Parliament

london, Aug 14 (IANS) A man was arrested on Tuesday after he crashed his car into security barriers outside the UK Parliament, injuring a number of …


Classical scholars turn backs on Boris Johnson over burqa comments

The Ides of March may be long past but Boris Johnson has found himself, like Julius Caesar, under attack from an unusual direction – in Johnson’s case, the nation’s classical scholars.<p>Following his incendiary remarks about Muslim women wearing the burqa, Johnson has found his position on a charity …

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Westminster incident: Car hits cyclists and pedestrians 'at 40mph' in 'terror attack' outside Parliament

A car skittled pedestrians and cyclists before swerving and smashing into a security barrier outside parliament in a possible terror attack at rush …


British expats in EU launch Brexit legal challenge

British expatriates have launched a fresh legal challenge against the 2016 referendum, arguing that the result has been invalidated by the Electoral Commission’s ruling on leave campaign spending.<p>The judicial review against the prime minister, Theresa May, has been submitted to the high court in …

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Car crashes into barrier outside UK Parliament

UK Parliament

Car crash into British Parliament was terror attack


It takes more than a house to make a home – and the UK is out of policy ideas on how to build more

What makes a home? A safe dwelling – a roof – is a good start, but it takes much more than bricks and mortar. Support for individuals and families, …


No, this Netanyahu row won’t destroy Corbyn – it will only make him stronger

We are approaching year four of the war on Jeremy Corbyn, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has joined the fray. In an intervention for which …


No life-threatening injuries in UK parliament crash: police

LONDON (Reuters) - None of the pedestrians injured when a car collided with security barriers outside Britain’s parliament on Tuesday is believed to be in a life-threatening condition, police said.<p>Earlier police said a number of people had been hurt in the incident.

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How Trump Crushed the Climate Change Hysterics

Thirteen years ago, a Republican president who had pulled the United States out of an onerous climate treaty faced isolation at the annual gathering …

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Brexit Sees Number of EU Workers in U.K. Fall at Record Pace

Further evidence that Brexit is deterring European Union workers emerged in figures published Tuesday.<p>The number of EU nationals working in the U.K. …

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Conservative MPs to challenge Theresa May to accept a no-deal Brexit

LONDON — Conservative Brexiteers plan to challenge Theresa May directly by drawing up a plan outlining a "positive" blueprint for leaving the EU with no deal, according to a report.<p>Leave-supporting Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is organising the policy paper, which will outline the advantages to Britain …

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DWP culture is ‘sanction by default’ – was I lazy for missing Universal Credit appointment because I was in hospital for seizures?

<i>Luke O’Donnell, 24, was sanctioned by the DWP for missing work-related appointment for Job Seeker’s Allowance earlier this year due to seizures.</i> …

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Ukip's new Assembly leader Gareth Bennett walked out when we challenged him on immigration

We wanted to ask Ukip group leader Gareth Bennett about some of his more controversial views - but halfway through our interview, he walked …

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British Parliament car crash under investigation as terrorist attack, 'number of injuries' reported


Israel PM Binyamin Netanyahu condemns Jeremy Corbyn in a tweet


Police probe 'terrorist' car attack outside UK parliament

A car swerved into passers-by then slammed into a barrier protecting Britain's Houses of Parliament in a suspected terror attack on Tuesday.


Counter-terrorism police leading investigation into incident at UK parliament

London's police said their counter-terrorism unit was leading the investigation into an incident outside Britain's parliament building on Tuesday …


Westminster terror attack: Theresa May says Britain under 'severe' threat after huge rise in active terrorist investigations

Theresa May has warned of the "severe" threat facing Britain in the wake of the latest suspected attack on Westminster as new figures showed a huge spike in terrorism investigations.<p>Downing Street disclosed that the number of live investigations into suspected terrorist plots rose from "more than …


Driver arrested after crashing into barrier at British Parliament

Sirens wail as police leap over barrier to respond to vehicle that crashed into barriers outside Houses of Parliament in London, England.

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