Theoretical Physics

Let's Use Physics to Model a Curving Soccer Ball

It's that World Cup time of the year—so that means it's also time to talk about soccer physics. What about the impossible kick? The "impossible" kick …


Hermann Minkowski and the four-dimensional Space-Time

Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909)<p>On June 22, 1864, German mathematician <b>Hermann Minkowski</b> was born. Minkowski developed the geometry of numbers and used …


Large deviations of convex hulls of self-avoiding random walks

Author(s): Hendrik Schawe, Alexander K. Hartmann, and Satya N. MajumdarA global picture of a random particle movement is given by the convex hull of …


Finally, a Problem That Only Quantum Computers Will Ever Be Able to Solve

Computer scientists have been searching for years for a type of problem that a quantum computer can solve but that any possible future classical …

Quantum Computing

E7 - The Geometry of a Unified Physics, Bitcoin, and Beekeeping with Garrett Lisi


What Is Velocity in Physics?

Velocity Is an Important Concept in Physics<p>Velocity is defined as a vector measurement of the rate and direction of motion or, in simpler terms, the …


The code of life

Over centuries scientists have realised the power of mathematics to uncover invisible worlds previously unavailable to mankind. Advancements of these …

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Entanglement and quantum combinatorial designs

Author(s): Dardo Goyeneche, Zahra Raissi, Sara Di Martino, and Karol ŻyczkowskiWe introduce several classes of quantum combinatorial designs, namely …

Quantum Physics

What is Lattice-based cryptography & why should you care

Or how do we protect today’s encrypted information against tomorrow’s quantum attacks?<p><i>Joël Alwen, PhD, Wickr Cryptography</i><p>Lately, the question of how …


Revisiting hyperbolicity of relativistic fluids

Author(s): Andreas Schoepe, David Hilditch, and Marcus BugnerMotivated by the desire for highly accurate numerical computations of compact binary …


Is Theoretical Physics Wasting Our Best Minds?

The history of physics is filled with great ideas that you've heard of, like the Standard Model, the Big Bang, General Relativity, and so on. But …


Life, death, gravity, sex and string theory in The Mathematics of Longing

<i>Review: The Mathematics of Longing, La Boite, Brisbane</i><p>We face a skeletal, triangular pyramid with a platform at the summit; the three vertices are …

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In her short life, mathematician Emmy Noether changed the face of physics

A century after she published a groundbreaking mathematical theory, Emmy Noether gets her due.


Has Theoretical Physics Gone Off the Rails?

The 20th century was a remarkably productive one for physics. First, Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity helped us view gravity not as a …


Towards construction of ghost-free higher derivative gravity from bigravity

Author(s): Satoshi AkagiIn this paper, the ghost-freeness of the higher derivative theory proposed by Hassan <i>et al.</i> in [Universe <b>1</b>, 92 (2015)] is …


How we use symmetry to understand the world

A hypothetical alien visitor, sent to observe all of human culture — art and architecture, music and medicine, storytelling and science — would …


Magnetic helium makes superfluid time crystal

Researchers observe time crystal and quasicrystal, throw in supersolid for fun.<p>Sometimes, a paper contains so many buzzwords it is hard to take it …


Quadrupolar quantum criticality on a fractal

Author(s): Jonathan D'Emidio, Simon Lovell, and Ribhu K. KaulWe study the ground state ordering of quadrupolar ordered S=1 magnets as a function of …

Quantum Physics

Theory quantum information | Algorithmics, complexity, computer algebra and computational geometry

This largely self-contained book on the theory of quantum information focuses on precise mathematical formulations and proofs of fundamental facts …


Energy levels and wave functions of Bloch electrons in rational and irrational magnetic fields

An effective single-band Hamiltonian representing a crystal electron in a uniform magnetic field is constructed from the tight-binding form of a …


Hirosi Ooguri awarded the 2018 Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics

Hirosi Ooguri, Principal Investigator at the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe at the University of Tokyo, and the Fred …


Flatspace chiral supergravity

Author(s): Arjun Bagchi, Rudranil Basu, Stéphane Detournary, and Pulastya ParekhWe propose a holographic duality between a 2 dimensional (2d) chiral …


New physics in inclusive $B→{X}_{c}ℓ\overline{ν}$ decay in light of $R({D}^{(*)})$ measurements

Author(s): Saeed Kamali, Ahmed Rashed, and Alakabha DattaIn this work we study the effects of new-physics (NP) operators with different Lorentz …


Fermat's Library | How Many Objects Can Be Juggled annotated/explained version.

How Many Objects Can Be Juggled<p>Jack Kalvan<p>Originally published in 1997<p>I hate to break it to you aspiring numbers jugglers,<p>but no human will ever …


Call for nominations: 2018 Dirac Medal of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)



Turning entanglement upside down

A new strategy to investigate quantum entanglement up to thousands of particles<p>Quantum entanglement forms the heart of the second quantum revolution: …

Quantum Physics

Fokker-Planck equation of the reduced Wigner function associated to an Ohmic quantum Langevin dynamics

Author(s): Pedro J. ColmenaresThis article has to do with the derivation and solution of the Fokker-Planck equation associated to the …

Quantum Mechanics

Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes

Mathematicians have disproved the strong cosmic censorship conjecture. Their work answers one of the most important questions in the study of general …


Global Conference on Applied Physics, Mathematics and Computing

The <b>2nd Global Conference on Applied Physics, Mathematics and Computing</b> <b>(APMC-18)</b> is organized by academics and researchers belonging to different …


Study of anyon condensation and topological phase transitions from a ${\mathbb{Z}}_{4}$ topological phase using the projected entangled pair states approach

Author(s): Mohsin Iqbal, Kasper Duivenvoorden, and Norbert SchuchWe use projected entangled pair states (PEPS) to study topological quantum phase …

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