Tillerson Was Reportedly On the Toilet When He Found Out He Was Getting Fired

News of Rex Tillerson’s firing just keeps getting more and more embarrassing for the outgoing secretary of State. Not only did he find out that he …

Donald Trump

Institute Sets Up Gender-Neutral Toilet On Transgender Student's Request

The toilet can be used by anybody regardless of their gender and it was inaugurated earlier this month.<p><b>New Delhi:</b> A Noida-based private institute has …


Things every girl has done on their period

You’re lying if you say you haven’t.

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Eastern Cape girl’s body lay in school pit toilet overnight

Eastern Cape

Make Your Magical Bum-Wiping Dreams Come True With Unicorn Toilet Paper

Why wipe with boring toilet paper, when you can wipe with unicorn toilet paper?! Feel the magic on your nethers with this adorable roll of …


Reusable toilet paper nicer to use, say fans

Jarni Andrews, of Hamilton, who uses family cloths instead of toilet paper.<p>Using reusable cloths in the toilet feels good on two levels, says …


New Trend Alert: Re-usable CLOTH toilet paper

9 hours ago<p>I'll share basically anything with my family, even stuff I won't share with anyone else . . . like my money or a reasonable amount of …


Way To Save On Toilet Paper

New York City

Family Cloths Are A New Way To SAVE on Toilet Paper

• Instantly replay songs from the radio<br>• Unlimited skips<br>• Listen offline<br>• Create unlimited playlists<br>• Play millions of songs on demand


So, Um, Unicorn Toilet Paper Is Apparently a Thing

The unicorn trend will never die, and we have the toilet paper to prove it.<p>Thanks to tech website getDigital, you can now buy bathroom tissue with …

Home Decorating

Reusable toilet paper cloths popping up online as cost-effective alternative to toilet paper, would you try it?

An environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper has been popping up online recently, with reusable toilet paper cloths being offered to those …

'Family cloth' is a new eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper – but it's got people divided

Would you try it?<p>On the top of the shopping list for every weekly shop is toilet paper.<p>But could this all be about to change? Thanks to toilet …

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People Are Ditching Toilet Paper For A Family Cloth. Yes, A Family Cloth

posted by Pedro Bartes -<p>3 days ago<p>Toilet Paper is one of those staples folks rarely leave a supermarket without, but, in case you missed it, it seems …


People Aren't Using Toilet Paper Anymore?

posted by D.Scott -<p>40 minutes ago<p>Unitl now, I had NEVER heard of the "family cloth" but apparently this is a pretty big trend? Basically what it is, …


Why lots of people are ditching toilet paper in favor of a 'family cloth'

2 hours ago<p>Craig Stevens<p>Want to know more about Craig Stevens? Get their official bio, social pages & articles on WRFY-FM! Read more<p><b>Contact</b><p>Email …

Why lots of people are ditching toilet paper in favour of a 'family cloth' - but it's probably not for everyone

Most of us have been throwing a packet of loo roll into the trolley during our weekly shop for as long as we can remember.<p>We don't even think about …


Fellow Gamers, What’s Your Favorite Video Game Toilet?

On today's podcast, we answer the most important question.<p>Waypoint published a piece this week about a professor who’s cataloged more than 2,000 soda machines in video games, which got Danielle, Rob, and myself thinking about the different ways games choose to represent the most innocuous parts of …

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This smart toilet is $11,000, and we have just one question: why?

Have you ever sat in your throne room and thought, “My toilet just isn’t smart enough?” Well, Toto, a maker of high-end bathroom furniture, apparently did. The company recently announced the Neorest NX2 toilet, a conceptual throne running in the neighborhood of <b>$11,000</b>. Yes, that’s right, an $11,000 …

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Video: Why are Taiwanese buying toilet paper in bulk?

Customers begin hoarding, as stores in Taiwan announced an increase in the price of toilet paper.<p><i>We welcome your comments at</i>


These Two Gym Classes Are Less Hygienic Than A Toilet

Excuse us while we throw up.<p>Gym classes are a great way to feel like part of a community while working out. But as well as jointly enduring the pain …


Price panic triggers run on toilet paper in Taiwan

Authorities call for calm as supermarket shelves are wiped clean following speculation of imminent increases<p>Taiwan’s premier has called for calm following a desperate run on toilet paper on the island, sparked by speculation of imminent price hikes.<p>Shelves usually stacked with toilet paper, kitchen …


Toilet paper price hike prompts Taiwanese shoppers to panic-buy stock

Taiwanese supermarket shelves have been stripped bare by people panic-buying toilet paper.<p>The weekend shopping frenzy came as suppliers warned the …

Taiwanese shoppers are panic buying toilet paper

Production problems in Brazil and forest fires in Canada are causing a “toilet paper apocalypse” in Taiwan.<p>People in Taiwan spent the weekend panic-buying toilet paper. The shoppers were stockpiling ahead of a predicted price rise which could see shops charge up to 50 percent more.<p>Many shops saw …


Why Putting Food Coloring in Your Toilet Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars

If your water bill is slowly increasing with no culprit in sight, a leaky toilet might be to blame. If your toilet tank were leaking water from the …

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Stop Flushing Your Money Down The Toilet - Get 36 Rolls of Cottonelle For $18

You have to buy toilet paper anyway, but paying full price is basically just flushing money down the toilet. Get 36 rolls of Cottonelle Clean Care …

NASA's new space suit has a built-in astronaut toilet - here's exactly how it works

Astronauts aboard NASA's next-generation Orion spacecraft will be able to avoid inconvenient trips to the lavatory during missions, thanks to a new …

Space Science

Name Brands vs. Knockoffs: Putting toilet paper to the test

Are you flushing your money down the toilet buying name brand toilet paper?Consumer expert Amy Davis found a local family to weigh in on the tissue-- …

Using Toilet Paper to Save the World - Green Homes

Who Gives a Crap, a toilet paper company dedicated to helping the environment, has created a clever infographic to help audiences understand the …

Sustainable Living

Is your marriage going through a midlife crisis?

Midlife can shake your confidence like a dog with a rag doll. Several years ago, when I hit my mid-40s, I realised that my vocabulary had apparently halved and my anger levels had doubled.<p>‘What’s the matter with you?’ my husband would growl, exasperated, as I snapped over his tiny misdemeanours – …

Middle Age

Charge laid after dispute among roommates over toilet paper escalates

Police say a Barrie, Ont., man is charged after a dispute over toilet paper went too far.