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Angolan Opposition Parties Call for Audit of Public Debt

Angola’s largest opposition parties called for a probe of the country’s public debt to determine who benefited from it under the previous government, …


Tramadol: The Dangerous Opioid From India

The United States need to work closely with India to ensure tramadol misuse does not escalate at home.


'Peaceful' Zimbabwe election in 4-5 months: president

Announcement comes as main opposition MDC party alleges clandestine deployment of military to sway the vote for ZANU-PF.<p>Zimbabwe will hold elections in four or five months, the new president announced on Thursday, a sign the country ruled for decades by autocratic leader Robert Mugabe is on the …


Romania making little progress fighting corruption, European agency says

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania has made little progress against corruption in state institutions in 2017 and concern persists about lack of transparency in the legal process, a report by the Council of Europe's anti-corruption agency, GRECO, said on Thursday.<p>Transparency International ranks Romania …

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Portuguese backlash against plan to remove corruption-busting prosecutor

LISBON — The Portuguese government is under fire over plans to oust a prosecutor with a reputation for rooting out corruption among the political and …


Resilient on Eastern Europe, the mafia and market manipulation via social media

Also we don’t directly own offices. The office sector is very distressed, so we sold out many years ago. There’s a difference between the views of …

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Calls for action over dirty money flowing through Scotland

Dirty money from eastern Europe is flowing through companies registered to nondescript properties across Scotland in a practice that has alarmed …


'Millennial bravery' and taking the fight against corruption online

Being a millennial, I have a certain morning routine: wake up, scroll through my Instagram notifications.<p>One day, I wake up with this notification:</i> …

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Cyprus, Malta, and Russia gang up on whistleblower

The complaint alleged that Efimova, a Russian national, stole money from Fragrance Distribution, a Cypriot firm where she used to work four years ago.<p>…

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Lourenco Proves He's No One's Puppet in Angola

Shortly after becoming president of Angola in September, Joao Lourenco did something completely unexpected: he stopped at a red light.<p>The incident …


Romania’s protest-packed year ‘hasn’t changed anything long-term’

Romania's protest-filled year has done little to bring about any long-term change, it's been claimed.<p>The country has seen waves of demonstrations since anti-corruption protests erupted in Bucharest a year ago this week.<p>People hit the streets on January 18, 2017, angered over a late-night government …

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Angola Drops Its Currency Further a Week After Ending Peg

Angola weakened its currency by 10 percent against the dollar, letting it drop for a second time this month after scrapping a peg in a bid to boost …


eNCA | Cameroon lawyer gets boost in presidential bid

Akere Muna, who hails from Cameroon's English-speaking minority, has vowed "zero tolerance for corruption, tribalism, nepotism and favouritism."

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LuxLeaks whistleblower Deltour acquitted by Luxembourg court

The court ruled that Deltour has to be recognised as a whistleblower, while Halet does not meet the necessary criteria.<p>The two men, former employees …

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Bulgaria's battle with corruption

Bulgaria is singled out as the EU’s most corrupt country by Transparency International.<p>It’s viewed as making little progress towards stamping out graft and organised crime.<p>Sofia’s faced repeated criticism from the European Commission for failing to prosecute and sentence allegedly corrupt officials.<p>…


Environmentalists Warn Of Mediterranean Pollution From Lebanon Land Reclamation

On a bright, beautiful October day, Lebanese fisherman Emilio Eid is in his boat on the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon's scenic mountain ranges are clear in the distance.<p>But the water around him is brown and littered with pieces of floating plastic. He spots bottles, a toothbrush, a used condom. An …

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Why Foreign Businesses Will Put Up With Some Corrupt Practices In Southeast Asia

Many businesses and investors new to the Southeast Asia region will learn that small-scale bribery can be a part of the business, but some executives find ways to minimize or evade the payments they are asked for from public officials.<p>While traditional fraud methods like bribery, collusion and …


Russian elite flocks to buy Malta passports

They also included: Alexey Marey, the former CEO of Alfa Bank Russia, the country's largest private lender; Alexey De-Monderik, a co-founder of …

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Stock Market Reactions to India’s 2016 Demonetization: Implications for Tax Evasion, Corruption, and Financial Constraints

On November 8, 2016, the Indian government made a surprise announcement that certain currency notes (representing 86% of the currency then in …


A new home for our corruption research

Transparency International is excited to announce the launch of the Knowledge Hub, a dedicated online space for our research.


Guest Post: Global Progress on Beneficial Ownership Transparency

<i>Joseph Kraus, Director, Transparency and Accountability at The ONE Campaign, contributes today’s guest post:</i><p>Readers of this blog are likely familiar …


Court overturns verdict against Luxembourg tax whistleblower

A Luxembourg court has overturned a verdict against a former accounting firm employee who leaked thousands of secret documents to a journalist …


At Vietnam's biggest corruption trial, some skeptical views

HANOI/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Vietnam is gripped by its highest profile corruption trial in memory, but some spectators are questioning whether the Communist Party elite in the dock were charged because of infighting in the ruling class or a crackdown on abuse of office.<p>Onlookers have gathered at …

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Public servants report rise in corruption, prompting calls for federal watchdog

Survey reveals proportion who have witnessed corrupt behaviour – mostly cronyism and nepotism – has almost doubled in past three years<p>The proportion of public servants witnessing corruption, largely in the form of cronyism and nepotism, has increased significantly in the past three years, a new …


Resilient: Jake Wood on Veterans Finding Purpose in Helping Others

Posted by Wendy Wysong - February 20, 2017 0<p>Scores Run the Gamut Each year, Transparency International publishes the Corruption Perceptions Index, a …


Businessman killed in broad daylight in Sofia

SOFIA (Reuters) - The owner of one of Bulgaria's biggest dairy companies was shot and killed in broad daylight on Monday outside the company's office in Sofia, two sources familiar with the case said.<p>The killing comes only a few days after Bulgaria, the European Union's poorest and most corrupt …

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Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany goes on trial

The corruption trial of a Vietnamese former oil executive who was allegedly kidnapped from Germany by spies sent by Hanoi opened on Monday, a …


Foreigners are banned from buying property in New Zealand — Canada should do the same

Diane Francis: Canada must close loopholes, end secrecy, and ban foreign ownership of real estate<p>As of January 1, foreigners are banned from buying …

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Corruption Perceptions Index in South and Central America

<b>Tip:</b> See my list of the Most Common Mistakes in English. It will teach you how to avoid mis­takes with com­mas, pre­pos­i­tions, ir­reg­u­lar verbs, …


Bulgarian president vetoes anti-corruption law demanded by Brussels

"I believe that the adopted law not only does not create an adequate legal basis for tackling corruption but will even make it difficult to fight …