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Malissa Mallett: Still more to learn about link between head injuries, veteran suicides

After losing her son, Army Spc. Nick Steele, to suicide in July 2012, there were days that longtime Tucson resident Jacqueline Reed was not sure of …

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Woman fell to her death while trying to climb into flat after losing keys on night out

<b>A woman died after losing her keys and falling 25ft while trying to climb into her flat through a window following a night out, an inquest has …

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Chronic Pain Associated With Traumatic Brain Injury: Causes and Management

November 15, 2017<p>Share this content:<p>“Accumulating evidence suggests that chronic pain is common after TBI,” noted Dr Irvine.<p>Any trauma that causes …


Neuroscientists Add Memory Loss to List of NFL-Linked Brain Problems

The list is growing rapidly.<p>By on<p>Filed Under Education, Health, Medicine & Sports<p>The future, straight to your inbox.<p>Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy …

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The Burden Of Concussion And Traumatic Brain Injury

(Inside Science) -- In simple terms, a concussion is some form of neurological deficit that happens because of a bump, blow or jolt to the head. In …

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Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT) Reports On Results From Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Trials -Slideshow

The following slide deck was published by Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. in conjunction with this event.<p>134<p>Click to enlarge


How Nick Francona's complaint hurt MLB image of military support

Every Memorial Day and Fourth of July, MLB players wear military-themed uniforms.


Doctors Underestimated How Severely CTE Damaged Aaron Hernandez’s Brain

It's the worst case seen in someone so young.<p>By on<p>Filed Under Death, Health, Medicine & Neuroscience<p>The future, straight to your inbox.<p>Aaron …

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Scientists Linking Brain Injury to CTE Are Trying to Avoid the NFL

'We intentionally tried not to direct attention."<p>By on<p>Filed Under Health, Biology, Diseases, Drugs, Experiments & Sports<p>In April, a posthumous …


How science is moving toward diagnosing and treating the NFL's biggest problem: Brain injuries

The announcement in September that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had severe Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, when he …

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Bergdahl Trial: Wife of Soldier Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury Testifies

The wife of National Guard Master Sgt. Mark Allen, who suffered a debilitating head wound during the 2009 search mission for then-missing Sgt. Bowe …

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U.S. claims of health attacks on diplomats are ‘deliberate lies,’ Cuban foreign minister says

The Cuban government has repeatedly denied any responsibility for diplomatic health problems. It has facilitated four visits by FBI investigation …


Trump administration expected to defend embargo on Cuba in United Nations vote

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration will defend America’s decades-old economic embargo on Cuba in a United Nations vote this week, the State …


Neurobehavioral Abnormalities Associated with Executive Dysfunction after Traumatic Brain Injury

Introduction<p>Executive functions represent higher level cognitive abilities that underpin many aspects of social cognition and interpersonal behavior, …

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Former QB Has Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About the NFL

Right-wing conspiracy nut Sheila Zilinsky had Mike Boryla, who had a brief NFL career as a quarterback in the 70s, on her radio show and he offered …


Wounded soldier's wife expected to testify against Bergdahl

Emotional testimony is expected Monday when the wife of a seriously wounded soldier takes the stand during the sentencing hearing for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.<p>Prosecutors told a judge that they intend to call Shannon Allen to the stand to discuss a traumatic brain injury suffered by her husband when …

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US Army working on a device that can assess traumatic brain injury on the battlefield

Traumatic brain injury, when not treated soon could significantly increase chances of developing Alzheimer's.<p>The US Army Medical Research and …


Army funding development of device to quickly assess traumatic brain injury on the battlefield

The Army has awarded a contract for development of a device to quickly determine if a person has a brain injury and how severe it is.<p>The portable …

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This VR headset takes a hard look at brain injuries

Concussions are a fact of life for athletes. Sideline VR tech could help determine if someone needs medical attention.<p>Virtual reality could help in diagnosing something as elusive as a concussion.<p>SyncThink, which develops eye-tracking technology for VR headsets, says its Eye-Sync device can …

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IRS Wants Wounded Veteran to Pay $62,000 Tax Bill From the Cancellation of His Student Loans

(BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich.) — The IRS is asking a wounded veteran from Michigan to pay $62,000 in income taxes on the federal government’s cancellation of …

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Donald Trump accuses Cuba over mystery attacks on US personnel in Havana

Donald Trump has said he believes Cuba "is responsible" for attacks on US government personnel in Havana.


Traumatic brain injury confirmed in young B.C. bull rider who took his own life

Rising 25-year-old star Ty Pozzobon of Merritt died in January<p>A young B.C. man who died earlier this year has become the first confirmed case of …

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Legislature OKs $450,000 for traumatic brain injury pilot program

The General Assembly has approved $450,000 in funding to allow between three and five hospitals to participate in a traumatic brain injury pilot …

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You look great! How to support someone with a mild traumatic brain injury

In February 2015, I accidentally smacked my head on a wall. I didn’t lose consciousness, but I immediately knew something was very wrong. I couldn’t …

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U.S. Travelers Also Say They Were Injured by Weird Sonic Attacks in Cuba

The mystery of the strange injuries to U.S. spies and diplomats from suspected “acoustic attacks” in Cuba might now be expanding to private travelers.<p>…

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US expels 15 Cuban diplomats from embassy in Washington

The U.S. is ordering the departure of 15 Cuban diplomats from the country’s embassy in Washington, D.C., after 22 U.S. personnel have experienced …


The Surgeon General and Army Medicine Host Military and Veteran's Service Organizations

OFFICE OF THE SURGEON GENERAL, FALLS CHURCH, Va.--On 28 Sept. 2017, Lt. Gen. Nadja West and Command Sgt. Maj. Gerald Ecker hosted representatives …


Managing Head Trauma in Children

More than 30 years ago, my toddler stood up in his stroller, evading the various belts and restraints, and took a dramatic header down onto the pavement. He cried right away — a good thing, because it meant he didn’t lose consciousness, and by the time we got home, he seemed to be consoled, though …


U.S. Sharply Cuts Diplomatic Staff in Cuba Over Health ‘Attacks’

The U.S. State Department ordered more than half its diplomats in Cuba to leave the island and warned Americans against traveling to the Caribbean …



Blood is the epicentre of much biomedical research, from fighting disease to creating artificial substitutes for this vital fluid. This Outlook …