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Apple is bringing a billion-dollar checkbook to Hollywood, and wants to buy 10 TV shows

Game on.<p>Apple is officially open for business in Hollywood.<p>The company is telling content makers it wants to spend $1 billion on its own stuff over the next year. That’s music to studios’ ears, and a tune they have been expecting for some time — especially after Apple hired two top Sony TV …

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Netflix wants exclusive rights to films, TV shows and the talent creating them

From exclusive original content to exclusive creative talent.<p>Netflix Inc. NFLX, +0.44% is going through another transformation on its way to becoming a mature film and TV studio.<p>The company this week lured one of TV’s most prolific and successful writers and producers away from Walt Disney Co’s …


Apple Commits a Small Fraction of Its Billions to Original TV Shows

As it continues to try to build up its all-encompassing “services” product sector, Apple is committing a billion dollars to original programming, <i>The</i> … Inc

A preview of some of fall's hottest TV shows

Video: A preview of some of fall’s hottest TV shows<p>In today’s Entertainment City, we get a preview of fall’s hottest shows, including the return of …

Where'd it go?: A look at how streaming services are confusing viewers

TORONTO -- Marie Conception was three seasons into the TV series "Gossip Girl" when Netflix yanked the entire show from its lineup.<p>Left hanging in …

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Facebook's big push into TV shows is an attack on YouTube, not Netflix

• <b>Facebook’s foray into original shows, dubbed Watch, is a direct shot at YouTube, and less of a play to compete with more premium services like Netflix and HBO.</b>• <b><br>The first round of shows Facebook plans to debut in Watch include daily series from internet celebrities, many of whom have already built</b> …


Without Disney, Netflix Needs to Produce More Movies of Its Own

Walt Disney's break with Netflix increases pressure on the streaming service to produce more of its own programs and shore up its movie catalog as …


Netflix Canada Is Raising Their Price For All Users

<b>Streaming all your favorite</b> movies and TV shows shows is once again about to get more expensive.<p><b>Back when I first registered</b> for Netflix it only cost …


What Disney Parting With Netflix Tells Us About the Content Streaming Business

A competition of creativity, basically.<p>Disney just announced that effective 2019, its content will no longer be available on Netflix.<p>And not only will it no longer be on Netflix, but in 2019 Disney will also launch its own streaming service.<p>Here's why that's so much more revealing about the …


Disney to offer two streaming services and end its movie distribution agreement with Netflix

Walt Disney Co. will launch two Netflix-like streaming services — one for sports and another for films and television shows — in one of the boldest moves by an entertainment company to address the changing media landscape.<p>The stand-alone subscription services would appeal to younger audiences who …


Can old TV shows be converted to HDR?

Your old favorite shows could be getting an HDR makeover, and potentially that’s not just a gimmick. Here's how.<p>There's something your favorite old TV shows have in common. "Star Trek," "Dallas," even "M*A*S*H" were all shot on film. This may seem old-fashioned, but film was actually a great way to …

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Facebook Announces 'Watch' Platform for Facebook-Exclusive TV Shows

Facebook today announced the launch of an upcoming platform called "Watch," which is designed to Facebook-exclusive TV shows.<p>Watch is Facebook's official platform for shows on Facebook, and it will be available on mobile, desktop, and in Facebook's TV apps. According to Facebook, its shows are …


Watching politics from the benches of parliament

What's it like watching the absurdity of politics play out on television, when government is your day job?

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Netflix buys comics publisher Millarworld, the minds behind ‘Kingsman’

The comic book geniuses whose work brought you “Kingsman” and “Kick-Ass” are now a part of Netflix. The streaming giant announced Monday that it is buying the comic company Millarworld in its first acquisition ever.<p>The deal, for an amount that wasn't disclosed, gives Netflix the tools to make its …


Twitter Makes TV Shows Canadian and We'd Actually Watch These

Twitter didn't disappoint. We'd watch the shit out of these shows, preferably with a fat platter of poutine within arm's reach. Submitted by:


Game of Thrones Episode Leak - TV Shows

Sunday’s upcoming fourth episode of Game of Thrones, “Spoils of War,” has apparently leaked this morning. The source of the leak, according to The …

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All The Best Movies, TV Shows, And Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

Trust us. You'll never be bored again.<p>DISCLAIMER: Some of these lists may include duplicate recommendations. It's still a shitload of great recs, though, so please enjoy.


8 Dystopian TV Shows and Movies That Explore Race

<i>All week long, Vulture is exploring how dystopias have been imagined in popular culture.</i><p>It’s no secret that television shows and movies struggle to …


The 5 most expensive TV shows Netflix has made (so far)

A lot of noise has been made about how much Netflix is spending in order to attract new subscribers and expand into new regions of the world.<p>A <i>Los Angeles Times</i> report titled "Netflix is $20 billion in debt" renewed worries that the company was pushing too hard, too fast. First of all, that's …


More Networks Are Creating TV Shows for and by Women—So Why Isn't CBS?

Recently, Netflix's vice president of original content, Cindy Holland, spoke to us about why it's such a no-brainer for the streaming giant to feature more original series by women, for women, and featuring women. (In short, "Women represent half the global excluding women from …


The 8 Best Fall TV Shows to Watch

From new versions of old favorites to prestige adaptations and goofy mystery series.<p>The season for summer movies is almost over, and cozy Netflix weather is on its way. While old favorites will return to TV this fall (<i>American Horror Story</i>, <i>Outlander</i>, <i>Empire</i>, and <i>Grey's Anatomy</i> will all be back on …


Stephen King adaptations ranked: The best movies and TV shows based on his work

Stephen King's work has been adapted countless times over the years -- whether as feature films, made-for-TV movies, miniseries or TV shows -- and …


Streaming Networks Separate : Is this the future we want? - SlashGear

As Disney announces its own streaming service separate from Netflix, the wave of network-owned streaming services begins. Soon we’ll find that every …

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Why are there so many TV shows about TV shows?

<b>Friends fans rejoiced last week when it was announced that Jennifer Aniston is returning to TV screens.</b><p>She and Reese Witherspoon are due to star in a new HBO series set behind the scenes of a breakfast news show.<p>The currently-untitled project is the latest in a whole host of films and TV series to …


The Best Reviewed Titles Added To Hulu In August

Decider Search<p>What to Watch<p>Genres<p>Drama<br>• Comedy<br>• Action/Adventure<br>• Documentary/Reality<br>• Children's/Family<br>• Horror<p>Platforms<p>Netflix<br>• Hulu<br>• Amazon Prime<p>Moods<p>The Best …


7 amazing TV shows cancelled for totally stupid reasons

Seriously, some of these are borderline offensive.<p>More often than not, it's low ratings that do for TV shows – a series might have a dedicated …


Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia with Biographies, Character Profiles Episode Summaries

Author Dennis Bjorklund is an accomplished and well-respected television programming authority who has published many small screen books covering …


The New Movies and TV Shows to Stream in August

Hot days call for cool nights with the AC blasting — underneath the covers, wrapped up in blankets, with the warm glow of the TV. This August there …


People are sharing the “little things that ruin TV shows and movies” and it’ll make you nod and go “yes, that’s WRONG”

<i>M4ttso</i> over on <i>Twitter</i> has posed a great question “What, if anything, can ruin a tv show/film for you? Mine is actors unrealistically drinking hot …

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Netflix Takes Out $500 Million Credit Line for Additional Expansion

<b>Netflix</b> has plans to produce more original content in addition to expanding their presence around the world, but they’ll need to dive deeper into …