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The 29 Most Notorious Celebrity Mug Shots of All Time

They fought the law and the law won.<p>Remember that time your favorite celebrity got arrested? And your other favorite? And your other? Yeah, come to think of it a ton of celebrities have been booked by the police—but the good news is when a celebrity gets arrested, a celebrity mug shot is born.


Did Johnny Depp And Tim Allen Prove Dan Aykroyd’s Point? Why Goldie Hawn’s Comedy Got ‘Snatched’ [Opinion]

Johnny Depp, Tim Allen, and Goldie Hawn have all experienced the bite of anti-comedy, and the loss of humor in America, and perhaps the world. Dan …


16 celebrities who have spent time in prison for being very naughty

Stars behind bars. As it were...<p>It's not just us regular folk who get into trouble sometimes - celebrities have been known to ignore the law once or twice too. So here are 16 celebrities who have been to prison, and the reasons they ended up behind bars.


Tim Allen launches re-election bid for Springfield City Council

Springfield City Councilor Tim Allen announced on Tuesday night that he will run for re-election to a fifth term representing Ward 7.

Western Massachusetts

Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’: CMT Not Reviving Cancelled Sitcom For Season 7

Tim Allen won’t be the <i>Last Man Standing</i> at CMT.<p>The cable network will not be picking up the cancelled ABC comedy for a seventh season after all, per</i> …


It Turns Out Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Won’t Be Revived By CMT After All

ABC’s cancellation of “real-talk” spouting, manly man show <i>Last Man Standing</i> blindsided Tim Allen when the plug was officially pulled last month, but reports of the show surviving on the Country Music Channel gave hope to those who looked to the sitcom to finally grow some hair on their chest. Sadly …


'Last Man Standing' is probably taking a permanent seat: NBC, CMT pass on Tim Allen show

Will any network take a stand for "Last Man Standing"?<p>Fans upset over the cancellation of ABC's "Last Man Standing" won't be happy to hear that both NBC and CMT have passed on the program -- despite a viral petition for its revival boasting nearly 400,000 signatures.<p>The series, starring Tim Allen, …


Sorry, Tim Allen, Last Man Standing Isn't Getting Revived at CMT

Last Man Standing won't be making a come back on CMT, after all.<p>The network, which already airs reruns of the Tim Allen-fronted sitcom, passed on a …


Last Man Standing’s CMT Renewal Falls Through

Plans to renew Last Man Standing at CMT have fallen through<b>Last Man Standing</b> stands no more as The Hollywood Reporter brings word that CMT’s plans to …


CMT won't be saving Tim Allen's Last Man Standing after all

We guess there is now No Man Standing...<p>A petition to save it might have amassed over 100,000 signatures, but <i>Last Man Standin</i><i>g</i> will <i>not</i> be returning …


CMT Won’t Be Helping Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Get Back Up Again After All

Looks like Tim Allen’s ABC sitcom <i>Last Man Standing</i> is taking what might be a permanent seat. The show, which featured the <i>Home Improvement</i> star as a …


‘Last Man Standing’: No CMT Lifeline For Tim Allen Sitcom, Deal Dead

It was considered too long of a shot for fans of <i>Last Man Standing</i> to get their hopes up, and I hear now it’s final — CMT won’t be picking up canceled …


Tim Allen 'Last Man Standing' CMT Revival Negotiations Fail

Strangely enough, Tim Allen’s <i>Last Man Standing</i> may have more twists and turns to its cancellation than six seasons on ABC. The recently-canceled …


Last Man Standing Update: CMT Won't Revive Tim Allen's Cancelled Sitcom

Tim Allen won’t be the <i>Last Man Standing</i> at CMT.<p>The cable network will not be picking up the cancelled ABC comedy for a seventh season after all, per</i> …


Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing renewal at CMT falls through

Despite being cancelled by ABC last month, the Tim Allen comedy series <b>Last Man Standing</b> could be set for a reprieve, with THR reporting that CMT is …


Tim Allen’s ABC Canceled Hit Show Might Be Revived on CMT

Tim Allen’s hit show <i>Last Man Standing</i> is still searching for a new home .<p>ABC canceled the family show in May after six seasons even though it was the …


Conservative Sitcom 'Last Man Standing’ May Get New Life on Another Network

Facebook/Last Man Standing<p>People were surprised when the TV sitcom, “Last Man Standing,” got the axe from ABC.<p>The show's star, Tim Allen, was …


Back From the Dead: Conservative Comedy ‘Last Man Standing’ to Be Revived on CMT?

Conservatives, who were angry when ABC cancelled one of the few conservative shows on TV, may have some hope. <i>The Hollywood Reporter</i> on Thursday broke …


Report: Popular cable channel is in talks to revive Tim Allen’s popular ‘Last Man Standing’ sitcom

The cable channel CMT could be the savior that actor and comedian Tim Allen’s sidelined “Last Man Standing” sitcom needs.<p>According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Viacom-owned channel is in preliminary talks with 20th Century Fox Television, which was producing the center-right sitcom until ABC …


Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Is Flirting With A Cable Home For Its Revival

A sizeable pocket of conservative viewers kicked up a fuss when ABC axed Tim Allen’s Friday night sitcom <i>Last Man Standing</i>, but it sounds like the ball’s gotten rolling on the grrr snowflakes marinated yuk-em-up finding a new home.<p>According to <i>The Hollywood Reporter</i>, CMT is in early talks to acquire …


'Last Man Standing': CMT in Preliminary Talks to Revive Tim Allen Comedy (Exclusive)

ABC canceled the 20th Century Fox Television-produced comedy in May after six seasons.<p>CMT may come to the rescue of another canceled ABC series.<p>The …


Will the ‘Roseanne’ Revival Be Pro-Trump?

The upcoming revival of the beloved sitcom “Roseanne” could fill a void on television left in the wake of the cancellation of “Last Man Standing,” …


Tim Allen of 'Last Man Standing': Good and Bad News on His Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tim Allen! We’re sure he’s having a good one, and, but for recent events, it might have even been better.<p>From my other home at the</i> …


Tim Allen: 8 things you didn't know

Tim Allen, who became a household name with his role on “Home Improvement” and films like “Toy Story” and “The Santa Clause,” has been a leading man in Hollywood for years. Allen is also known for his stand-up comedy acts.<p>And most recently, Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” was a bit hit for ABC …

Ellen Degeneres

How Tim Allen Became a Culturally Polarizing Figure

Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing” was cancelled on May 11th by ABC, prompting a Change.org petition in the name of conservative empowerment. The …


‘Last Man Standing’ was more than a show; it was a prophecy

Posted May 21, 2017 07:56 AM by Steve Deace<p>Tim Allen, left, and Jane Hajduk arrive at 2014 Elton John Oscar Viewing and After Party Mar. 2, 2014 in …

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Sunday Facepalm.

Uh Oh, it’s the Apocalypse. Again. I’ll confess, I didn’t watch the video, but I love that capture of Bakker holding up a piece of paper, with …

Friday Questions

Let’s dive into some Friday Questions.<p><b>The Bumble Bee Pendant has a question about the recent cancellation of LAST MAN STANDING:</b><p>Ken, so Tim Allen went …


Canceled TV shows 2017: 11 gone too soon, and 16 we won't miss

The major networks have announced their 2017-2018 schedules, and there are dozens of casualties. Here's a look at some of the canceled shows we'll …


Conservative ‘Last Man Standing’ to Be Revived?

<i>Variety</i> reported on Thursday that the conservative sitcom <i>Last Man Standing</i> might still have a pulse. ABC cancelled it this week, despite strong …