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Giant farm equipment tires got the wheels turning for Alberta farmer-turned-inventor

To invent, as Thomas Edison once said, you just need a good imagination and a pile of junk.<p>For Alberta farmer Darcy Goossen, the wheels of creativity …


Mary Had a Little Lamb - Edison and the Phonograph

Thomas Edison and his early phonograph (1877)<br>@Library of Congress<p>On July 18, 1877 <b>Thomas A. Edison</b> conceived the first idea for his <b>phonograph</b>, the …


Debunking Nikola Tesla's Electric Car

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is often mentioned in the same breath as such giants of science as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi and …


Nikola Tesla once worked for his arch rival Thomas Edison

Born on July 10, 1856, Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla moved to the US in 1884 to work for Amercian inventor Thomas Edison. Tesla quit 'Edison Machine …



Nikola Tesla<p>(1856 - 1943)<p>Nikola Tesla was born into a Serbian family in what is now Croatia; his father was an Orthodox priest. In 1884 Tesla …


The Rise and Fall of GE

On June 19, 2018, General Electric's more than 100-year run on the Dow Jones Industrial Average came to an end. One of America's best-known companies …

General Electric

Country Estate Living... in New Jersey

Location:<p>West Orange, NJ<p>Price: $3,998,000<p>This home in West Orange was built for Gov. Charles Edison, Thomas Edison’s son. Currently listed for $3.998 million, it comes with a play castle, tennis court and pool —Sarah Tilton<p>Brittany Chalif recalls being in awe the first time she saw this home in …

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Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Discover Glenmont, Thomas Edison’s 29-room Queen Anne–style mansion. It’s an often-overlooked shrine to the great inventor run by the National Park …

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Statue of inventor Thomas Edison unveiled in Ohio hometown

The Ohio hometown of Thomas Edison now has two statues honoring the inventor.<p>A new statue sits in the town square of Milan (MY'-lan), where Edison spent the first seven years of his life.<p>It was made by Ohio sculptor Alan Cottrill and is similar to another Edison statue Cottrill created and is now …

Light Bulbs

How the light bulb became a million dollar idea.

What was life like before light bulbs, relying on candles or gas lamps through the long winter evenings?<p>Most people credit American inventor Thomas Edison as the bringer of electric light. In fact, a couple of 19th Century British inventors got there before him.<p><i>Video Journalist: Jeremy Howell</i>


Why Thomas Edison Would Not Be Happy About GE’s Latest Deal

Pact unites creations of two bitter rivals; ‘Tell Westinghouse to stick to air brakes’<p>General Electric Co.’s deal to spin off its railroad business to Wabtec Corp. unites the creations of two of the 19th century’s most famous inventors and rivals: Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.<p>Both men …

General Electric

[$$] Why Thomas Edison Would Not Be Happy About GE's Latest Deal

Edison and Westinghouse famously battled over the future of electrical distribution—alternating current vs. direct current—resulting in insults and …

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Fisherman captures freighter nearly hitting seawall in Port Huron

A fisherman on the St. Clair River films a freighter coming close to the seawall along the Thomas Edison Parkway under the Blue Water Bridge.


Inventors Honored in Hall of Fame Special Ceremony

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Apple founder Steve Jobs are some of America's best known inventors. But there are other, less recognizable individuals …

Hall of Fame

That time a rando told Thomas Edison that he should invent a speech-to-text engine

David Weinberger writes, "I just blogged about a 1911 letter in the Thomas Edison digital archive in which the former mayor of Kingston, Jamaica, …


6 Mistakes of a GE Bull

Founded by one of America’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, and the longest standing component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, General …

Dow Jones

The Top 12 Attractions in Fort Myers, Florida

Known as the gateway of Southwest Florida, Fort Myers has been a major tourist destination for decades. Way back when, Thomas Edison and his good …


How Thomas Edison Used Piracy to Ruin Iconic Filmmaker Georges Méliès

Edison was part of a movement.<p>Google celebrated the life of French filmmaker Georges Méliès on Thursday, with a commemorative doodle on the homepage. …

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Daily Quiz for May 3, 2018

This famous American’s son was governor of New Jersey from 1941-1944.The post Daily Quiz for May 3, 2018 appeared first on HistoryNet.

Albert Einstein

Quotes Of The Week: Booker T. Washington, Thomas Edison And Others

<b>Washington On Adversity</b><br>Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.</b> …


Apr 23, 1896 Thomas Edison projected Vitascope for the first time in New York City ⋆

Recognizing that you can charge a lot more people by showing films on a screen rather than through a peephole, Thomas Edison’s company begins moving …


The two sides of Elon Musk are drawn from Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison

It is not an entirely original observation that Elon Musk is less like the inventor after whom he named his car company than he is like that man’s …


‘The Business': How Hollywood Became the Center of the Entertainment Industry (Video)

In this first episode of “The Business,” a new video series produced by TheWrap, find out how Hollywood ended up in… Hollywood<p>So you want to make it …


Out of Focus

<b>Tinker Dabble Doodle Try by Srini Pillay</b> <br>Published by Ballantine Books, 205 pages, $28<p>Focus is obviously necessary—it’s the shiny fork we …


Tour of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates | Through Julia's Lens

Did you know that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford spent their winters in Fort Myers, FL? I didn’t before my parents moved there a year ago, and since …

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Team Tactile | Microsoft Story Labs

Patent Pending<p>written by<p>Tracy Ith<p>How six scrappy young inventors built a breakthrough text-to-Braille translator device<p>A group of engineering …

Nikola Tesla

Bold moves are less risky than a timid corporate strategy | Strategy & Corporate Finance

March 6, 2018 – <i>By Sven Smit</i><p>The business world is full of hockey stick plans—projections of soaring future growth after an initial dip to account for …


16 things you thought were invented in the US — but weren't

The US is known as the land of opportunity, but some innovations that you thought were quintessentially American were first developed elsewhere, and often introduced to American consumers by immigrants.<p>From apple pie to the first automobile, here are 16 things that may not be as American as you …

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Thomas Edison Was an Early Adopter of the Word ‘Bug’

In an 1878 letter, he uses the term to refer to a technological glitch.<p>In 1878, Thomas Edison’s star was on the rise. A few years before, when he …

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Humanistic Anatomy

I discovered anatomical drawing years before I could understand what I was looking at. When I was in the first grade, my grandfather took my interest …

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