This Hybrid Turntable Digitizes Your Vinyl Records

There's a reason why audiophiles are obsessed with vinyl, and it's not just because having an actual record collection makes you the coolest kid on …

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Triangle Art Maestro and Master Reference Turntables and TA-260 Amplifier

Gorgeous metalwork award goes to Tom Vu's Triangle Art display and especially the Master Reference Turntable ($39,900) seen in the photo above. Vu is …


Meet Red Bull 3Style World Finalist, RINA

RINA (Source: Instagram)<p>Rina Sakurai, a.k.a. RINA, will compete in the Red Bull 3Style World Finals VIII between Feb. 7 and 11 in Kraków, Poland. …


Technics New Reference Turntable SP-10R, SL-1000R and All-In-One SC-C70 - CES 2018

The Technics room at CES was a lot more than just turntables this year, but the big news was definitely making waves on the analog front. A new …

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Technics' All-New $20K Turntable Is An Audiophile Dream-Machine

There are quite a few benefits to what’s been dubbed the “vinyl revival” over the past decade or so for music enthusiasts. New technology implemented …

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What Is Technics Doing?

The new, modular Technics SP-10R turntable plays records just like any other turntable. But, according to Technics, it plays records really, really, …

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This glorious $45,000 turntable made of wood and aluminum just blew our minds

There’s plenty of practical, consumer-friendly gear filling the halls of CES each year. And then there are products like Clearaudio’s absolutely …

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Say hello to Technics’ insane, $20,000 SL-1000R turntable

After so many years at CES, there are increasingly few things that make the hairs on our arms stand up these days. But a $20,000, three-armed …

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Technics unveil their “most premium turntable ever”

At the cost of a new subcompact auto…<p>Technics unveiled their “most premium turntable ever” during this week’s CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The …


Technics adds turntable double to Reference Class audio series

Technics priced the standard version of the renewed Technics turntables announced in 2016 – the SL-1200G – at a rather exclusive US$4,000, a dramatic …


Tonearm Trouble?

A skipping stylus or a dodgy wheel? We teach you how to test and balance your tonearm.


Technics introduces a new pair of Reference Class turntables

The company aims to set the bar with their audiophile-grade models.<p>Author:<p>Staff<p>Publish date:<p>Social count:<p>0<p>The company aims to set the bar with their …

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Audio-Technica shows off new headphones, a belt drive turn table, and more at CES

Today at CES in Las Vegas, Audio-Technica is premiering a slew of new products including its QuietPoint over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling headphones. They will be Audio-Technica’s first wireless over-ear headphones to feature the exclusive “Pure Digital Drive audio technology.” Plus, the …


We Preview the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

With the show officially opening tomorrow, we took the opportunity to preview some products and trends we’re most excited about.<p>The Consumer …

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Two new Technics turntables are coming, including its ‘most premium turntable ever’

Spendy, but a good value for their build<p>Panasonic has formally introduced the newest additions to its Technics turntable line at CES: the SP-10R and the SL-1000R. The original SP10 was launched in 1969 and was the first direct drive turntable. Panasonic says this new edition of the resurrected SP10 …

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Meet Red Bull 3Style World Finalist, Deejay Irie

<b>Age:</b> 38<p><b>Residence:</b> Groningen, Netherlands<p><b>Previous titles won:</b> 2015 DMC Online DJ Championships, 2013 Mixmove Video DJ Battle, 2008 DMC Benelux …


Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player classic turntable stereo system review

Tweet<p>Share<p>Pin<p>If you are in the market for a record player with that classic vintage look then this unit may be something you are looking for, plus a …

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Saturday assorted links

1. Turntable digitizes your records as they play.2. Why don’t trees touch each other more?3. A thread on mentoring across the genders.4. Mike Konczal …


EAT C Sharp Turntable

This review started out an examination of the popular EAT C Sharp Turntable, but ended up a phono playback review. Only focusing on the turntable …


The Bandai 8-Ban Was a Tiny Record Player from Japan

For his latest archeotechnological dig, Techmoan rewinds back to 2004 to show off the Bandai 8-ban – a collectible from Japan which plays tiny 3″ …

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This Conversion Turntable Digitally Safeguards Your Vinyls

Nothing in the audiophile's world really compares to the sound of true vinyl – but admittedly, it's not as convenient as being able to listen to …


Home Grown: The Italian collector with 65 Bowie records

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Stylish turntable designed to make you pause for a listen

In a world of quick on-the-move music hits and digital convenience, Logigram has been developed "to bring back the pleasure of taking a moment for …

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Pro-Ject VT-E Wireless Turntable

Put a new spin on your music with the Pro-Ject VT-E Wireless Turntable. Easy to setup and use, this incredible music player actually holds your vinyl …

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TT8 Multifunctional Turntable

Vinyl and turntables have resurfaced in the recent years and the interest in these two products have expectedly conceived a new kind of turntable. …


This Teeny Tiny Record Player Actually Works

A novelty from 2004 that remains just as odd today.<p>While vinyl may seem quaint in the face of streaming technology, there's a certain magic to physically owning music that has clearly resonated beyond a short-lived fad. However, the Bandai 8ban definitely was a fad. A remarkably tiny record player …

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Turntables predicted to be top-selling tech product for Christmas 2017

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Every DJ Who Uses Turntables Needs This

To wrap up the year, Mojaxx examines the benefits of using a styles pressure gauge, a product he believes is an essential buy for every turntable …


Crosley Gear Keeps Your Turntable, Records Sounding Their Best

Crosley continues to expand its vinyl empire. Over the past few years, the company has expanded into audiophile territory with new turntables like …

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Turntables are golden as UK retailers report bumper Christmas sales

HMV predicts turntables will be its top-selling technology product, beating both headphones and speaker docks<p>It’s been decades since families gathered round record players to listen to the new pile of records stacked among the torn wrapping paper on Christmas morning.<p>However, LPs will be crackling …

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