15 of the Most Gut-Wrenching Grey's Anatomy Moments Ever

Weep, wash, repeat.<p>Just try to get to #9 without crying.

Grey's Anatomy

The Loneliness Of Japan In Retro-Style GIFs

[GIF: Motocross-Saito | Tumblr]<p>Big cities can feel lonely. The likes of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are no exception. Pixel artist Motocross-Saito …


Twitter increases length of user display names from 20 to 50 characters

In yet another overhaul within a week, <b>Twitter</b> has doubled the length of users' display names to 50 characters — up from the original 20. "The new …


People: Touching, Sleeping, Matching.

<b>Stefan Drashan photographs people in museums. People Touching Artworks:</b>Visitor at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, from Stefan Drashan’s …


Twitter to officially roll out 280 character tweet limit in a bid to increase user engagement

Microblogging website Twitter Inc, known for its iconic 140-character tweets, said on Tuesday it would roll out <b>280-character tweets</b> to users across …


Video: How the blockchain is transforming real estate

Alex Voloshyn, CTO of Propy, explains why smart contracts are the most secure way to verify property proof of ownership.

Real Estate

‘Grain entrapment’ is Tumblr’s strange, scary new meme

“Grain entrapment” is what happens when a person steps into a large pile of grain and gets sucked down and swallowed up. The grain acts like …


Video: 5 ways telecommuting benefits your company

If your company is thinking about implementing a work-from-home policy, here are five reasons why remote work is a good idea.

Remote Working

Why new users don't need to fear the Linux command line

The myth that you need to know all kinds of commands may be keeping some users away from Linux. That might have been true in the early days, but it's …


Video: Inside Bumble's hacking fumble

TechRepublic's Olivia Krauth explains how dating applications like Bumble, OkCupid, and Tinder could use business users exposed to hacks that reveal …


Twitter's reluctance to enforce its policies undermines its new guidelines for dealing with revenge porn

In order to combat the problem of revenge porn on Twitter, the microblogging website has introduced changes to the 'intimate media' section of its …

Social Media

Video: Why 2017 was the year ransomware went mainstream

ZDNet's Danny Palmer explains why Bad Rabbit, WannaCry, NotPetya, and other strains of ransomware are so virulent.


Twitter bars ads from Russia's RT, Sputnik

The response comes amid increased pressure on Twitter and other internet firms to police their platforms, after a series of disclosures showing how …

News (South Africa)

Twitter bans ads from RT, Sputnik, citing intel

Social media service cites intel agency findings that the media outlets interfered in 2016 presidential election

Internet Research Agency

Humana used a low-code project to double revenue in a key segment

See how one business unit inside health care giant Humana used low-code to build something that its IT department didn't have the resources to …


Video: How to get started in tech without knowing code

Programming isn't the only way into the tech industry. TechRepublic's Olivia Krauth shares five essential skills that can help kickstart your career.


Gartner forecasts an increase in IT equipment purchases for enterprises

An increase in IT equipment purchases means admins will have more assets to track, assign, and reassign. A smart enterprise will have a policy in …

Internet of Things

Video: Here's a look at LibreOffice's new interface options

LibreOffice has updated its interface to look cleaner and more modern, and work more efficiently. Here's how to get the new version.


Video: Bad Rabbit is ransomware with a hare trigger

Bad Rabbit hit Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Turkey. TechRepublic's Brandon Vigliarolo explains how the year's third major ransomware attack spread …


When Cats Text Hilarious Posts On Tumblr

"Cats Text Posts" is a great page on tumblr. check it out for some more. Submitted by:


Twitter Doubles Up: How Will 280-Character Tweets Impact Brands?

On September 26, Twitter announced that it was doubling the maximum length of tweets from 140 characters to 280-character tweets


Video: 5 features that make Slack more functional for business

Slack is a hugely popular collaboration tool, and there are many features to make it more useful. Here are five of them.


Video: Why smartphone-class CPUs are about to get better at machine learning

Matt Mattina, senior director of machine learning research at chip designer Arm, on the burgeoning AI capabilities of low-power processors.

Machine Learning

Video: 3 must-have security features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The latest Windows 10 update is live, and from granular security controls to new file sharing features the Fall Creators Update is loaded with tools …


Video: Google on how TensorFlow Lite will help build better AI for smartphones

Pete Warden, lead of the TensorFlow mobile/embedded team at Google, on bringing machine learning to phones and single-board computers.

Machine Learning

Video: The world's most advanced robotic neonatal simulator

Fall in love with Gaumard Scientific's Super Tory, a lifelike robot baby used to train medical professionals, and can simulate a spectrum of ailments …


Video: How to prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked

WordPress powers over 74 million websites. Neill Feather, President of cybersecurity firm SiteLock, explains the benefits of open source software and …

Open Source Software

The top five UX ingredients a designer should always keep in their back pocket

<i>Lessons on “doing” the process of user experience design.</i>Everything has a user experience. Your job is not to create the user experience. Your job is …

UX Design

Video: 5 surprising business uses for blockchain

Using blockchain is great for accountability, which makes it useful for many industries.


Video: A quick explanation of Docker and what it can do for business

If you work in IT, you've probably heard of Docker. But in case you're not entirely sure what it is, here's a quick explanation of the technology and …