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Can You Name Two Characters From These 10 TV Shows And Movies?

Surely you can name just two characters, right?


Top 20 Television Shows of 2017

Whichever precious metal you prefer to describe the age of television in which we are currently operating—gold, platinum, you name it—it's worth …


Ranking 2017 superhero TV shows from worst to best

Here’s a look back at all the best and worst superhero TV shows that were released in 2017. After years of increasing popularity, it seems like 2017 …


Readers’ Poll 2017: Vote For Your Favorite Music, TV Shows, and Films

It’s the last week of 2017, which means our Annual Report is almost finished.<p>All month, we’ve kept ourselves crazy busy by unveiling this year’s Top …


Countdown to 2018 with the Biggest Deals of 2017

The countdown to 2018 officially starts today with the biggest sale of 2017. Microsoft Store online and has more than 650 deals for fans …

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The Fascinating Legal Complexities of Casting Babies in Movies and Television Shows

In a semi-animated piece for Vox, writer and director Dean Petersen takes a look the casting of babies in film and television roles, going through …


Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

This list is a ranking of the top 10 TV shows in production during 2017 that were most consistently popular with IMDb users. These rankings are not …


Bobby's Top 5 TV Shows Of 2017

2017 is coming to an end and with that come all of the lists for the 'top' things from the year. Today Bobby shared his Top 5 TV shows he watched …


12 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct Are Forcing TV Shows to Switch Gears

• LOG IN<br>• REGISTER<p>Social Account<p>Facebook<p>or<p>Sign up with a social account:<p>Facebook<p>Don’t worry. We will <i>never</i> post to your social media account without your …


What’s New On Netflix In December 2017? Top 7 Movies, TV Shows

Netflix is giving subscribers a good holiday present: new titles! The streaming service will add dozens of new titles in December, but these are the …


Netflixing In Public: The Good, Bad And Ugly Places That People Do It From

It's the time of year when it seems as if <i>everyone</i> is doing the whole Netflix and Chill thing, where we all just cuddle up on the couch with a …


This Is How Much You Get Paid To Rent Your Home to TV Shows

What would you trade for your home to have a moment of TV fame? Endless roof pizzas? Well, now that the writers at The Real Deal have pulled back the …


The counter-cultural revolution in the West

Harvey Weinstein [File photo]<p>Something remarkable is happening in the West. In recent days, there's been a witch hunt in both the U.S. and the U.K., …

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Report: Sprint to give customers free Hulu in attempt to stay relevant

T-Mobile customers get free Netflix. AT&T Unlimited customers get free HBO. So Sprint, according to a new report, will start giving customers …



<i>Welcome to Ban Week, in which Splinter writers will build a case for burning it all down.</i><p>There are too many goddamn TV shows.<p>For once, I am not just …


11 Movies, TV Shows You Forgot Leonardo DiCaprio Was In

In honor of Leo’s birthday, here’s a look at TV series like “Parenthood” and movies like “Critters 3” that might have skipped your mind


Netflix won't have any more Marvel TV shows soon

Netflix and Marvel might seem like a match made in heaven at the moment, but it looks like the happy union might soon be over.<p>Despite premiering a …

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FX Severs All Ties With Louis C.K.: ‘Now Is Not the Time for Him to Make Television Shows’

He has also been dropped by his management company and publicist.<p>Louis C.K. is done at FX. The network just announced that it’s severing all ties …


5 East Coast Road Trip Destinations Inspired by TV Shows

Take a drive to the towns that inspired TV shows including 'Gilmore Girls,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Cheers' and more.


The End Of THE DEFENDERS? Future Marvel TV Shows Are Unlikely To Be Released On Netflix

It appears as if the era of Marvel TV shows on Netflix is nearing its end as a new report on the possible Disney/Fox deal reveals that they'll be …

Peak TV is Giving People Anxiety

TV is so good right now, folks. In fact, it’s <i>too</i> good, to the point where people are overwhelmed. At least that’s what a new survey has found, with …

Dwight D. Eisenhower

TV Shows' Visibility Spread Via Ads, Digital Depends On WOM

TV consumers discover a new show via traditional advertising sources, while finding an online show happens through word-of-mouth.<p>Hub Entertainment …

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6 new US TV shows that critics hate, but normal people love

6. 'Valor' -- The CW<p><i>The CW/YouTube</i><p><b>Critic score:</b>24%<p><b>Audience score:</b>56%<p><b>Difference:</b> 32%<p><b>Summary:</b> A drama about an elite unit of helicopter pilots, a …


Today’s TV shows are making us feel like crap

“Stranger Things,” the popular Netflix series that dropped its second season last Friday, is known for its ’80s sci-fi twists and turns. But the …


All the Times 'Stranger Things' Referenced Movies and TV Shows

From "E.T." to "Commando," these are the movie and TV references from "Stranger Things."<p>For as much as <i>Stranger Things</i> is a show about alternate …


If TV shows had their own channel….

Last week at Seven’s AllFronts they confirmed <b>My Kitchen Rules</b> content would be available all year round with former contestants fronting new content …

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What’s New On Netflix In November? Top 7 Movies, TV Shows

It’s a new month and that means Netflix has new movies and TV shows. Some are old favorites, others are Netflix originals, but they all should be on …


10 Halloween-worthy movies and TV shows you need to watch on Netflix


Apple’s Original TV Shows Will Be Extra Family Friendly

It was recently reported that <b>Apple</b> is investing a billion dollars in producing original movie and TV content. However, audiences shouldn’t expect …


Apple doesn’t want nipples or violence in its new TV shows

Apple has a long road ahead if it wants to compete with the likes of Netflix, and exclusive original content is the best way to get customers on …

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