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The reason plane seats don't always line up with the windows revealed

If you've ever wondered why aeroplane seats aren't always aligned with the windows, the answer has now been revealed.<p>And it's nothing to do with …

Birmingham, UK

Using Gnocchi With Docker

I've recently started to look into Docker to build images ready to be used with Gnocchi. I found it would be a great way to distribute a working …


Pope calls for an end to 'collective and arbitrary' expulsion of migrants

ROME – As the United State’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) continues to increase the number of deportations, Pope Francis said …


BREAKING: No reconciliation deal between Turkey and Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has opened up the Foreign and Expatriates Minister Conference with a speech clarifying Syria’s position in respect …


Eskom continues to connect more households to the national grid

“With 90 percent of South Africa now having access to electricity, Eskom will now put special focus on the three provinces that are lagging behind …

Electrical Grid

Turkey strongly condemns Barcelona terror attack

Turkey has strongly condemned the terror attack in central Barcelona that left at least 13 people dead and dozens of others injured on Aug. 17


Caterpillar Q2 FY17 Outlook: A Reality Check

Caterpillar revenue bets on global macroeconomics.<p>Change in U.S. trade policy with China, resulting from North Korea conflict, will affect sales.<p>U.S. …


ECB Officials Expressed Concern Over Risk of Euro Overshoot

European Central Bank officials sounded the alarm at the threat of an even stronger euro, as the currency’s gains to the highest since they unveiled …


Kenya: Kenyans to Get New e-Passports From September

[Capital FM] Nairobi -Kenya's Immigration Department has announced that it will start to issue citizens with e-passports beginning next month.


'Brawl Stars' Character Changes Coming Soon

By all accounts <i>Brawl Stars</i> will be the next hit by Supercell. The team-based real-time fighting game is by the makers of both <i>Clash of Clans</i> [Free] …

Warning issued over illegal medicines after woman fined for selling pills from Northern Ireland food shop

A woman has been convicted of the sale and supply of illegal prescription medicines from her Eastern European convenience food store in Lisburn.

UK News

God created all things to exist in order and harmony - Chung Hwan Kwak

God originally created all things in the universe to exist in order and harmony, partaking in joyful giving-and-receiving relationships with God and …


Which Instagram Metrics Really Matter? - Jenn's Trends

To be or not to be… that is not the question today. Instead, to care or not to care is the question when it comes to Instagram metrics. Like all …

Social Media Marketing

Finally, some UK HomeKit switches and sockets as LightwaveRF announces new range

The UK has lagged some way behind the US when it comes to HomeKit devices – especially if you want things that don’t <i>look</i> like HomeKit devices. This is set to change in October when LightwaveRF will offer its new light switches and plug sockets.<p>Unlike things like Elgato Eve, which require a …

Home Automation

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 488

So…what is the Monday Poll?Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve …


Four governors urge Tokyo to protect their prefectures from latest North Korean missile threat

Leaders of Shimane, Hiroshima, Kochi and Ehime call for efforts to ensure residents’ safety following Pyongyang’s threat to launch missiles over …


Private Sezin School Open Roof Space / ATÖLYE

<i>From the team.</i> Private Sezin School Open Roof Space is a ‘beyond-classroom’ pedagogical space with a spatially hybrid program that fosters meeting, …

21st Century Skills

DMCA Used to Remove Ad Server URL From Easylist Ad Blocklist

The default business model on the Internet is “free” for consumers. Users largely expect websites to load without paying a dime but of course, …

Advertising | Capitalworks to buy sovereign

Prudential Investment Managers is one of the major investors backing an offer for Sovereign Foods from private equity firm Capitalworks.

Business (South Africa)

Safety Regulators Issue Safety Alert For Still-Popular Fidget Spinners

Following several incidents in which it became increasingly clear that toys-of-the-moment fidget spinners weren’t just exploding in popularity, but …

Consumer News

Nigeria: Cleric Backs Whistle Blowing On Suicide Attacks

(Photo: Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters Media Express)The Northern Inter-Faith and Religious Organisation for peace has canvassed for the adoption of a …


The immigration policy of the future?

ICE’s hope is that this privately developed software will help go far beyond matters of legality to matters of the heart. The system must “determine …


Facebook ramps up anti-hate campaign in Germany

Facebook has announced plans to reinforce its German team responsible for deleting hate speech posts and other content punishable by law. The social …

Hate Speech

Analytics Are Widely Used, but Is the Effort Paying Off?

Companies are using analytics tools across their organizations, but areas where analytics are used most heavily are not necessarily where they’re …

Business Intelligence

Everything You Need to Know: Russia's Massive Zapad Military Exercise

For one week in September, the media will breathlessly tout the might of the Russian military—only to disregard analysis of the exercise soon …


Israel and Kazakhstan’s futurist vision for Eurasia

Spanning the western border of China and the eastern borders of European Russia and the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan – like the Eastern Mediterranean – …


Pledge it Forward Singapore

In the Singapore Budget 2017 address in February, a slew of measures were announced to help prepare Singapore residents thrive in an uncertain world …


French President Macron planning September visit to Athens | Kathimerini

French President Emanuel Macron will be in Athens on September 7 and 8, according to reports last week. The visit is part of a series of three …

French President

AMD Is Oversold

Ironically, AMD has lost close to $2 billion market capitalization after beating every Q2 estimates.<p>Historically, AMD’s shares tend to lose 7-8% …


Have an old PC to spare? Help Alan Turing's family bring computing to rural African schools

The Turing Trust is urgently seeking more partners to support its programmes in several African nations.<p>Do you have any old computers lying around …

Alan Turing